STLP Level Up

The Gamification of STLP

STLP groups can earn badges for a variety of activities throughout the school year. Level Up badges are fun ways to engage your STLP learners — often they can highlight activities that your STLP may already be participating in.

STLP Level Up badges provide a framework for a number of STLP related activities that your STLP can build upon throughout the year.

NOTE: to achieve or retain Gold Status, an STLP is required to earn a specific number of Level Up badges throughout the year. Visit the Gold Status info page ( to learn more.

Learn about 5 Types of STLP Level Up Badges

STLP groups can claim badges for a number of different activities. Various Level Up badges are listed under 5 different categories: Achievement, Collaboration, Contribution, Progression, and Challenges.

Choose a tab to learn more about that badge category:


Earn public recognition for completing tasks/participating in events (example: register a project for a Regional event)

Click to DownloadDescription of Achievement Badge
Badge-Get-Recognized-newGET RECOGNIZED
By registering your school's STLP with the State (via this online form: [icon name="icon-external-link"]Get Recognized! Form ), you automatically earn your first badge. That badge unlocks registration for all other regional or state STLP events (Fall Showcase, Digital Product Online Judging, and State Championship)
Submit Projects or candidates for Service Category Interviews at Regionals -- and then attend the competition and participate in scoring/judging. To qualify for this badge, you must have also had a judge representing your STLP participate.
Create and upload original digital content to participate in the Digital Product Online Judging competition. To qualify for this badge, your STLP must also have provided an online judge to help score student products.
Badge-State-ChampionshipSTATE CHAMPIONSHIPS
Attend and participate in at least one event at STLP State Championship. Either be invited as a qualifying project or in a service category (Regionals), with a qualifying digital product (DPOJ), or as a registered competitor for on-site/on-demand events at State.
A member of your STLP has been selected to serve as an STLP Engineer. An Engineer provides technical support and leadership at State, KySTE, and ISTE. STLP Engineers embody the best qualities of STLP.
Badge-local-presentationLOCAL PRESENTATIONS
Earn this badge by having students present about STLP (STLP Projects, STLP sponsored events, etc.) to local groups. Could be to other students, at a school staff meeting, at a board of education meeting, at a local festival, etc. Presentation skills come with practice; so, providing these opportunities to students prior a regional or statewide events can be crucial to success.
Badge-School-showcaseSCHOOL SHOWCASE
Statistically, Projects that are presented locally before coming to Regional Qualifying events tend to advance farther in competition. Hold a school wide version of the "Regionals" to get practice presenting -- and maybe even use the event to select the best projects to represent your STLP at Regionals.
Badge-District-showcaseDISTRICT SHOWCASE
Hold a district wide STLP Showcase. Statistically, districts that invite all school STLP's to a District Showcase (particularly if it's prior to Regionals) tend to have higher success at becoming Best in State projects at the State Championship. District Showcases are also a great opportunity to let district administrators and school board members see the value of STLP to your district and school.
Create or sponsor a makerspace/playspace in your school/community! Learn more about our STLP partner #KyGoPlay here:
Badge-Scratch-AmbassadorSCRATCH AMBASSADOR
New for 2015-2016! A member of your STLP interviews and is selected to represent STLP as a Scratch Ambassador in the STLP Playground at State Championship.
STLP is proud to continue our partnership w/ NCWIT and UK to present the Award for Aspirations opportunity for Kentucky's young, high school aged, technical women. Simply submitting a completed application earns the badge.

Visit to get started.

Note: The NCWIT Aspirations badge can also be earned by submitting an application for the NCWIT Educator's Award here:
All members of an STLP have earned their Digital Drivers License.

The Digital Drivers License (DDL) is an internationally utilized online experience that allows students to prove their digital citizenship expertise by participating in a series of cases and learning demonstrations.  The DDL is a valuable tool for teachers and administrators who want to make certain that their students are prepared for the pot holes that can pop up along the digital highway.

[icon name="icon-external-link"]Click here to jump out and visit the Digital Drivers License website.

Badge-in-the-newsSTLP IN THE NEWS
Spreading the word about all that your STLP accomplishes each year is important -- and many times your STLP will be featured on the local news, in the local newspaper, or on an internet based news source. Making it into the news is an important milestone for every STLP. Be sure to share any feature done on your STLP via social media channels, too!
Participate in any of the STLP sponsored/connected robotics competitions (RCX, Sumo Bots, etc.)
Badge-minecraftersSTLP MINCRAFTERS

Does your STLP use Minecraft?
Your STLP is new and active! (NOTE: STLP's are considered "1st Year" if there was no active STLP in the previous school year.)
Badge-5th-Year-STLP5 YEARS of STLP
Your STLP has been active for 5 consecutive years.
Badge-10th-Year-STLP10 YEARS of STLP
Your STLP has been active for 10 consecutive years.
Badge-15th-Year-STLP15 YEARS of STLP
Your STLP has been active for 15 consecutive years.
Badge-20th-Year-STLP20 YEARS of STLP
Your STLP has been active for 20 consecutive years.
Collect every one of the Achievement category badges within one school year to earn the 100% Achievement badge. (NOTE: Only 1 of the "Years in STLP" badges is required to collect the 100% badge. Elementary and Middle Schools are exempt from the 100% KY ITA Certification badge.)
More Achievement Badges coming soon!


Work with others to accomplish goals (Google Meet with another STLP group to peer review a Digital Product, for example)

Click to DownloadDescription of Collaboration Badges
Badge-Hour-of-COdeHOUR of CODE
Host an Hour of Code session in your classroom, school, or community. This is a global initiative promoted by with the goal of providing every student in every school the opportunity to learn about coding, programming and computer science. Want to get involved? Visit: or
Using technology, connect your STLP to another STLP somewhere in KY. Use this connection to peer review a project, work on a collaborative digital product, etc.
Invite an STLP group from another district or school to visit your STLP. Once together, share ideas, demonstrate how your STLP helps your school/community, etc.
Accept an invitation to visit another STLP in your district, region or in another part of the state. While there, learn about how STLP works in another school and share what you do, too!
Connect virtually or in person with another STLP to collaborate on a project. Could be a project for Regionals or a local project for your school/community.
Badge-expertASK AN EXPERT
Work with an expert in any particular area that can lend their knowledge and skill to strengthen your STLP/STLP project
Collect every one of the Collaboration category badges within one school year to earn the 100% Collaboration badge.
Collaboration Badges coming soon!


Sharing content, news, ideas, feedback as a way to connect STLP with your school, parents, community and peers (submit an idea for a new badge, for example)

Click to DownloadDescription of Contribution Badges
Badge-Share-IdeasWE LEVEL UP
Your STLP actively participates in the Level Up program and proudly displays their Level Up badges (physically or digitally) to promote their STLP involvement
Students use digital tools to create VR or AR experiences to share with other students
STLP students produce and host their own podcast
Badge-Share-IdeasGET PUBLISHED
Student developed story/article appears in a media outlet outside your school (newspaper, TV, website) referencing STLP
STLP is a state-wide community. Share activities your STLP does with other STLP groups/coordinators. Utilize social media, KYSTLP Listserv, or present at a conference to earn this badge. Your STLP is doing great stuff...please help everyone get better by sharing the awesomeness!!!
Badge_Badge_MakersSUGGEST A BADGE
Part of making this STLP Badge Program fun is that we need as much student and coordinator input as possible. Earn you second badge by submitting your idea for new badges!

Scroll to the bottom of this page to the "Suggest a Badge" form where you can upload your ideas for new badges! Every STLP that submits a complete idea will earn the "Badge Maker" badge.

Ideas should be complete and include an idea for which category (see above) and suggest an image/icon to visually represent the badge.
Post a regularly updated STLP webpage and earn this badge. Sharing information about your STLP and the activities your STLP participates in can be a valuable piece of the success puzzle. Letting people know the great things STLP is doing for your school and community is important. Post a regularly updated STLP webpage and earn this badge.
Badge-STLP-Active-TwitterSTLP ON TWITTER
Post a regularly updated STLP twitter account and earn this badge. Sharing information about your STLP and the activities your STLP participates in can be a valuable piece of the success puzzle. Letting people know the great things STLP is doing for your school and community is important. Post a regularly updated twitter STLP and earn this badge.

Tag your STLP activity on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) with @STLPKentucky or #STLPKentucky at least 5 times to earn this badge.
Utilize STLP members to support technology implementations and use in your district or school.
Badge-web-safety-trainingWEB SAFETY TRAINING
Everyone in your STLP participates in some version of internet safety training.
Submit and be selected to present some aspect of your STLP at a KySTE Sponsored event.

For more information about KySTE visit:
Present at a state or national conference about your STLP.

Conferences might include: ISTE, KSBA, KASA, EdCampKY, etc.

(NOTE: Earn double! Present at a KySTE event and collect this badge AND the "Present at KySTE" badge. 2 for 1!)
Badge-maker-spaceCREATE A MAKER SPACE
Work with your STLP to develop a Maker Space within your classroom or school.
Badge-train-studentsTRAINING FOR STUDENTS
Provide support or training for other students (in your school or another) on the use of technology.
Badge-train-adultsTRAINING FOR ADULTS
Provide support or training for adults on the utilization of technology tools. Could be a one-time or ongoing training for parents, school faculty, school personnel, district personnel, or other adults in yourcommunity.
Collect every one of the Contribution category badges within one school year to earn the 100% Contribution badge.
More Contribution Badges coming soon!


Level up by achieving cumulative badges (compete in every category of a state level event, for example)

Click to DownloadDescription of Progression Badges
Progression Badges coming soon!
Badge-Qualify-3-projects3 or more Projects Qualify at Regionals
TO earn this badge, 3 or more Showcase Projects must qualify at a Regional event to advance to Semifinals at State Championships. (NOTE: those projects must actually attend and compete at State to retain this badge).
Submit a digital product in every single DPOJ competition category. (NOTE: Whether they advance or not has no impact on earning this badge.)
Badge-advance5-to-9-dpojADVANCE IN 5-9 DPOJ CATEGORIES
To earn this badge, your STLP must have between 5 and 9 digital products selected to advance from DPOJ to State.
Badge-advance-10-dpojADVANCE IN 10+ DPOJ CATEGORIES
To earn this badge, your STLP must have 10 or more digital products selected to advance from DPOJ to State.
Have more than one STLP Engineer representing your STLP. The Engineers must be enrolled in your school together within the same school year. STLP Engineer alumni do not count towards this badge.
Our representatives appreciate learning about innovations, leadership and advancements in educational technology in our schools. To earn this badge, complete at least 2 of the following tasks: (1) Take the time to communicate with a legislator and tell them about STLP, (2) present STLP to a legislator, (3) bring a legislator to a Regional or State STLP event, (4). take an STLP Selfie with a legislator and post it to social media tagged with #STLPKentucky
To earn this badge, your STLP must complete at least 2 of the following qualifiers: (1) Present an STLP related topic to your Board of Education, (2) Bring at least 1 BOE member to a state sponsored STLP event, (3) have at least 1 BOE member act as a judge at an STLP Regional or State event, (4) take an STLP Selfie with your Board of Education and post the pic with tag #STLPKentucky
To earn this badge, your STLP must complete at least 2 of the following qualifiers: (1) Present an STLP related topic to your district Superintendent, (2) Bring your Superintendent to a state sponsored STLP event, (3) have your Superintendent act as a judge at an STLP Regional or State event, (4) take an STLP Selfie with your Superintendent and post the pic with tag #STLPKentucky
Have at least one STLP member earn 1 or more Kentucky IT Academy Microsoft certifications within one school year. (NOTE: Only HS STLP are eligible for this badge)
Having an identity for your STLP is important. Many STLP groups have super creative designs for STLP t-shirts -- almost like a team jersey -- that they wear proudly during STLP activities. Take a fun pic of your STLP shirt and send it out via social media with the hashtag: #STLPpride
Collect every one of the Progression category badges within one school year to earn the 100% Progression badge. (NOTE: Elementary and Middle School STLP's are exempt from the Multiple KY ITA badge requirement.)


Tackle new activity challenges within a limited amount of time (posted randomly throughout the year – for example, Post a Picture of your STLP with your Superintendent)

Click to DownloadDescription Challenge Badges

To earn the Digital Citizenship Week badge, post, Tweet, or email a description of how your STLP has exercised and/or promoted Digital Citizenship. Hosted by Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship Week dates are established annually. The Digital Citizenship Week badge is available Oct. 14 - 18, 2019.

Be sure to include the #STLPKentucky hashtag (or @STLPKentucky) and #DigCitWeek in your post or tweet. And, be sure to shoot Jeff and email to let him know where everyone can view your Digital Citizenship story! (

Check out some Digital Citizenship Week activity ideas at
Badge-Hour-Of-Code-Week-Challenge HOUR OF CODE WEEK

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event.

The STLP Hour of Code Week Challenge badge is offered to compliment (as an add-on) the STLP Hour of Code badge available for groups that host an hour of code activity any time of the year. Since Hour of Code activities can be held anytime, this badge rewards STLP groups that held their Hour of Code activity specifically during the official Computer Science Education/Hour of Code week.
Badge-Digital-Learning-Day(AVAILABLE UNTIL Feb. 2020) DIGITAL LEARNING DAY

Submit a FlidGrip video (90 seconds or less) to share how your STLP is celebrating Digital Learning Day. Record and submit your video here:

Digital Learning Day promotes the effective use of modern day tools to improve the learning experience in K-12 public schools. Visit their website for quick ideas and helpful resources.

To earn the Digital Learning Day Challenge Badge:

Visit the STLP FlipGrid site "to submit your video today!".

When talking about DLD on your STLP social media feed, be sure to include the #STLPKentucky hashtag (or @STLPKentucky) and #DLDay in your post or tweet. And, be sure to shoot Jeff an email to let him know where you're telling your DLD story! (
More Challenge Badges coming soon!