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Welcome to everyone who learned about STLP at #ISTE2014


About STLP

What is STLP?


The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP™) uses project-based learning principals to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology based solutions to school and community needs.

An appointed school coordinator guides students to create products, provide services or carry out projects that help the school and community.

STLP is open to all students in P-16. No student should be turned away from being part of STLP. Restricting membership is not part of an active recruitment and retention process.

STLP allows students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know in various ways called categories. STLP taps into the students’ interest and can challenge and motivate them.

STLP provides a means for students to design, create, collaborate and learn. 

The STLP Mission

The Mission of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) is to advance the individual capabilities of students; to motivate all students; and to create leadership opportunities through the use of technology.

Stay Connected

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The Six Goals of STLP

The Six Goals of STLP


STLP is…


Schools design projects to accomplish the Mission and 6 Goals.

Projects can be short or long term. Some projects may continue year after year.

At times, projects can morph into a service. The school’s project is so constant and expected that it becomes a service to the school over time.

The project supports the school and community in the use of technology, helps others learn with the use of technology or solves local or global issues.

Projects developed by the STLP members will be stronger when projects are:

  • Related to a need in the building and/or community
  • Carried out by the students over time with adult guidance
  • Engaging and challenging to students
  • Centered around critical thinking and problem solving
  • Student interest or emerging technology topics
  • Reinforced by school and the community and are part of the school culture
  • Centered around the STLP Mission and Goals
  • Demonstrated by students and allow for tech standards to grow
  • Partnered across grades, schools, communities (local, state, national and global)

STLP students regularly create professional products for the classroom, school and community.

Products must be entirely original and created by the student. The best products are ones that are used for STLP projects and services, the classroom for learning, or in the community.

Some products are a result of an authentic task and have strong purpose and audience.

Products may be created after school or at home, with the teacher and parent verifying the original work.

Check the category to determine if the product is an individuals or teams production.

Local teachers and community persons may guide the student in learning about creating products.

KET field consultants can assist schools in understanding video production and script writing, etc.


Many services develop due to student skill sets developing to routinely offer assistance in a particular area. The service may result from needs in the building or district.

Some services develop from a project that mushrooms into a service the school will provide.

Some projects and products are so frequent and popular they become a service the STLP School provides to others.

Often times the service is free of charge.

Sometimes the service can develop into a service and can generate funds for the STLP School.

Students that have skills in newscast communications, speaking and writing often excel in the service category.

Students demonstrate technical knowledge and know how; can problem solve technical issues in classrooms, school or district.

Students working with technical projects, maintaining networks, running help desks/desktop support and offering informal troubleshooting should apply for the Engineer Service.

Engineer Service

One special area of service is the STLP Engineer program.  STLP students gather technical knowledge with hands-on activities and self-study. Experience could also come from being a member of the school or district help desk, taking technical classes, or working in tech after school. Engineers sometimes gain vendor certifications offered in high schools across Kentucky.


Need help getting STLP started? Contact us:

Important Dates

Dates & Deadlines for 2014-2015
Note: This calendar was updated on July 21, 2014. Be sure you have the latest dates!
August 2014 STLP students decide project, products and services
August – May District/School Showcases
October 23, 2014 Deadline to register online to attend a Fall Showcase
Fall Showcase Dates
November 07 Murray State University Showcase, Curris Center
November 10 University of Louisville Showcase, Student Activities Center
November 13 University of Kentucky, Student Center Ballroom
November 18 Northern Kentucky University, Student Activities Center
November 20 The Center for Rural Development, Somerset
December 02 Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center, Pikeville
December 04 Morehead State University, Adron Doran University Center
TBA Western Kentucky University, Diddle Arena
January 08, 2015 Deadline to submit documentation for:

  • STLP State Award Recognitions/Nominations
  • District Titanium/Platinum Documentation
January 15, 2015 Deadline to submit Digital Products online for Judging
February 05, 2015 Deadline to submit request/documentation for Silver/Gold STLP Status
February 26, 2015 Deadline to register to attend State Championship in Lexington, KY
March 4 – 6, 2015 STLP Engineers at KySTE, Galt House, Louisville, KY
March 26, 2015 STLP State Championship/State Awards, LCC & Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
June 28 – July 1, 2015 STLP Champions/STLP Engineers Invited to ISTE, Philadelphia, PA
May, June, July 2015 District Summer STLP Camps & Community Events
August 2015 STLP Website and Documentation updated for 2015-2016


pdf_48x48 STLP_Important_Dates_2014_2015 Updated July 21, 2014 (download as .PDF)


Show us what you know!

STLP Resources

Get the STLP Info You Need Here

Click/Tap the Title to Expand/Collapse the Topic

The STLP Handbook contains a wealth of information about the program. The handbook guides schools in planning. Content of the handbook includes:

  • Foundation
  • Dates and Deadlines
  • Judge Certification
  • Fall Showcase
  • Winter Virtual Judging
  • State Championship
  • Recognition of the Program
  • Rubrics
  • Nomination Awards

You can download the latest version of the STLP Handbook in various formats below:

  STLP Handbook – PDF Version (updated Feb. 24, 2014)

Links to 20th Anniversary logo (STLP20):

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Links to 20th Anniversary logo (STLP20):

 STLP20 3600×1254
 STLP20 2400×836
 STLP20 1200×418
 STLP20 800×279
 STLP20 400×140

Links to new STLP Logo:

 STLP Logo 2933×1010
 STLP Logo 1200×413
 STLP Logo 800×275
 STLP Logo 400×138
 STLP Logo 150×52

Links to traditional STLP Logo:
(Thanks to Leanna Prater, and FCPS, for creating and hosting this high res version)

 Traditional STLP Logo

Often, information will be disseminated via the KYSTLP Listerve. Click the link below for instructions on how to join KYSTLP:

STLP projects, services and products tie directly to:

A STLP student should be the model for all other students in the building.

When designing materials, STLP students should be the content creators of original work.

As a good digital citizen, STLP students need to properly cite and credit anyone else’s work when designing projects and services.

If others see projects or services in other classes, the district, region or state, proper citations are required.

All products submitted to STLP for judging should be original. Products submitted for Winter Virtual Judging should be an original idea, words, image, photo or media.  Judges should not recognize an image, photo or text from another source or person.

Some partners with STLP will not post materials if there are any issues with copyright.

A few resources to better understand copyright and intellectual properties are listed below.


Creative Thinking at Northern Kentucky University


Resources on Copyright of Jocelyn Sams, Laurel County


Creative Commons

Citations and Copyright

Library Media

Digital Citizenship

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


Digital Driver’s License (DDL)

Learning how to be a good digital citizen, go for the license. Go to the link and read About the DDL.


KET Multimedia Education Resources
The KET Ed Cons will help you create media.

Look at KET School Video Project – Content and Technical Requirements

These persons can help your school’s STLP. They may offer ideas for projects; advise, teach or assist the STLP school.

  • District Technology Coordinator (DTC/CIO)
  • District Technical Staff
  • Central Office Staff
  • District or School Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)
  • Library Media Specialist (LMS)
  • Fellow Teachers
  • Parents
  • Community Persons
  • Friends of STLP
  • STLP State Advisory Council

Colleges across Kentucky are great partners to STLP. Many of the universities provide post secondary opportunity at showcase and the state event.

Present supporting universities:

  • Eastern Kentucky,
  • Georgetown,
  • Kentucky State,
  • Morehead State,
  • Murray State,
  • Northern Kentucky,
  • University of Kentucky,
  • University of Louisville,
  • Western Kentucky.

Shools may use this shell to personalize the permission slip for students to attend STLP events. Permission slips are kept by the teacher as they attend events.


Schools may use this shell to alert media in their community about STLP events.


Use this certificate format for recognizing your STLP Students


About the STLP Logo


STLP is celebrating 20 years of empowering learning in Kentucky.  To commemorate this milestone, we are marking the year with a special STLP logo.  The standard STLP logo is still permissible for use at STLP events, and can be downloaded in high-resolution here.


STLP Program Manager

STLP is happy to welcome Jeff Sebulsky to the role of STLP Program Manager for Kentucky.  Jeff has been involved with STLP for over a decade, serving as a school coordinator, a district level TRT, and as a district CIO/DTC.  He is looking forward to continuing the strong traditions of STLP while integrating new technologies and learning strategies into the program.  He’s looking for your input and ideas on how to make STLP stronger than ever!

Jeff currently lives in Winchester with his wife Courtney and two children, Harper and Saul.

Contact Jeff with any questions at:  You can also follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffsebulsky

Digital Art Virtual Judging

Create. Illustrate. Captivate.


    • How does my school join STLP?

      STLP is open to all public schools and certified nonpublic schools.
      Schools may join and become state recognized by sending an email to Jeff Sebulsky, STLP Program Manager: 

      For more information about STLP and how you can participate, please reference the STLP Handbook

    • How can my school participate?

      There is no cost to register your school to be state-recognized.
      There are no costs to belong to STLP. Costs to travel or spend the night are school/district expenses.
      STLP is open to all students. STLP can meet before, during or after school.
      Restricting membership is not part of an active recruitment and retention process.
      Registration to become state-recognized is open year round.
      Schools decide how and what level to become involved in STLP opportunities

    • What's the Code of Conduct?

      • Students’ behavior (spoken language, body language, actions) shall reflect upon their school.
      • Students are to be the role model of proper copyright usage and practice good digital citizenship.
      • Students are to follow all instructions of the chaperone(s) and STLP Coordinator (s).
      • Students spending the night for an event are expected to observe curfews, hotel and chaperone rules.
      • Students shall not be in possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons at any STLP event.
      • All school, district and state rules/laws apply at all STLP events.
    • Can I recruit students for STLP?

      • Active recruitment of the STLP program can help broaden the population of the STLP program.
      • Students move away and move to the net building level having new students helps your program grow.
      • As students join during the year, more skill sets can be discovered.
    • Should we promote STLP?

      Marketing/Promoting the STLP program helps the school gain recognition and support of the community, which strengthens the program and opens partnerships. Active schools market the program in the school and community. Marketing is a criterion for a Gold School.


    Tips for Getting STLP Started


    Getting started with STLP in your school or district is actually pretty easy.  For all the information and tips about getting the STLP ball rolling, please click here.

    STLP Open to ALL Students

    There's something for everyone in STLP.

    STLP News, Updates, & Info

    • KET MediaWorks Blog

      KET MediaWorks Blog covers STLP14

      KET’s Jeff Gray attended the STLP14 State Championship at Rupp Arena in Lexington on April 22nd.  He collected some fantastic photos and did a great job writing up an article to accompany the pics from the day.  Here’s an excerpt from his “2014 STLP State Championship Shines on” post: Kentucky’s Department of Education held its Keep Reading ..

    • KY_Teach_AWallot_Pic

      KY Teacher Covers STLP14

      Kentucky Teacher Online posted Amy Wallot’s coverage of the 2014 STLP State Championship held at Rupp Arena in Lexington.  Below is an expert from her article, “STLP gets their tech on at STLP State Championship” and here is a link to the original  photo blog posting: By Amy Wallot More than 5,000 students filled the Keep Reading ..

    • PCHS_Crowhurst_Certs

      STLP Members on PCHS Wall of Fame

      Congratulations to Asia R., Dylan V., Andrea R. and Dylan H. for earning the Autodesk Certified User certification for Autodesk Inventor.  Both are students of Dr. Mike Crowhurst, STEM Evangelist at Pulaski County High School. Asia and Dylan are the esteemed 45th through 48th additions to the PCHS Wall of Fame. Asia is a freshman Keep Reading ..

    • Photo: JSebulsky

      Final 2013-2014 Deadline Extensions

      It’s been quite a winter season already!  Several deadlines have been adjusted in an effort to remain sensitive to the challenges of STLP Coordinators during this historic string of school closings. I have made a number of additional adjustments to be aware of (also reflected on the STLP website and “Important Dates” document): Winter Virtual Judging Registration – Keep Reading ..

    • Save_the_date_2014_DLD

      Show Off STLP on Digital Learning Day 2014

      With STLP, every day is a Digital Learning Day. On February 5th, let’s leverage the great digital learning your STLP is already doing and share it with the world. Use your favorite social media outlet to share one example of how your STLP is using (or has used) digital learning tools. Include the hastags #make4DLDay Keep Reading ..

    • STLP Engineers

      Students demonstrate technical knowledge and know how; can problem solve technical issues in classrooms, school or district. Students demonstrate technical knowledge and know how; can problem solve technical issues in classrooms, school or district. Students working with technical projects, maintaining networks, running help desks/desktop support and offering informal troubleshooting should apply. STLP students gather technical Keep Reading ..

    • commisioner_email

      Call for Tech Tip Videos

      Education Commissioner, Dr. Terry Holiday, communicates with every KDE employee via email blast in his “Commissioner’s Weekly Update.” Included in those weekly updates are short (about 1 minute) video clips highlighting a Tech Tip for KDE folks to learn something that will help them be more efficient — or just to highlight a computing feature Keep Reading ..

    • GeoSTEM Featured Image

      STLP Opportunity: GeoSTEM Explorers

            In collaboration with Dr. Carol Hanley and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, STLP is searching for middle school groups interested in participating in an exciting new program: GeoSTEM Explorers.  This STEM based program is designed to compliment your STLP activities and is supported by UK with on-site support and facilitation Keep Reading ..

    • learninggamesnetwork

      Learning Games Network Opportunity (Free!)

      STLP supports many great opportunities for students to get involved with events sponsored in local districts or by STLP Partners.  Here’s a great example: If you or your teachers are interested in game-based learning, don’t miss this FREE one-day workshop being offered by the Learning Games Network in Lexington on Oct. 22nd.  For those of Keep Reading ..

    • Get_STLP_Started

      Getting STLP Started

        Getting started with STLP is very easy. Schools may join and become state recognized by sending an email to Jeff Sebulsky at:   Schools empower students to learn and use technology to achieve. Schools appoint an STLP Coordinator(s) to support and guide the students. Students create projects, products or provide services to the school and Keep Reading ..

    Design. Make. Play.PRESENT

    STLP Regional Fall Showcase

    STLP Event: Fall Showcase

    Fall Showcase Information

    The school level is the foundation and most important area of involvement for STLP.

    Schools decide what projects, products and services the group will offer the school and community.  These day-to-day, week-to-week activities/projects allow students to gain technology and leadership skills.

    The schools can expand the participation from school level to a regional level. Eight sites around Kentucky host a STLP Fall Showcase. Having a showcase on a college campus site impacts the future post secondary plans of the STLP students, provides college role models, and allows for university interactions with school districts.

    The opportunity to celebrate and come together motivates and extends the local STLP school. The opportunity to display student work, to demonstrate technology-integrated skills for other students, teachers, administrators, university and the public is a major objective. When one school sees how another school uses technology for student achievement and classroom integration, this has a direct impact of what the school, teachers and students will do in the future.

    Attending and interviewing at this event is a big deal in the life of some of our STLP students, as noted in stories from students, teachers and parents. This event gives a real audience to their learning, a real purpose in creating resumes and sharpening 21st Century Skills. These students’ skills will impact Kentucky’s future economy. The students will be able to compete globally. Leadership skills will bloom.

    When the students meet and compete the whole day is called Fall Showcase 2014. The events are designed to support and extend authentic learning via project based learning concepts.


    Students demonstrate skills at the event, such as:

    1. Implement, market and design the project or presentation for various purposes, audiences and situations
    2. Build leadership skills
    3. Utilize research, critical thinking skills to inquiry/problem-solve and make informed decisions for learning
    4. Create ideas, products, and presentations that are innovative and creative
    5. Communicate and collaborate with school and community persons
    6. Communicate and interview with adults, outside the school building, in a professional manner
    7. Practice and engage in legal, safe and ethical use of technology
    8. Plan for post secondary education

    Common elements of good projects:

    • Products and new ideas are sometimes generated from the project.
    • Students have to create and carry out the project over time.
    • Students must be able to discuss the project in depth. (Age appropriate)
    • The project is tied to many human and technology resources.
    • The project makes an impact to other persons, the school or community

    The three types of showcase projects are:

    1. Community Service: projects that extend outside the classroom to help the school and community
    2. Instructional: projects that impact classroom instruction and help in student or adult learning
    3. Technical Expertise: projects that are specific to the use of hardware and software; or STEM topics

    STLP Coordinators that attend find other coordinators to discuss project, product or service ideas. First time coordinators find the fall showcase a time to discover what a project really looks like and how the event leads to state.

    Often judges that attend fall showcase for the first time can return to the school and help the school.


    Fall Showcase FAQ:
    Rubrics are available in several locations, including the STLP Handbook, individually in the “What Categories do Students Compete in at Fall Showcase” section below, as a combined .ZIP file in the “What can i do to prepare students for Fall Showcase” section below, or at the links here:

    Schools must register online by Oct. 30. There is no cost to register or attend. Follow this link to Register Online for an event:
    • Cyber Shorts Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed to film and produce the State video  Download Rubric HERE.
    • Engineer Service: one student presents a resume, references, and is interviewed for technical positions -  Download Rubric HERE
    • Ky National Guard: one student applies to be on a team to set up satellite at State -  Download Rubric HERE
    • Live Reporting Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position on a team at State -  Download Rubric HERE
    • Production Company Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for the State camera crew -  Download Rubric HERE
    • Showcase Project: One to four students create and present the project for Level One Judges  -  Download Rubric HERE
    • Twitter Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position to Tweet   - Download Rubric HERE
    October 23, 2014 Deadline to register online to attend a Fall Showcase
    Fall Showcase Dates
    November 07 Murray State University Showcase, Curris Center
    November 10 University of Louisville Showcase, Student Activities Center
    November 13 University of Kentucky, Student Center Ballroom
    November 18 Northern Kentucky University, Student Activities Center
    November 20 The Center for Rural Development, Somerset
    December 02 Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center, Pikeville
    December 04 Morehead State University, Adron Doran University Center
    TBA Western Kentucky University, Diddle Arena
    Please join the STLP listserv to receive updated information about STLP events. ( Also, connect with STLP via various social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
    Possible schedule at most sites: (Showcase times below are local time of the regional site).

    • 9:00-10:00 Judges arrive for final training and begin paper work
    • 9:30-9:50 Registration, check in by schools
    • 9:30-10:00 Students report to set up or report for an interview
    • 10:00-12:00 Judging of all categories by judges
    • 10:00-12:00 Showcase is open to the public for visitors, so schools need students at the table Students eat lunch and depart back to the school
    • 12:00-2:00 Judging team continues to work and complete required paper work
    Make sure all competing students read and understand the rubric and are prepared for any interviews. Rubrics can be found in the STLP Handbook, by viewing the “What Categories Do Students Compete In At Fall Showcase” category above, or downloaded as a combined .ZIP file by clicking HERE.
    Even if your STLP group does not submit a Fall Showcase project, they would benefit attending and seeing other student leaders demonstrating technology. New STLP schools, new coordinators and beginning STLP students are welcome to attend for the learning experience.
    Food for purchase is at most sites. Schools may also bring in a sack lunch at every site. Coolers for food and drinks are allowed. Many of the college campuses have student centers in which your students may eat. We consider this an educational experience since students will be interacting with others on campus. Some schools like to eat at a food establishment while on the way back to school.
    Deadline to register to attend a showcase is Oct. 30. *To gain a table and set up at time to be judged, a school must register online and provide a judge. Due to large numbers that register, a late school could be turned away from their first choice showcase site.
    Fall Showcase registration is currently closed.  




    Partnerships taken to the National Level

    STLP Event: Digital Product Online Judging

    Winter Virtual Judging Information

    Schools may submit, in each category, their best two products (see list below) for online judging.  Judges will receive the list of online products to score. Digitally, judges will determine which products are of quality and invite these to State Championship.

    Quality is defined by the rubric score. All rubrics included in the STLP Handbook are up to date for Digital Product Online Judging categories and available for your reference.


    Digital Art Product: one student creates original digital art

    Documentary Product: one team creates an original documentary video using new footage

    ePublishing/Publishing Product: one team creates a published product used by a class/school/community

    Feature Product: one team creates a video using new footage

    Graphic Design Product: one student creates a graphic design

    KATE Patriots Among Us:  students will create an epub book (electronic book) that can be shared with schools

    KSU GIS/MAPS/Cartography Product: one team creates a digital map or model

    Manipulated Image Product: one student takes an original photo, manipulates it into a totally new image

    Multimedia Content Product: one student uses three types of digital media to teach a concept

    Music Product: one student creates an original digital music piece

    Photo Product: one student takes an original image

    PSA Product: one team creates a PSA video (15, 30 or 60 sec.)

    Storytelling Product: one student writes an original story

    Technical Writing Product: one student creates a technical piece


    A Manipulated Image product is when a one student takes an original photo, manipulates it into a totally new image.  This is a great opportunity for students to combine imagination, creativity and technical skills.

    A Manipulated Image product is when one student takes an original photo, manipulates it into a totally new image. This is a great opportunity for students to combine imagination, creativity and technical skills.



    Gazette Reporter Service: one student posts a story about Fall Showcase for a Gazette position at State

    Presenter Service: 1-2 students submit a 2-minute presentation video, slides & resume

    What will judges do when scoring products and services?

    1. Read an email and be reminded by the school to complete the virtual judging in the specified time
    2. Open the email with the information about judging
    3. Look for the group you have been assigned to judge; each item has a title and a URL location
    4. Review Copyright. All work the students do is to be original. All judges must look for copyright issues first. Look at the product. If you see any part of the product that seems familiar in text or graphics, or image, then question it.
    5. Open the rubric that matches your assigned category to judge, open the group list of pieces to judge (look for your name)
    6. Click the URL location using your web browser and find by name the item in your group list
    7. Using the rubric score the item- the purpose is to decide the best piece/score among your group
    8. There can be no ties so the best needs to be the highest score among your group
    9. Record the scores on the group sheet provide
    10. Return scores on group sheet on time via email for your assigned group

    Pieces will continue to be judged by other judges until the top best pieces are selected

    The piece from one scoring group gets placed into another group until the best pieces arise. These final pieces will be invited to state.)

    The best pieces in each product and service category above will be invited to State Championship.


    Real world. Hands on. Problem solvers.

    STLP Event: State Championship



    Congratulations to the STLP 2014 State Champions who are presenting at #ISTE2014!
    (for a detailed list of winners, including student/team names, click here)

    “It isn’t just about winning – it’s about learning, helping people with projects and having a good time.”

    The State Championship allows students from across the state to come together and demonstrate for other students, school and community persons what they know and can do with technology.

    All STLP schools are welcome to attend the State Championship to learn and achieve. There are no registration fees. All schools attending must register online- including the number of students attending.
    Plan to attend the whole day. If your budget allows or your school has raised the funds, plan on staying overnight.

    Some schools plan another trip in the area. (KET, Toyota, UK, Horse Park, etc.)

    At State Championship judges may receive EILA Credit at the event.


    At State Championship schools have the opportunity to:
    • Talk with other students, teachers, community persons and visitors that support technology
    • Attend student presentations in small rooms
    • Compete in any of the many live performance competitions
    • Visit playground activities provided by supporting partners in Rupp
    • Explore the many outstanding showcase projects in the large hall
    • View best services
    • See the winning products on display and talk to the students that created the product
    • Attend the awards celebration


    Hotels @ State Championship

    Links to local hotels:


    3 Ways to Participate at State for ALL STLP


    Any STLP School may attend and observe at the event in order to learn from demonstrating and competing students.


    Qualifying prior to March 22: engineers, winter judging finalsists, showcase projects.


    Sign up students to participate. Students must be preregistered to enter a category at state.

    Kentucky Cinemania at STLP State Event


    (Click to view an example Cinemania video from Marion Co. HS)

    Cinemania  is just one of the awesome activities for students participating in the STLP State Competition each spring.  Cinemania is an, “up all night” video competition where your team has 24 hours to write, shoot, edit, produce and post a video that includes a number of required props, slogans and fun items.

    Get with your team to discuss ideas, roles, and jobs – all the way from brainstorming, to shooting, to editing, and final production. Make sure everyone in your group has a voice in the process.


    Review of STLP State Championship 2014

    The eighth annual STLP State Championship was held at the Lexington Convention Center and Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

    Over 5,000  students and 1,500 adults attended and supported the State Championship of 2014. Over 300 schools came to show what they know. Hundreds of judges determined the best technology user students in Kentucky.

    To view a complete listing of State Championship Awards for 2014, click to open this document: STLP14 State Championship Winners.pdf

    Check out the 2013 Winners: StateChamp2013List.docStateChamp2013List.doc

    Web Video Archive of the STLP14 State Championship Award Show can be found at the KDE Media Portal:

    ScSTLP14 State Championship Award Show Video


    Any questions?

    Stay in Contact

    Email STLP

    Stay Connected

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    Join KYSTLP Listserv

    Often, information will be disseminated via the KYSTLP Listerve. Click the link below for instructions on how to join KYSTLP:



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