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Collect Evidence to Apply for Gold in 2024

Achieving STLP Gold Status is a challenging, but rewarding, optional activity that should involve your whole STLP.

Schools that embrace STLP throughout the year, and are prepared to detail the value of their STLP, should consider applying to ACHIEVE Gold Status. STLP schools that currently have active Gold Status (see 2023-2024 list below) should apply to RETAIN their Gold Status for the upcoming year.

Gold Status applications can be built throughout the STLP year, but the application window will not open until the end of the school year to allow your STLP to participate and collect evidence to support your application. Build your application all year to highlight your STLP accomplishments.

All Gold Status applications should be student developed.

Gold Rubrics

Learn about Gold Status

Go for Gold

Start collecting evidence to apply for new Gold Status at the end of the school year in 2024.

Apply In 2024

Application before 7/31/24

Gold Application

Apply current year for Gold Status following year. Application window runs May 1 – July 31, 2024

2023-2024 Gold STLPs


  • All schools appearing on the current Gold Status List are invited to bring +1 additional project to Regionals (= 5 for 2023)
  • * schools are most recent Runner Up project schools, granted automatic Gold Status and +1 projects (= 5 for 2023)
  •  ** schools are most recent State Champion project schools, automatically earned Gold Status, and are invited to bring +2 additional projects. (= 6 for 2023)
** Ashland Middle SchoolAshland Ind.2023 State Champion
** Summit Elementary SchoolBoyd Co.2023 State Champion
** Atherton High SchoolJefferson Co.2023 State Champion
** Trimble County Jr. Sr. HSTrimble Co.2023 State Champion
* Bowling Green High SchoolBowling Green Ind.2023 State Runner Up
* SCAPA at BluegrassFayette Co.2023 State Runner Up
* Conway Middle SchoolJefferson Co.2023 State Runner Up
* Norton ESJefferson Co.2023 State Runner Up
North Jackson Elementary SchoolBarren Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Ben Johnson Elementary SchoolBreckinridge Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Robert D. Campbell Jr. High SchoolClark Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Audubon Elementary SchoolDaviess Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Farnsley Middle School Jefferson Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Bowen Elementary SchoolJefferson Co.ACHIEVE Gold Status
Central Elementary SchoolJohnson Co.ACHIEVE Gold Status
Daniel Boone Elementary SchoolMadison Co.RETAIN Gold Status
Newport Middle SchoolNewport Ind.RETAIN Gold Status
Plano Elementary SchoolWarren Co.RETAIN Gold Status
William H. Natcher ElementaryWarren Co.RETAIN Gold Status