STLP is about opportunities for students…so we’re happy to offer one more and announce that it’s Extra Point Extended Weekend! From the time of this posting until midnight, Monday, Nov. 15th, EVERY school is invited to submit one additional project for the STLP21 Regionals.

What’s the Extra Point?

Typically, schools are limited to 3 project entries. For Gold Status STLP schools, the limit has been 4 projects (and 5 for Platinum STLP school districts). This one-day opportunity invites everyone to add +1.

What’s the catch?

Registration deadline is still by midnight (11:59 pm to be exact) on Monday, November 15th. So, time is of the essence!

What if we’re just not sure?

Regionals Week is still just under a month away. Since Level 1 is simply “pitching” your project idea, there’s still time to pull together a short presentation. All you need is one more idea and the Project Toolkit. Many schools had to make a tough choice about which 3 projects they were going to submit…now that choice gets a little bit easier because you can enter one more!

Who is this opportunity for?

This offer is open to every STLP. If you’ve already registered, you can easily edit your registration (find the confirmation email in your inbox and click/tap “Edit”…or just reopen the registration page again). Or feel free to submit a fresh registration with your “Extra Point” entry. Either way, don’t miss this chance to include even more students in this opportunity to show what they know, demonstrate learning, practice real-world skills, and show off their exciting ideas.


If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for STLP21 Regionals, stop worrying and start registering. Your kiddos deserve it!