Gold Status

Learn how to attain Gold Status

Gold Status STLP schools are active, participate in events, and positively advance their school, community and the STLP mission & goals. Gold Status is conferred once a school submits evidence (via form below) that meets criteria listed on the “Request Gold Status Rubric“.

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Benefits of Attaining/Retaining Gold Status

STLP groups that reach Gold Status have the immediate benefit of submitting 4 Projects at Regionals. Normally, that limit is set a 3 projects per school.

Districts that wish to attain Platinum/Titanium Status are only eligible to apply once all schools in that district has attained Gold Status. Platinum/Titanium districts have the added benefit of submitting up to 5 projects at Regionals.

View 2018-2019 Gold Schools List

4 Steps to Achieving Gold

  • Maintaining an active STLP with uninterrupted Gold Status from the previous year
  • (Re)submitting STLP info to the Get Recognized! database annually
  • Complete the online form to identify the (minimum) 7 Level Up badges you’ve earned
  • Provide a short, simple, overview of their STLP activities

Requests are submitted during the current school year and Gold Status is applied to the next school year. Requests submitted between July 1, 2018  and May 10, 2019 will be considered for the 2019-2020 STLP year.

It takes a minimum of 7 earned STLP Level Up badges each year to keep/attain Gold Status. Work on collecting badges throughout the school year. Learn more about STLP Level Up HERE

Achieving STLP Gold Status is challenging, but can be a fun activity for your STLP group to complete together. However, once your school is given Gold Status, the process for retaining is much easier. So, it benefits everyone to keep your STLP Gold Status active from year to year.

Evidence of STLP Involvement for Requesting Gold Status

STLP groups should apply for Gold Status if it is their first time requesting Gold Status, if they achieved Silver Status last year, or if the STLP missed a year of Gold Status by failing to submit to retain Gold Status from the previous year.

Step 1: Submit your STLP to the Get Recognized database

Step 2:  Using the criteria below (and found in the rubric),  create an electronic presentation documenting what the STLP is doing.  Schools may use any method they choose to create the presentation – get creative or keep it simple.  The only technical requirement is that the presentation must be viewable online (or is downloadable) and can be reviewed by judging committee using readily available devices  (i.e. no special software is required).

The major components of evidence to be documented include (from rubric):

  • targeting the STLP mission and goals
  • describing types of STLP projects/events from the year
  • detailing recruitment efforts
  • describing the communication avenues used to generate school/community awareness of STLP opportunities & accomplishments
  • stating the vision/purpose/goals of your STLP
  • discussing how the STLP represents your school outside of the building

Step 3: Identify and explain how your STLP earned at least 7 STLP Level Up badges during the current year.

Step 4: Provide short description of how your students have acted as representatives of STLP during the current year.

Your presentation URL will need to be submitted with this form. That URL should not link to any password protected webpages.  Like STLP, these presentation are always best when they are student designed and student driven.  All presentation should follow good digital citizenship guidelines, contain NO personally identifiable information about students, and follow all pertinent copyright requirements.

Process to Retain Gold Status

Schools that have already achieved Gold Status should select “Retain Gold Status” on the following form and check off requirements to confirm that all information is complete. Please be ready to describe any highlights, accomplishments, and/or favorite projects from this school year.

New for 2016-2017 – Identify how your STLP has earned at least 7 STLP Level Up badges during the current year (remember, Level Up badges reset each July 1).

Thank you for your interest in attaining/retaining STLP Gold Status.  

The window for submitting an application for the 2019-2020 STLP year closed on May 10th, 2019. Requests received by the deadline are in consideration now and Gold Status schools will be revealed ahead of the 2019-2020 school year.

The next Gold Status application window for the 2020-2021 school year will open after August 1, 2019.

Have a great summer!