Subject: Quick Halloween Updates

Is it just us, or does the month of October seem to exist in some weird fast-forward mode that makes time move faster for four weeks? Well, that time-warp will be nothing compared to the rush we’re about to experience leading up multiple registration deadlines ahead up to Level 1 Project: Regionals and Creative Digital Arts entries. So, we’ll keep this update short and sweet (like all the Halloween candy everyone is dreaming about today)…

  1. Big Announcement on Nov. 1
  2. Projects: What should be happening now?
  3. CDA: What should be happening now?
  4. Last call: Present STLP @ KySTE24

Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow, Nov. 1

  • We’re excited to bring a new opportunity to STLP students across the Commonwealth as part of STLP’s 30thAnniversary.
  • Watch for the big announcement to go live tomorrow at

Projects: What should be happening now?

Level i Project Pitches should be happening in your school/district now to help select teams for Level 1: Regionals. Visit the 2023 Regionals Info Page to prep for Level 1 ( )

  • Review Project Toolkit with teams,
  • Locate and confirm your Level 1 Judge representative,
  • Register project teams and judge before Nov. 20 deadline,
  • Begin building responses to 7 Guiding Questions,
  • Start crafting online presentation for Dec. 6th.

CDA: What should be happening now?

Even though Creative Digital Arts registration deadline isn’t until Dec. 20, don’t sleep on CDA prep now! Visit 2023 CDA Info Page to access tons of planning resources.

  • STLP is your whole school…so invite students from all grades and classes to submit CDA entries.
  • Collect CDA entries in one location (example: Google Drive folder)
  • Use the CDA Planning Tool to organize your entries to make registration easier.
  • If you have entries together for a category, go ahead and submit them (can always edit your form later)
  • Identify, confirm, and submit your CDA judge(s) – can even be you!

Last call: Present STLP @ KySTE24

We really want to celebrate STLP and the STLP Coaches community at KySTE this spring!

  • Submit your idea for a presentation before midnight tomorrow, Nov. 1
  • The submission process is easy – you just need the idea now (build your presentation later)
  • Let’s pack KySTE with STLP related sessions!

Stay safe and warm tonight out on the trick-or-treat trail in your community!