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Gold Status Process for End of 2020-2021 STLP Season 

It’s been a long year. It’s been a tough year. STLPs across Kentucky have demonstrated resiliency and grit to stay involved and participate in STLP events throughout the year. To that end, we’re happy to announce that all current Gold Status STLPs will automatically retain their Gold Status for the 2021-2022 STLP Season without any additional submissions.

For schools that do not currently have Gold Status but are interested in requesting consideration for Gold Status, please review the “Request Gold Status” options below. All new Gold Status requests should be submitted no later than July 1, 2021.

Gold Rubrics

Learn about Gold Status

Attain or Retain Gold

Every school can apply for new Gold Status, or ask to retain current Gold Status into the next year.

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Application window 5/8 - 7/31

Gold Application

Apply this year to request Gold Status for next year. Application window runs May 8 – July 31, 2021

Apply in by 7/31
Process to Retain Gold Status

All STLPs with current Gold Status at the end of the 2020-21 school year will automatically retain their Gold Status throughout the 2021-2022 STLP season. No additional information is required at this time; however, please be prepared to revisit your “Retain Gold Status” application before May 2022. Have a great summer!

Schools that have already achieved Gold Status should select “Retain Gold Status” on the Gold Status form and check off requirements to confirm that all information is complete. Please be ready to describe any highlights, accomplishments, and/or favorite projects from this school year. Check out the rubric via the Super Sheet.

Identify how your STLP has earned at least 7 STLP Level Up badges during the current year (remember, Level Up badges reset each July 1).

Evidence of STLP Involvement for Requesting Gold Status

Thanks for your interest in achieving Gold Status for your STLP. Below you will find the temporary process for requesting Gold Status for the 2021-22 STLP season. The process is abbreviated in an attempt to help STLP Coaches wrap up a difficult year with a less strenuous application.

Who should request Gold Status? STLP groups should apply for Gold Status if it is their first time requesting Gold Status, if they achieved Silver Status last year, or if the STLP missed a year of Gold Status by failing to submit to retain Gold Status from the previous year.

Updated Gold Status Request Process (due by July 31, 2021)
Step 1:
Submit your STLP to the Get Recognized database

Step 2: Visit the Request Gold Status form and complete the requested info (school info, STLP Coach contact info)

Step 3: Include a written update that addresses the following questions about your STLP:

  • why does your STLP wish to achieve Gold Status?
  • how did your STLP include as many students, educators, administrators and community members as possible this year?
  • what STLP events/competitions/modules did your school participate in during 2020-21?
  • how will your STLP grow to embrace the concept of “STLP is your whole school” in 2021-22

Step 2:  Using the criteria below (and found in the rubric via the Super Sheet),  create an electronic presentation documenting what the STLP is doing.  Schools may use any method they choose to create the presentation – get creative or keep it simple.  The only technical requirement is that the presentation must be viewable online (or is downloadable) and can be reviewed by judging committee using readily available devices  (i.e. no special software is required).

The major components of evidence to be documented include (from rubric):

  • targeting the STLP mission and goals
  • describing types of STLP projects/events from the year
  • detailing recruitment efforts
  • describing the communication avenues used to generate school/community awareness of STLP opportunities & accomplishments
  • stating the vision/purpose/goals of your STLP
  • discussing how the STLP represents your school outside of the building

Step 3: Identify and explain how your STLP earned at least 7 STLP Level Up badges during the current year.

Step 4: Provide short description of how your students have acted as representatives of STLP during the current year.

Your presentation URL will need to be submitted with this form. That URL should not link to any password protected webpages.  Like STLP, these presentation are always best when they are student designed and student driven.  All presentation should follow good digital citizenship guidelines, contain NO personally identifiable information about students, and follow all pertinent copyright requirements.

2020-21 Gold STLPs

District NameSchool Name 
Ashland Ind.Ashland Middle SchoolSTLP20 State Champs!
Barren Co.Austin Tracy Elementary School
Barren Co.Barren County Middle School
Boone Co.RA Jones Middle School
Bowling Green Ind.WR McNeill Elementary
Bullitt Co.Bullitt Lick Elementary
Campbell Co.Campbell County High School
Christian Co.Christian County High School
Christian Co.Christian County High School
Christian Co.Christian County Middle School
Christian Co.Crofton Elementary
Christian Co.Freedom Elementary School
Christian Co.Gateway Academy to Innov. & Tech.
Christian Co.Hopkinsville High School
Christian Co.Hopkinsville Middle
Christian Co.Indian Hills Elementary
Christian Co.Pembroke Elementary
Christian Co.Sinking Fork Elementary
Christian Co.South Christian Elmentary
Clark Co.Robert D. Campbell Jr. High
Daviess Co.Audubon Elementary School
Fairview Ind.Fairview High SchoolSTLP20 State Champs!
Fayette Co.Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Fayette Co.Breckinridge Elementary School
Fayette Co.Bryan Station High School
Fayette Co.Bryan Station High School
Fayette Co.Eastside Technical Center
Fayette Co.Lafayette High School
Fayette Co.Maxwell Elementary Spanish Immersion
Fayette Co.Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Fayette Co.STEAM Academy
Floyd Co.Allen ElementarySTLP20 State Champs!
Floyd Co.Floyd Central High School
Jackson Co.Jackson County High School
Jackson Co.Jackson County High School
Jefferson Co.Blake Elementary SchoolSTLP20 State Champs!
Jefferson Co.Central High School
Jefferson Co.Farmer Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Farnsley Middle School
Jefferson Co.Field Elementary
Jefferson Co.Frederick Law Olmsted Academy South
Jefferson Co.Hartstern Elementary
Jefferson Co.Hite ElementarySchool
Jefferson Co.Newburg Middle School
Jefferson Co.Norton Commons Elementary
Jefferson Co.Sanders Elementary
Jefferson Co.St. Matthews Elementary
Jefferson Co.W.E.B. DuBois Academy
Jefferson Co.Western Middle School for the Arts
Jefferson Co.Whitney Young Elementary
Larue Co.Larue Co. High School
Monroe Co.Gamaliel Elementary School
Monroe Co.Monroe County Middle School
Monroe Co.Monroe County Middle School
Owen Co.Maurice Bowling Middle School
Owen Co.Maurice Bowling Middle School
Owen Co.Owen County Elementary
Owen Co.Owen County High School
Pendleton Co.Pendleton County High School
Pendleton Co.Southern Elementary School
Pike Co.Belfry Elementary
Pike Co.Belfry Middle School
Pike Co.Bevins Elementary
Pike Co.Dorton Elementary School
Pike Co.Feds Creek Elememtary
Pike Co.Kimper Elementary School
Pike Co.Mullins School
Pike Co.Pike County Central High School
Powell Co.Powell County Middle School
Russell Ind.Russell High School
Russell Ind.Russell Middle School
Russell Ind.Russell Primary
Union Co.Sturgis Elementary School
Warren Co.Drakes Creek Middle School
Warren Co.Henry Moss Middle School
Warren Co.Lost River Elementary
Warren Co.Rich Pond Elementary
Warren Co.Richardsville Elementary
Warren Co.Warren Central
Warren Co.William H Natcher Elementary



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