I can’t even believe I’m writing this… can it be true? Yes, it’s true:

STLP State registration deadline is now March 31

 Your message was loud and clear: “We need more time!” Thanks to everyone who reached out to let me know the struggle is real. If you’ve been around STLP for a while, you know the goal is never to make life harder on coaches. It’s not a lot, but a few extra days to gather up all your STLP State Championship registration details will hopefully help you out.

March 31 is the absolute last possible minute we can go and still have everything communicated and prepared for students and judges ahead of April 20. We can’t post a detailed schedule until we understand how many kids are signed up for each competition. Those rosters will determine room placements, too…so creating maps is impacted by this extension, as well. So, your end of this bargain is to promise me that you’ll continue to try and get your registration in as soon as possible and understand that there can be no more extensions if we want State to be awesome for students. Deal?

If you’ve already submitted, remember you can return and edit your registration until the new March 31 deadline. Go add some more!

While I have you here, let’s me share some info and answer some questions that keep popping up:

  • About Judges
  • Food Options at State
  • DPOJ Semi-finalist and registration
  • ALERTS: RCX new announcement, Certipalooza, UK Web Coding, Robot Royale: Line Follow Challenge
  • Level 2 “Walk On” opportunity
  • Awards and the Awards Shows

About Judges at STLP State

It’s been a long tradition that the “cost of admission” to STLP competitions is for schools to provide someone to act as a Judge. Without being in-person for events for 2 years some folks are a little surprised to remember the requirement to bring a judge to State. We all know that sometimes locating a judge can be the hardest part of getting organized for STLP events…but, without our volunteer judges we would never be able to provide these opportunities for students to shine.

Here’s some tips to help in the process:

  • Judges are only required if your school is bringing a Level 2 Project team or participating in any of the State Challenges (STLP Tech Bowl, Cinemania, Sphero Hero, etc.)
  • Judges are NOT required if you are (1) Attending only, (2) Have Digital Product Semi-Finalists only (attending or not), (3) are only participating in RCX Robo Challenge Xtreme
  • Judges should be active or retired educators. We need judges who “get” the purpose of STLP and are comfortable providing meaningful, specific, and kind feedback to students that is appropriate to their grade level.
  • If your district allows, and you’re considering bringing parent volunteer, the parents should remain with students as the chaperones and consider listing yourself as the STLP judge
  • Having trouble locating a judge? Consider reaching out to your district technology office or a digital learning coach. Chances are they’re already coming to STLP State and won’t mind supporting your kids or acting as your judge
  • Most judges will be utilized as Level 2 Project judges (with a commitment of 9am – 1pm)

Food Options at State

STLP State is an all-day experience, so having options for fast and easy lunch is important. Here’s some good news to share:

  • Despite a lot of concern about Rupp Arena being a cashless venue, they will be accepting cash transactions at STLP State
  • Food/drink/snack kiosks will be set up in multiple locations throughout Central Bank Center.
  • Main concession stands will be open inside Rupp Arena’s concourse,
  • Special food court being set up on the floor of the Arena with seating
  • Pre-orders for sandwich/chips/drink combo or 8-slice pizzas will be available (utilize PO, check, or credit card). Pre-orders will be arranged for pick up from a central location at pre-arranged time on site.
  • Pre-order form posting to STLP Info page as soon as provided to me by Central Bank Center’s food service team

Clarification About Digital Product Semi-Finalists

Info about next steps for Digital Product semi-finalist was included in the previously released results page but would make sense if you overlooked those details and focused on scores/feedback at that time. So, here’s a recap:

  • Semi-finalist products are automatically entered into the #STLP22 State Championship on your behalf
  • Judges will utilize the URLs you provided in DPOJ registration to access products for State judging
  • Products to not need to be updated/modified ahead of State judging – if they are, be sure the URL to view the product does not change
  • DO NOT alter the URLs previously provided or products will not be scores (judges cannot reach out for corrected links due to time constraints)
  • Students are not required to be present at State for their digital product to win. However, we encourage every STLP to bring their Digital Product semi-finalists to experience State and to be present during the Digital Product Award Show (1pm, Rupp Arena)
  • Even if you are not coming to State, please fill out a registration as “Not Attending, but we have Digital Product Semifinalists” so your kiddos can be counted as participants and to make sure you get all the updates
  • If only participating in State with Digital Product Semi-finalists (attending or not), you DO NOT need to provide a judge

ALERTS: RCX new announcement, Certipalooza, UK Web Coding, Robot Royale: Line Follow Challenge

RCX Update:

  • RCX typically is only open to teams that pre-qualified at regional or virtual tournaments.
  • RCX is now accepting “walk on” teams who would like to check out the competition, but did not participate in a tournament
  • Note: teams that are coming and only participating in RCX do not need to provide a judge


  • Please, check out the Certipalooza event for 6-12 grades. It’s a wonderful opportunity
  • Participants will have access to free certification tests! As many as they can complete… did we mention for free?

UK Web Coding Update:

  • Check out the totally updated/new rubric for the UK Web Coding Challenge, our newest coding focused challenge is for K-12
  • Recognizing the demand for additional computer science focused events, UK established a coding challenge that will utilize Scratch as the programming language, making the event accessible to a wide pool of participants
  • Rubric is updated and posted on the STLP Super Sheet now

Robot Royale: Line Follow Challenge

  • This newest robotics-based category for STLP State is really taking off! Get on board while you can.
  • Despite an early snafu on my end, the category is available on the STLP State registration (on page 13 of form)
  • We imagine this could be the start of a whole Robot Royale sub-category for STLP.
  • Check out the rubric and you’ll realize that your students are probably ready to jump into this challenge already!

Level 2 “Walk On” opportunity

  • Did you have a Level 1 Project team that participated in Regionals in December that received a “Not Yet Ready” score from judges, but didn’t have time to complete the Second Chance response?
  • In an STLP first, we are now offering those schools a chance to come to STLP State and advance as a “walk on” Level 2 Project.
  • Walk on project teams come at a disadvantage, of course, but many continued working on their project after Regionals and we’d love to see what they’ve been working on.
  • This is just one way we’re “putting our money where our mouth is” regarding reminding everyone that STLP is not about trophies, but about giving as many students as possible the opportunity to excel and show what they know.
  • If you’re interested, we’re interested to hear about their project, still. Sign them up for a spot today!

Awards and the Awards Shows

One of the best parts of STLP State are the Awards Shows. We haven’t been able to capture the pride and excitement of our STLP Champions in person since 2019 and can’t wait to celebrate together with you this year.

  • There are 2 awards shows: Part 1 – Digital Products and Part 2 – Service Teams, Challenges, and Projects
  • Part 1 (Digital Product) Awards will take advantage of the giant screens throughout Rupp Arena to show off the work of your Digital Product finalists. Their work deserves as big a spotlight as possible…and holding their own Awards Show at 1pm is a great start!
  • Digital Product Awards will be hosted by KET News Quiz’s Kelsey Starks and broadcast live on KET’s channel
  • We want everyone to come to the Part 1 (Digital Product Awards) to help celebrate… join us!
  • Part 2 Award Show is dedicated to celebrating our Service Teams, Challenge Champs, and Level 3 Project teams.
  • Although we know it’s a long journey home for many of you, we’re asking everyone to stay and help us pack Rupp Arena
  • We want the world to see how many people are involved in STLP and since we’re broadcasting live on KET, we’d like to show them a packed arena
  • Plus, every Level 3 Project will be recognized on stage and receive an award.  Might also be a State Champions…but all the kiddos deserve their chance to be acknowledged for making it.
  • Plan on buses staying until 6:30 pm…and we’ll plan on getting everyone out the door ASAP.


Ok, as usual, that was a lot of info. Thanks for sorting through it and I hope the deadline extension will help you out…but please get those registrations turned in via https://stlp.education.ky.gov/state/ as soon as you can. Thanks!