Subject: October STLP Buzz: Dive into the Action (Projects, CDA, and October Opportunities)

Can you believe it? We’re halfway through October, and the STLP world is buzzing with excitement and activity. We’ve got some updates to keep you in the loop, so let’s dive right in.

Here are key areas in the spotlight:

  • STLP Projects
  • Creative Digital Arts (CDA)
  • STLP State
  • October Opportunities & Reminders
  • Big News: Welcome to the team….

STLP Project Cycle Kicking Off

Let’s plunge into the STLP Project update. If you’re thinking about participating and developing a project this year, start by checking out the revamped 2023-2024 Project Cycle Toolkit . This comprehensive guide will steer your STLP Project teams through the entire process, complete with exciting new changes and updates. As always, the Project Toolkit is available on the STLP Supersheet or clicking here.

What’s New in Projects this year?  Level i (aka Districts)

  • Level i (aka Districts) now serves as the local phase of the Project Cycle,
  • This is the chance to hear project ideas, select the best ones, and send them as your representatives to Level 1: Regionals.
  • We’ve got resources ready to help your students with their local pitch, including design thinking activities, a project planner, and the Level i Implementation Statement.
  • How you choose to carry out Level i activities is entirely up to you. Some might opt for internal pitch nights during an STLP meeting, while others may go big with a Level i Showcase of Ideas featuring guest judges.
  • No matter how you proceed, the goal of Level i is to give your project teams an initial opportunity to share ideas in a safe setting.
  • Once your STLP has selected the project teams to represent your school, be sure to register them for Level 1: Regionals before the November 20th deadline (registration opens Friday, Oct. 20).

STLP Level 1: Regionals and Progress Reports

Level 1: Regionals are just around the digital corner, set for December 6th. But hold onto your hats because there’s been a twist in the tale. Level 1 is now all about Progress Reports, and we’re here to make sure you’re all set to ride this new wave.

Focus now on the updated STLP Project Cycle Toolkit for the nitty-gritty details and Level 1 Rubric/Scoring Guide. Highlights include:

  • Progress Reports will need to tackle the 7 Guiding Questions to show how your project aligns with KY Academic Standards for Technology
  • Give our judges a sneak peek into what’s done, what’s in progress, and what’s still on the drawing board.
  • In other words, Level 1 is all about presenting your growth and progress since launching your project idea.
  • Not about a finished project, but rather a clearer picture of what you’ve achieved and what’s on the horizon before Level 2 at State.

Now, if your STLP has already tackled the Level i kick-off to the project cycle, you’re in great shape! That means you’re ready to shift towards prepping for Level 1 presentations and completing the Regionals registration.  It will go live on Friday (10/20) and remain open until Nov. 20. For now, all focus should on local project pitches and fully exploring the STLP Project Cycle Toolkit.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the 2023 Regionals Info Page, so stay tuned. It’ll be live in just a few days.

Creative Digital Arts Registration Is Open!

  • The Creative Digital Arts registration is officially a-go!
  • Right now, all the tech-savvy students eager to dive into any of the Creative Digital Arts categories should be crafting and polishing their digital masterpieces.
  • The December 20 submission deadline will sneak up on us quickly!
  • Check out the CDA info page at There, you’ll find the registration planning tool – your secret weapon for prepping your submissions in advance – and other resources to help you get ready for CDA.
  • For all the CDA rubrics and categories, head over to the CDA section of the STLP Supersheet at
  • PRO TIP: Don’t let this deadline sneak up on you. With Regionals just a few weeks before and winter break on the horizon, getting all your CDA submissions registered can be a piece of cake or a conundrum. Let’s go for the “piece of cake” option – start organizing now and make it a breeze!

Setting Expectations for STLP State

  • Every STLP should plan to attend and participate in the State Championship on March 27th  in Lexington’s Central Bank Center/Rupp Arena.
  • It’s worth the trip! Even if your STLP chooses not to enter a competition area, the whole event is a day-long celebration of all things STLP related and packed with educational and inspirational experiences.
  • Start now to raise awareness of the STLP State Championship with your building administrators and district leaders.
  • If your STLP does compete, it’s important to start now to create the expectation for your STLP to stay through to the completion of the day’s events… especially if you STLP has a Level 2 Project team at State. Working through logistics and gaining the support of your admin now will make spring planning much easier.

October Opportunities & Reminders

Level UP Challenges Badges

Visit to check out this month’s Challenge badges that can only be earned in October:

    • Digital Citizenship Week: October 16-20
    • Cyber Security Awareness Month – all of October
    • Media Literacy Awareness Week – all of October

STLP Quick Shots

Short 20-minute after school sessions on the topics most requested.

Join live at links here:

Here’s what’s coming:

    • STLP Project Toolkit – October 19, 4:15 pm Eastern
    • Growing Great Judges – October 26, 4:15 pm Eastern

STLP News and Email Archive

  • Don’t miss out on exclusive updated and information from the main STLP Homepage at
  • Visit the News page to access all updates
  • NEW: archives of all STLP general info emails are posted for your convenience

Big News: Welcome to the team….Matt Kresslein

We could not be happier to announce this historic milestone for STLP. As of the start of October, Matt Kresslein has joined KDE as the STLP Assistant Program Manager in the Office of Educational Technology Digital Learning Team.

Matt has an extensive background in education, having served as a middle school music and technology teacher, a district Digital Learning Coach (DLC), and an Instructional Technology Coordinator. With over 12 years of dedicated involvement in STLP, he has contributed as a STLP coach, a judge, and a lead for various challenges.

Matt is excited to help support you and develop new and exciting opportunities for your STLP. He’s already having a big impact on STLP by you’ll see him play a major role in upcoming STLP events. Please join us in welcoming Matt to the STLP team! Congratulations, Matt!

phot of Matt Kresslein