Registration deadline UPDATED to February 11th

  • Registration for Digital Product Online Judging went live in December. The deadline is being extended to February 11, 2022 – but that is a hard and fast deadline.
  • If we’re going to know the DPOJ semi-finalists in time to invite them to STLP State, this deadline cannot push back any farther and late entries cannot be accepted.
  • Registration form:

Tips for Submitting Links for DPOJ

  • The vast majority of DPOJ products are shared via Google Drive
  • Student accounts typically cannot share files outside of your district, so plan to collect products into a teacher owned folder
  • Select “Share” and “Get a link” for EACH individual product to include in your DPOJ registration
  • Watch to make sure permissions are set to “Anyone with the link” so judges outside your district can view
  • Make opening products easy for judges (test links, test permissions, link directly to each entry, etc.)