Thanks for taking a couple minutes to read through these important updates as we reach the mid-March point. There’s so much happening with STLP right now and I want to help keep everyone up to date and connected. It’s a lot, I know…but we’ve got a lot going on. Thanks for in advance for reading about these focus areas:

  1. STLP at KySTE22 Wrap Up
  2. DPOJ Scoring/Results Update
  3. State Semi-finalists for Digital Products
  4. STLP22 State Challenges
  5. STLP22 State Championship & Registration Deadline
  6. Level 2 Projects – What to Do Next?
  7. Join Me: STLP Quick Shots in March

STLP at KySTE22 Wrap Up

  • Last week (March 8-11th) was a giant week for education technology and STLP as we returned in-person to the 2022 KySTE Spring Conference. It was back during the 2020 KySTE conference that the world came to a screeching halt as we knew it, so getting back together with educators from across the state to share education technology ideas was absolutely invigorating.
  • STLP had a giant presence at the conference, as usual, with many sessions touching on STLP, led by STLP Coaches, or referencing how students are utilizing tech to learn and demonstrate that learning.
  • Under the leadership/mentorship of Jim Seward (DTC, Bellevue Ind.), the 14 STLP Engineers roared back as the lead technical support for conference presenters and attendees.
  • Thank you to the KySTE Board, the STLP Engineers, Mr. Seward, and all the folks who presented or were in attendance!
  • If you shared at KySTE, don’t forget to grab your “Present at KySTE” STLP Level Up badge

DPOJ Scoring/Results Update

I know what you’re thinking… “Where are the results?!” Here’s a timeline to help frame the complex process behind organizing DPOJ:

  • Registration opens late December 2021
  • Registration deadline (Feb 11th) – Fun Fact: 86% of the DPOJ registrations were received within the final 36 hours of the deadline!
  • Review and contacting STLP Coaches about questions/corrections regarding registration database (Feb 12 – 15th)
  • Organize products into categories and judging groups. Judges assigned and contacted as individual categories were ready to start scoring (Feb. 16 – 23rd)
  • Judges had minimum of 10 days (some started sooner than others) to submit their scores by deadline (of March 6th)
  • Thousands of scores for the thousands of products are scanned for missing results (March 7-8th)
  • Absentee judges were contacted. STLP Coaches with MIA judges were contacted and asked to complete the scoring (March 8-10th)
  • Occasionally judges overlooked a product. When those situations were identified, judges were contacted to complete (March 10-12th)
  • Before scores can be compiled, all results must first be submitted by judges. Final review for any missing scores completed (March 13th)
  • Because multiple judges are scoring each product, those scores and any feedback are combined. The top percentages of scores for each category are identified as State Semi-Finalists (March 13 – 15th)
  • Scores/comments/semi-finalist status receive final review before being processed for distribution. As individual category results are published, Coaches will be contacted with instructions for how to review (March 15 and on…until every category is published)

As you can see, there’s a lot of moving parts all coming together to get results back to you and your students. Remember that we extended this timeline when we adjusted the registration deadlines due to some universal challenges. Thanks to all the judges who helped us get to where we are in the process…and thanks to your students for their patience throughout the arduous journey to STLP State Semi-finalist status.

The goal is to have all DPOJ results published well before the STLP State registration deadline…but don’t wait! Google Forms will save your progress, so get started now and don’t delay (see next section for more registration info).

State Semi-finalists for Digital Products

With the STLP22 State Championship registration creeping up on us (March 27), we’re automatically advancing each State Semi-finalist digital product on your behalf. This means, once the State Semi-finalists are announced, you will not need to do anything else for them to be included in judging for State.

  • We’ll utilize the URLs already listed for your student digital products for judging. Of course, there are pros and cons to this method, but hopefully not having to re-upload URLs for every qualifying product on the state registration form will alleviate a fair bit of stress on coaches.
  • On the STLP22 State Championship registration, one section asks you to estimate the number of students behind the digital product semi-finalists from your school. I realize that you cannot fill in that estimate without all the DPOJ results first being released…thankfully, Google Forms allows you to save your form to be edited later once results are in. For now, just skip that section.

What happens with Digital Product semi-finalists at State?

  • While every semi-finalist is encouraged to attend State, the certainly aren’t required to attend (if your school is coming for Level 2 Projects or other live Challenges, be sure to bring your Digital Product semi-finalists along as well).
  • Judging will be completed digitally. Students do not need to be present, but there’s plenty to explore if they do come to State on April 20.
  • Finalists (top 1st and 2nd place for each grade division) for each digital product category will be called on stage during the STLP Award Show (Part 1) during the afternoon at State. Finalists will learn their place and receive an award.
  • The Award Show is open to everyone, will be broadcast live via KET, and will be hosted by KET’s News Quiz host, Kelsey Starks.
  • All winning digital products will be featured on the website as Champions!

STLP22 State Challenges

Visit the STLP Super Sheet to review all the current State Challenges being offered. Be sure to check out these new and returning categories:

NEW for 2022!

  • Line Follow Challenge (Robotics) – sponsored by Warren County, this new category will fill up fast!
  • UK Webpage Coding Challenge – use a programming language to create a webpage interface that addresses a prompt on demand\

UPDATED for 2022:

  • AdvanceKentucky Website Design Challenge
  • STLP Tech Bowl (formerly Quick Tech Recall)
  • NKU Mobile App Challenge
  • Help Desk/Support Challenge
  • Bench Challenge
  • Game Design Challenge (rubric pending)
  • Newscast Challenge (rubric pending)

BACK from HIATUS in 2020, 2021:

  • Certipalooza
  • Minds on Innovation
  • UL Podcast Challenge
  • RCX: Robo Challenge Xtreme
  • and Sumo Bots!


  • Ky Cinemania
  • Coding Challenge
  • Sphero Hero
  • Georgetown College Robot Use

STLP State Challenge rubrics are mostly all updated (a couple are awaiting a final check from leads), but the concept is detailed on the Super Sheet to get you started. If you’re not sure about a Challenge, it’s best to submit student names to reserve spots and help us plan. We can always remove students from competitions after the registration deadline, be we simply cannot add students past March 27th.

STLP22 State Championship & Registration Deadline

A couple of additional days have been added on to the State registration deadline, pushing it as far back as we can to March 27th. I encourage you to start your registration now. Thanks to the magic of Google Forms, your progress will be saved (if you’re logged in) so you can return and edit as needed.

The STLP22 State Championship Info Page is live and being updated with new info almost daily. We’re excited to be heading into the newly constructed Central Bank Center and Rupp Arena; but with that excitement comes some challenges. Being a totally new facility, everything that we used to do at State is being rebuilt from scratch. Even though we’ve proceeded over the last year believing that State would return to in-person, updating the event logistics has depended on construction status over time. Thankfully, it looks like 90% of the new convention center will be completed in time for our April 20th date!

As always, there are 4 ways to participate at STLP State: (1) Come as a Level 2 Project, (2) compete in a live Challenge category, (3) attend as a Digital Product semi-finalist with a chance to be named Champion on stage, and (4) as an attendee that’s not competing but exploring the STLP Experience hands-on events and demonstrations while getting pumped up with ideas for next year’s STLP season. Everyone is welcome…the event is free and open. Bring as many people as you can so we can put STLP State back on the map as the largest single day event at Rupp Arena!

Details coming to the Info Page over the next several days/couple of weeks:

  • How to pre-order food options for your day at State
  • Planning your visit to STLP State
  • Bus drop-off/pick-up locations/procedures
  • Venue maps
  • Detailed schedule of events (by category/activity)
  • Parking info for Judges
  • STLP Experiences (formerly Playground) to get excited about!

A note about housing/hotels ate STLP State: KDE does not contract with any hotel to provide room blocks for STLP State. Hotels in the area will often offer a special rate for those attending our event, but there are no agreements in place for any discounts. Because there is not a “conference hotel”, your school is free to explore opportunities in the Lexington area to find the best rates available. If any hotel chooses to offer a discounted room rate in association to STLP groups, we will post those opportunities on our Info Page. However, do not wait for special rates to be posted…book now if you can.

Level 2 Projects – What to Do Next?

Every Level 1 Project that was listed as “On Track” following Regionals, as well as every “Not Yet” project that completed the second chance process and the “Make Up” process is invited to participate in Level 2 at STLP22 State.  To participate, every project team must be submitted via the STLP State Championship registration before the March 27th deadline.

Quick Info to prepare for Level 2:

  • Complete the registration form before March 27th at
  • Submit your final project title (it’s ok if it’s changed since Regionals)
  • Include a short (1 or 2 sentence) description of your project
  • Review the Project Tool Kit for Level 2. It’s in person, live with judges, at State.
  • Build your project presentation experience. Lean on technology to share your project progress since Level 1.
  • Each project team will have a table, access to power nearby, and internet access. Plan how to best use your space.
  • Teams will be assigned a 10-minute window to wow judges. Leave plenty of time for judges to ask questions.
  • Practice your presentation with anyone who will listen. Simulate the overly noisy conditions of Level 2 by practicing in the cafeteria during lunch, or the gym during recess, etc. This is beyond your pitch at Regionals…but still about sharing your project with interested judges
  • Plan to be in Lexington for State on April 20th
  • Know that Level 2 Project event kicks off at 10:30 am Eastern Time (set up starts at as early as 9 am)
  • Bring as many students as you like, but know only your best (up to) 4 presenters will represent the project to judges
  • Prepare to advance to Level 3 Project is selected (this part is conversational…expect to go “off script” with judges)
  • Expect to stay for the 5 pm STLP Award Show (part 2) to possibly be named Best Project in Kentucky/State Champion! (Must be present to win)

Best Project State Champions have a special reward along with their Championship trophy and giant banner. It’s a huge celebration on the floor of Rupp Arena. Plan to stay until as late as 6:30-7:00 pm. Have the mindset of champions!

Join Me: STLP Quick Shots in March/April

Before Regionals, we held a successful series on short online sessions we called STLP Quick Shot. Well, they’re back ahead of STLP State and the registration deadline. No more than 20 minutes, each Quick Shot will offer question and answer sessions for STLP Coaches looking for fast answers to general topics (come with questions ready, because there’s no presentations…only Q&A).  Of course, these are all optional meetups. Attend as many or as few as you prefer, but pencil these in on your schedule (link to meeting will post the morning of the Quick Shot).

  • STLP22 State: Q&A (Tuesday, March 15, 4:00 – 4:20 pm EST)
  • Level 2 Projects: Q&A (Thursday, March 17, 4:00 – 4:20 pm EST)
  • STLP22 State: Q&A (Tuesday, March 22, 4:00 – 4:20 pm EST)
  • Live Challenges: Q&A (Thursday, March 24, 4:00 – 4:20 pm EST)
  • Last Minute Registration Q&A (Friday, March 25, 12:00-12:30 pm EST)
  • STLP22 State: Q&A (Thursday, March 31, 4:00 – 4:20 pm EST)
  • Level 2 Projects: Q&A (April, TBA)
  • STLP22 State: Q&A (April, TBA)

Again, these will be question and answer sessions. Come prepared to ask the questions that will lead the conversations and I’ll come ready to get you the answers you need. Looking forward to connecting with you!