The STLP Super Sheet is your single stop to access most STLP resources, including registration links and rubrics, all shared on a single Google Sheet. Unfortunately, some districts still block student accounts from accessing G-Suite based documents from outside your own domain. If your district has this restriction in place, students will not be able to access the STLP Super Sheet while logged in with their district credentials even though the resource is being shared from a trustworthy external domain (i.e. the Kentucky Department of Education).

Any restriction on student accounts is a local decision and certainly made with student safety in mind. STLP respects those choices but encourages district level decision makers to adjust Google settings to allow students to access the resources being shared by STLP via Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc.

At this time, if a student finds their district account is restricted from viewing STLP resources, please know that their requests for access are not being ignored (as student accounts that are restricted also cannot receive the explanation emails sent to them). However, until local, district level, choices are made to grant student accounts to access materials shared from the Kentucky Department of Education via Google, STLP Coaches/Coordinators may need to provide an alternate method of connecting students to these useful resources.

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