STLP has embraced project-based learning and the KY Academic Standards for Technology as the model for our Level 1, 2, and 3 project competitions. Because of that commitment, we changed up the typical advance/don’t advance competitive aspect of Level 1 (Regionals) and shifted to scoring projects as either “On Track” (automatically advancing to Level 2 at State) or “Not Yet” (great start but needs some work before advancing to Level 2).
Let’s look at what this means for your STLP project teams…

Not Yet Level 1 Teams

  • These teams gave a presentation to judges during Regionals Week and, although their pitch ideas were promising, judged determined that some additional work was needed to get these projects on track for Level 2.
  • Not Yet teams can still advance to State! We wouldn’t stop encouraging students to participate in other academic pursuits, so let’s model that same opportunity for growth here.
  • Using the judge’s feedback, complete this Google Form and reply to this prompt: “Your project is off to a promising start! Use the space below to explain how the feedback provided will be used to help your project get on track and advance to state.”
  • All team members should contribute to the response.
  • Submitting your response before the February 11th deadline will qualify your team for Level 2 at State.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to advance! Submit your response here under the “Not Yet” header: