Calling All Creative Minds: Register for Kentucky STLP’s Digital Arts Competition by December 20th!

Are you a budding digital artist or part of a school team that’s ready to showcase their creative talents? The Kentucky Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) has an exciting opportunity for you! It’s time to register your entries for the Creative Digital Arts Competition (CDA), and the registration window is open from October 1st to December 20th.

Yes, CDA Registration Deadline is Earlier Than Usual.

Historically, CDA (then known as Digital Product Online Judging, or DPOJ) has utilized a registration deadline that falls after the new year in early January. However, due to the accelerated timeline leading up to the STLP State Championship (March 27) being nearly a month earlier than usual, it’s important that the CDA timeline be accelerated, as well. With the thousands of CDA entries we receive, the scoring process takes several weeks. So, to give all STLP groups ample time to learn if their CDA entries are State Semi-Finalist and then decide to register to attend State, we’re asking for CDA entries to be submitted about 2 weeks earlier than usual. There’s still plenty of time to collect and curate the best representative CDA pieces your STLP can produce — but we are working to make everyone aware that the registration portal has been open and available since October 1st and will close on December 20th. Start planning now!

Stay Organized with Our Registration Planning Tool

We understand that preparing multiple entries for different categories can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve got you covered! To help you stay organized and on top of your registration game, we’ve created a Registration Planning Tool in Google Sheets. This tool will serve as your trusty companion, guiding you through the registration process.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Access the Registration Planning Tool: Visit the 2023 CDA Info Page to get started. Look for Step 2.
2. Navigate Your Way: The tool contains all the necessary links for each competition category, making it a breeze to register your entries.
3. Stay on Track: To ensure you don’t miss a beat, we’ve included a checkbox for each category. Mark them off as you submit your registrations, and you’ll always know where you stand.

With the Registration Planning Tool, you can say goodbye to the stress of keeping track of multiple submissions. It’s your digital assistant for a hassle-free registration process!

Checking and Editing Registrations Made Easy

We understand that plans change, and sometimes you may need to modify your registrations. No worries – we’ve got a solution for that too! If you need to check or edit your registrations, follow these simple steps:

1. Access the Registration Portal: Click Step 4 at the 2023 CDA Info Page to see what you’ve already registered.
2. Log In: Make sure you’re using the same account you used for submitting your registrations.
3. Consent with Google: Grant consent to log in using your Google account for a seamless experience.

Tons of Resources to Prep for Registration:

Here are the key points from the provided information:

Categories and Examples:
– A slide deck by Kelly Fischer at FCPS provides a detailed breakdown of categories and past winners in Creative Digital Arts.
– It’s a helpful resource for beginners in Creative Digital Arts.
– The deck may still reference “DPOJ” due to a renaming.

2023 State Finalists:
– You can find exemplars by reviewing last year’s finalists and winners in different categories.
– Visit the “State Champions” section for more information.

– If you’re unsure about which category to choose for your product, there’s assistance available.
– Visit the “Flowcharts” section for guidance.

Creative Digital Arts Planning Tool:
– Utilize the planning tool to better organize your students before registering.
– Visit the “Planning Tool” section for assistance.

STLP Super Sheet:
– All the necessary information and resources for participating in STLP are available in one place.
– Check out the “STLP Super Sheet” for convenience.

To access all the STLP CDA resources and registration materials, Visit the 2023 CDA Info Page