Hello, STLP friends!

The next few weeks will be very busy with active STLP deadlines and opportunities. Thanks in advance for your efforts on behalf of students and for getting so many items over the finish line in the coming days. Here are your STLP updates for the start of February 2022 (…I know, right? How is it February already?!)

  1. DPOJ Questions and Deadlines
  2. Second Chance Projects: Last Days for Not Yet/Make Up Projects
  3. State Updates and Registration
  4. STLP Opportunities

DPOJ Questions and Deadlines

Lots of great questions coming in about DPOJ and registrations. The top questions and answers are:

  • Question: Do the digital products need to be included in the DPOJ registration…or do we submit them later?
  • Answer: Yes. The registration is where you’ll submit links to the student products before the registration deadline
  • Question: Do the digital products need to be completed when we submit them?
  • Answer: Yes. Once the deadline hits and the registration form closes on Feb 11, the entries will be organized and sent to judges for review.
  • Question: That’s a giant registration form! Can I start it and then come back to edit it?
  • Answer: Yes! Thanks to the magic of Google Forms, if you’re logged in with your school email, it will autosave your form until you’re ready to submit it. Also, if you hit the submit button you can still return and edit your entry right up until the deadline and the form is locked.
  • Question: Can I get an extension and enter products after the deadline?
  • Answer: No. The window needed to fit in organizing DPOJ submissions, communicating with judges, and getting scores back in time for State registration is very tight. Since the deadline was already extended, there will be no opportunity for late submissions, unfortunately.
  • Question: With the impending winter storm and the likelihood of more school closures, can we extend the deadline again?
  • Answer: No. We’ve pushed back as far as possible while leaving enough time for the judging and returning of results ahead of STLP State registration
  • Question: What is the DPOJ registration deadline?
  • Answer: Submit your links via the form before midnight the evening of Friday, February 11th.

Highlight: New #KyGoPlay Innovators service team category is available as another way to participate in STLP State. The #KyGoPlay maker space area at State will be a chance for students to host other students and support exploration of hands-on technology and creativity.  We need help at State and your kiddos are the perfect candidates. Review the submission guidelines via the STLP Super Sheet and apply as part of your DPOJ registration. Thanks for looking!

Second Chance Project: Last Days for Not Yet/Make Up Projects

Deadline to submit responses for Not Yet projects and presentations for Make Up projects is February 11. Submit here: https://sites.google.com/education.ky.gov/stlp21regionals

  • Question: When will Not Yet project teams know if they have been advanced to Level 2 at STLP State
  • Answer: Once the submission window closes, official announcements will be sent via email to STLP Coaches. Since the form is editable right up until Feb 11, we won’t make any announcements in the event that a team updates or chances their entry response.
  • Question: How likely is it that our Not Yet project will advance?
  • Answer: Very likely. The intent of the “Not Yet” designation is to give project teams a chance to grow and critically think about areas that judges identified as needing development. Following along with the project-based learning approach of STLP projects, the goal is not to arrest progress but to encourage teams to utilize the feedback to push forward with their project. So, while we expect all submitting teams will advance, we also will wait to announce that until after the deadline.

STLP State Updates

We’re excited that #STLP22 State Championship will be back in-person live from Central Bank Center/Rupp Arena on April 20th

There are 4 ways to participate:

  1. Bring your advancing project team to present at Level 2
  2. DPOJ semi-finalist can come to find out if they will be recognized as Champions during the Digital Awards Show
  3. Enter a live Challenge competition category
  4. Come and experience the many engaging activities throughout the event (no competitions)

Start planning now for bringing your school to STLP State. There’s no limit on the number of students you can bring and you don’t even need to be entered in a competition area to enjoy the day. New to STLP? Great…come to State and get inspired.

The Challenge categories are being finalized as I type. The STLP Super Sheet will be updated and watch for more State focused messages to publish soon. In the meantime, note that some rubrics for STLP State Challenges are listed as “pending” on the Super Sheet. That means we are reviewing and determining if we’ll have a lead for that category this year.  Likewise, we will be publishing the latest updates on the 2022 STLP State Championship Info Page to help you plan your trip. Stay tuned.

Registration for State will open later this month and will remain open until March 22nd. For now, focus on DPOJ and Second Chance project updates ahead of the February 11th deadlines.

STLP Opportunities

The KySTE Spring Conference is a great opportunity to connect with other STLP Coaches, attend STLP/student tech integration focused sessions, and feed your professional needs

KySTE Scholarships
KySTE recognizes and honors STLP seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in technology. KySTE is currently funding 4 scholarships for $1000 each:

  • Elaine Harrison Lane Scholarship 
  • Gary and Becky Grant Scholarship
  • Mary Grace Jaeger Scholarship
  • KySTE STLP Scholarship

Application window closes March 1. More info at: http://www.kyste.org/Content2/44