Since the beginning of STLP, project based learning has been at the core of the program.  Projects offer an opportunity for STLP students to observe a need in their school or community and utilize technology to develop and implement a solution.  This journey is based on the vision of the students and (with the guidance of the STLP Coordinator/Teacher), active, authentic, cooperative and inquiry-based learning will occur throughout the process.

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STLP State plans are in the works!


STLP continues to work to identify the safest and most appropriate ways to support schools, coaches and students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just as school districts are working to develop safe reopening guidelines for schools this fall, STLP is equally dedicated to developing new ways to bring STLP to students in the face of these challenges. As we proved with the overwhelming participation in the all-online 2020 STLP@Home State Championship this past spring, STLP will continue to provide opportunities for student technology leaders to shine.

While we update the State Championship section of the new STLP website, please reference the rubrics in Section 3 of the STLP Super Sheet.

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