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State Championship

All STLP schools are welcome to attend the State Championship to learn and achieve. There are no registration fees. All schools attending are asked to register online whether they are prequalified to compete, entering on-site competitions, or simply planning to attend.

Nearly 14,000 students and educators will come together to celebrate technology and learning at the 2018 STLP State Championship. 500+ schools from 100+ districts came to show what they know using technology. Hundreds of volunteer judges determined the stand outs in over 40 educational technology related categories.

STLP State Championship collage of images

STLP State Championship

Celebrating Kentucky’s Best & Brightest Students

STLP17 Project Best In State

The State Championship allows students from across Kentucky to come together and demonstrate for other students, school and community persons what they know and can do with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the State Championship?
STLP State Championship will be April 18, 2019

Where is the event?
Rupp Arena and the Lexington Center will host us. For more info about the downtown Lexington, KY area and the Center, got to

430 West Vine Street
Lexington, KY 40507 United States
+ Google Map
Click here to add STLP State Championship to your calendar

How do I register my STLP?
Deadline: March 15, 2019 no later than 11:59 PM

CLICK HERE for Link to Registration Form

What’s the general schedule?

Overview schedule is as follows (detailed schedules regarding individual competitions are release prior to event):

8:30--8:55Level 2 Judges arrive for training
9:00--10:00Students may enter facility / Level 2 Judge training / Service Teams report
9:00--10:00Project teams enter to set up Level 2 Project spaces in Heritage Hall.
10:00-- 10:30Drop off Digital Products to Category Judges
10:30-- 4:00STLP Playground Activities Open to All / Live Competitions / Level 2 (& 3) Project Judging
2:30 -- 4:00Finalists Posted on Wall of Winners
5:00--7:00STLP Award Ceremony

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change. Check back day of event for changes.

Where can I find info/rubric for events?

Events are of three varieties:

  1. Live Competitions – Register in advance, no pre qualification requirement, Individual and Team events, all BYOD
  2. Pre-Qualify – Projects and Products were judges and pre-qualified during either the Regional events or the Digital Product Online Judging. Service Team members were also selected at Regionals to serve at State.
  3. Just Attend! – STLP State is free to everyone. Come enjoy the day exploring the STLP Playground activities (hands on technology rich activists for all age groups) or spend your day exploring the hundreds of student projects on display in Heritage Hall.  All schools are welcome — even if you don’t currently participate in STLP

CLICK HERE for STLP event rubrics, including State Championship Live Competitions and Activities.

All competition areas are guided by rubrics.  Each rubric is loaded with the details you need to answer many of your questions. Please, read the rubrics carefully. If you have questions, most State categories have individual “Leads” who are ready to help answer your questions.  Access the rubrics and Lead contact information by visiting the STLP State: Rubrics section (or CLICK HERE).

Our project qualified at Regionals back in the fall…now what?
STLP groups with qualifying projects or service category candidates were notified after their regional event of their status. Those projects and students will need to register to attend the State Championship (see link under “How do I register my STLP?”)

What about DPOJ qualifiers?
Because the judging window for Digital Product Online Judging (DPOJ) overlaps the State Championship registration window, STLP groups may wish to wait until DPOJ results are announced in early February before submitting their registration.

Many schools plan an entire educational experience centered around the STLP State Championship.  With a number of enriching opportunities within the greater Lexington area, often schools arrive a day before State…or stay the day after.

While STLP does not have any special agreements or arrangements with local hotel accommodations, some occasionally choose to offer a special rate for STLP guests. You’re encouraged to shop around, but below is a current listing of local hotels that have reached out and offered a special STLP rate.

(Note: STLP does not endorse or recommend any hotel or accommodation, but simply lists any offers here. If a hotel is not listed, that does not imply that STLP groups are not welcome to seek accommodations in different hotels).

Other locations will be listed if we become aware of their offerings

Each school is responsible for supplying at least one judge for State (if you’re competing).

Although all STLP events are free, each competing school is required to provide one person to act as a judge in order to participate in the day of competition.  Schools coming to “Attend Only” do not need to provide a judge.

All STLP events are provided free of charge to schools and are open to any school.  Having an active STLP is not a prerequisite for attending an STLP event.  STLP State Championship is open to the public — family members are welcome to attend, too!

Other questions?
Please submit any additional questions to Jeff Sebulsky, STLP Kentucky Program Manager via email at:

3 Roads to Rupp

Live Performance

Live Performance

Sign up and compete in STLP competitions as an individual or a team. No pre-qualification required!

Be Pre-Qualified

Be Pre-Qualified

Did your school enter a Level 1 project at Regionals and advance? DPOJ products may have pre-qualified, also.

Just Attend!

Attend & Learn

All schools are welcome to attend and participate in the STLP State Championship – join us!

Countdown to #STLP19


Highlight: Sphero Hero

What better way to tell an original story than to program a robot to tell it for you? Sphero Hero is all about a team of students creating an original (short) dramatic story, creating an obstacle course as the stage for their story, and programming a Sphero (or any programmable robot) to navigate the stage autonomously while students narrate their tale to judges (3-5-minute limit).  Sphero Hero is an all division (K-12) team competition (1 or more students) and is limited to one team per school. Also, it is a BYOD category, where teams will build their own sets and use their own robots and materials to compete.

Sphero Hero wass the first STLP competition co-designed & led by a student (thank you Nada K. from Thomas Nelson HS, Nelson County)

Check out the Sphero Hero rubric for more information.

Images of student with Sphero Robots

Student Created. Student Led.

Student created video screen capture of STLP State

At State, schools have the opportunity to:

  • Talk with other students, teachers, community persons and visitors that support technology
  • Attend student presentations in small rooms
  • Compete in any of the many live performance competitions
  • Visit playground activities provided by supporting partners in Rupp
  • Explore the many outstanding showcase projects in the large hall
  • View best services as they support the event as student teams
  • See the winning products on display and talk to the students that created the product
  • Attend the awards celebration in Rupp Arena

Education Matters Live at STLP

Empowering Students Through Technology – Recorded at the 2016 state Student Technology Leadership Program competition, this special edition of Education Matters explores how Kentucky K-12 students are using technology for project-based learning.

If you’re wondering what the STLP State Championship day looks and sounds like, this video is a terrific way to explore the event from the comfort of your classroom. The show also includes video segments produced by teens from Hardin County who are part of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program. (from

Thanks to our valued partners at KET Education.

Recorded live: May 16, 2016. View the archived show HERE or in the attached, embedded video.

STLP logo
Registration for State Will Open Early 2019. #STLPRoad2Rupp

STLP18: Back By Popular Demand

KY Imagine Academy’s Certipalooza

NOTICE: Like all #STLP19 Categories, Certipalooza is still in development for the 2019 State Championship. Please be aware that all info is subject to change. Check back for any updates.

Description: (9-12 Only) Earn as many certification as you can in one day! Register to take MTA or MOS certification exams on-site at #STL19. MTA is the Microsoft foundational technology certification with tracks in Database, Developer and IT Professional. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT certification in the world.

More than one million MOS exams are taken every year in over 140 countries. These two certifications showcase a student’s knowledge and skill in an economy that demands leaders understand, collaborate, and manage both data and infrastructure.

Students – demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. MOS enables you to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance, confidence, and differentiation. Earn as many certification as you can in one day!

Register online to reserve your spot! Thanks to Certiport for partnering with STLP on this acivity.

  • Networking Fundamentals

  • Software Development Fundamentals

  • Database Fundamentals

  • HTML5 App Development Fund.

  • Cloud Fundamentals

  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals

  • MOS Certifications

HP/Microsoft Gaming: Minecraft

NOTICE: Like all #STLP19 Categories, the STLP Minecraft DPOJ competition and the STLP Minecraft Playground at State are still in development for the 2019 State Championship. Please be aware that all info is subject to change. Check back for any updates.

Based on the smashing success of the 2018 Minecraft challenge, the 2019 HP/Microsoft Gaming: Minecraft experience is better than ever!  We’ve split the Minecraft opportunities into two options: (1) enter the Minecraft competition by submitting a build online prior to State and (2) enjoy an in depth, non-competitive Minecraft experience as part of the “open to everyone” STLP Playground at State.

If you missed your chance to enter the competition, don’t fret!  Minecraft will be back as a hands-on, non-competitive, activity in the STLP Playground at State.  No experience necessary — come and explore the limitless educational world of Minecraft. (Thank you to HP, Inc. and Microsoft for partnering with STLP for this event).

KY Cinemania at State

NOTICE: Like all #STLP19 Categories, KY Cinemania is still in development for the 2019 State Championship. Check back for any updates.

KY Cinemania is an, “up all night” video competition where your team has a specific window of time to write, shoot, edit, produce and post a video that includes a number of required elements, props, slogans and fun items. The prompts are released prior to STLP State and videos are uploaded to YouTube in advance of State. 

  • Elements Released: TBA
  • Final Videos Submitted via YouTube: TBA
  • Round 2 (Live) Judging and Awards:  April 18, 2019 (at State)

Get with your team to discuss ideas, roles, and jobs – all the way from brainstorming, to shooting, to editing, and final production. Make sure everyone in your group has a voice in the process.

Be sure to visit for more info on this popular STLP State activity…and to view samples from past winners!

(Note: one entry per school, enter via the STLP State Championship registration portal)

KY STLP  Racing to the Future™

NOTICE: Like all #STLP19 Categories, Racing to the Future is still in development for the 2019 State Championship. Please be aware that all info is subject to change. Check back for any updates.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are all rolled into students understanding the world of racing. A student will design, build and race a slot car. Students will develop a ‘tech sheet’ on the design and process of getting the car ready for the event.

Due to the increased demand for this event, RTTF has expanded it’s registration limit from 2 students per school up to allowing 4 students to register and participate per school. Check out the rubric here (updated rubrics to be posted soon) and get in-depth info about RTTF at their website:

Awards Ceremony: Rupp Arena

At the conclusion of the STLP State Championship mega-activity-day, we all gather in Rupp Arena to recognize finalists in each of the Live Competition categories, winners from the Digital Project categories (that qualified to compete at State during the DPOJ event in January), and crown the Best in State STLP Projects for K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 Divisions.

Starting in 2015, STLP awarded a Best in State Technical Project trophy in memory of the late KDE Office of KIDS innovator and STLP supporter, Dave Sigler.

Although the Award Show starts at 5PM, we strive to wrap up the event by 7:30 PM.  We recognize that it is a long drive back home for many schools.  Help us keep the Award Show running on time and efficiently so that we can best respect everyone’s safe travels home.

Teams that make it to Level 3 Project Judging and who are announced as finalists on the Wall of Winners should do their best to attend the entire Award Show.

WATCH LIVE: we will also live broadcast the Award Show via the KDE Media Portal   The video link will go live for internet viewing shortly before 5pm (EST) the day of the State Championship event. Afterwards, the video will be available to view as an archive.

Want to check out last year’s event? The 2018 STLP State Championship Awards show is archived and you can watch it at the following link: #STLP18 Awards Show video archive

WATCH LIVE: KDE Media Portal
Official Hashtag #STLP17

STLP Playground: Design.Code. Make. LEARN!

NOTICE: Please know that the full roster of STLP Playground activities is currently in development for the #STLP19 event. Activities listed below are subject to change. 

Scratch Ambassadors

The Scratch Playground at the State Championship will be an area set up for visitors to explore the Scratch website as well as remix and create projects such as digital games, animations, stories and interactive media. We anticipate including an area for Scratch Jr. (app for android/apple devices) and physical computing devices that connect to Scratch.

At the State Championship, selected student ambassadors will be part of a team that rotates to assist visitors in the Scratch Playground. Scratch ambassadors will encourage others to explore, create with Scratch and answer questions as needed.


From Late in the year of 2014, teacher librarians Heidi Neltner and James Allen, while chatting to a group during #KyEdChat, came up with the idea that maybe we needed to encourage teachers to play to learn through an actual and statewide (World-Wide?) campaign for PLAY. (special thanks to @martypark for his tweets on that night too!)

We’re so excited to have them back for another great year at STLP State Championship! The #KyGoPlayGROUND is an open space where educators and students can explore, build, and make. For more info about KyGoPlay, check out their website HERE.

Everyone Can Code

Join us to learn about Everyone Can Code, a program designed to give everyone the power to learn, write, and teach code with Swift. You’ll hear about Swift Playgrounds, a free app for iPad for first-time coders with a complete set of Apple-designed lessons that make getting started fun and interactive, and explore the accompanying teacher guide. You’ll also learn about App Development with Swift, a curriculum for high school and college for Mac that shows students how to create apps from start to finish.

Hurry…spots are limited. Register to participate via STLP Registration before State registration deadline.  Presented by Apple Inc.

Awesome Inc.

Coding Activities with Awesome Inc.

Newton’s Attic

Hands-on STEM with Newton’s Attic

STLP Robot World!

More info coming soon!

Bring the Spirit!

Choose from several competitions & cheer on your fellow STLP leaders! RTTF, SumoBots, RCX, and more!

Breakout EDU

Work collaboratively to solve puzzles in order to open a locked box. Sponsored and presented by Eminence Ind.

More to come…!

We’re announcing new and exciting STLP Playground activities all the way up to State. Check back to see what’s new!

#STLP18 Quick Links

Looking for detailed schedule and maps for STLP18 State Championship? Look no further!

Watch #STLP18 Live
#STLP18 Schedule
#STLP18 Event Maps
STLP18 Champions

STLP18 Maps

Tap/Click to open full size maps. Download full size maps to your device.

STLP18 Overview Map

Overview Map

STLP18 Heritage Hall Pre-function Area

Heritage Prefunction

STLP18 Rupp Arena Map

Rupp Arena / STLP Playground

STLP18 Thoroughbred Rooms Map

Thoroughbred Area

STLP18 Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall

STLP17 Bluegrass Ballroom Map

Bluegrass/Level 2 Judges

STLP18 Lexington Center Overview Map

LCC Overview

STLP18 Dressing Rooms Map

Dressing Rooms

STLP18 Schedules

Tap/Click to open the Detailed Schedule and the Level 2 Table lists.

STLP18 Detailed Schedule

Detailed Schedule

(Click here to download as .PDF)

STLP18 Level 2 Tables

Level 2 Table Assignment

Upcoming Events

  1. Deadline: DPOJ Registration (UPDATED)

    January 20 @ 11:59 pm EST
  2. Regional: East Kentucky Expo Center (Rescheduled)

    January 23 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm EST