Two of the Big 3 STLP participation categories involve Projects and Digital Products…and they are very different!  With registration for Regionals looming (November 15th) and DPOJ registration on the horizon (February 4th), now’s a great time to pause and look at the key differences to both.

Let’s dig in:


  • technology infused
  • extends throughout school year
  • solves a challenge or problem in school/community
  • register projects in November
  • present project idea (Project Pitch) in December
  • Part of Regionals + State

Project Resources include:

Register before November 15th to reserve spots for your project ideas… then continue to develop your pitch until Regional Week (Dec. 6-10)


  • original student digital creations
  • made with digital tools (highlight the “Arts” in STEAM edu)
  • submitted via online links
  • 30 different product categories to choose from 
  • register by submitting links to products in February
  • Part of DPOJ (Digital Product Online Judging) + State

Digital Product Resources include: