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Welcome to everyone we’ve met at ISTE!

Each year, we are honored to have a large contingency of STLP student leaders representing Kentucky at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) ISTE annual conference. For 2015, our three STLP State Championship Project teams were invited to present their award winning STLP projects at three different ISTE poster sessions (see schedule below).  Meanwhile, 10 of our STLP Engineers have been invited to participate in a technical support capacity at the on-site “The Dr. Is In” and “BYOD Support” desks.


STLP @ ISTE: Poster Sessions Schedule

2015 STLP Best in State Project: 6-8 Division
“Flipped Out” – Maurice Bowling Middle School, Owen County, KY
Monday, June 29, 8:00 – 10:00 am EDT
Philadelphia Convention Center, Broad Street Atrium, Table 10

2015 STLP Best in State Project: 9-12 Division
“Redhound Technology” – Corbin High School, Corbin Independent
Monday, June 29, 2:00 – 4:00 pm EDT
Philadelphia Convention Center, Broad Street Atrium, Table 41

2015 STLP Best in State Project: K-5 Division
“Agriculture Sprouting Up with Technology” – Maurice Bowling Middle School, Owen County, KY
Tuesday, June 30, 10:30 – 12:30 am EDT
Philadelphia Convention Center, Broad Street Atrium, Table 30

Click here to view map of Poster Session room (PDF): ISTE 2015 Broad St Poster Diagram



STLP is proud to partner with KySTE!  The KySTE organization is a strong supporter of STLP students through KySTE Outreach and STLP Scholarships.  KySTE supports STLP as the sponsor of our official mobile app and welcomes all STLP Coordinators and participants into their membership ranks.  KySTE provides numerous opportunities for STLP to reach educators by supporting trainings, conferences and un-conferences where the STLP community can connect and grow by sharing mutual experiences.

Thank you, KySTE and the KySTE Board for all you do to help advance education in Kentucky!

STLP Engineers Supporting ISTE

STLP_Engineers_grayThe STLP Engineer corps are proud to travel to ISTE each summer to volunteer their time as technical support at the “Dr. IS IN” and “BYOD” booths throughout the conference center.  An STLP Engineer represents the very best of what STLP is all about.  These student leaders have interviewed with industry professionals and been hand selected to represent STLP in their schools and throughout the state of Kentucky.

IMG_3025STLP Engineers run the show… literally!  They provide on-demand technical support services for at the largest educational conference held in Kentucky: the KySTE Conference.  Likewise, they are responsible for deploying support for the STLP State Championship — the largest educational technology event held by the Kentucky Department of Education each spring (an estimated 9000 people attending State in 2015).  Now, in Philadelphia, they are among a handful of students from around the world who have been entrusted with providing technical support to the thousands of educators in attendance at ISTE15.


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Get ready!  STLP updates for 2015-2016 will be released August 1.
What is STLP?


The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) uses project-based learning principles to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology to solve school and community needs.

An appointed school coordinator guides students to create products, provide services or carry out projects that help the school and community.

STLP is open to all students in K-12. No student should be turned away from being part of STLP. Restricting membership is not part of an active recruitment and retention process.

STLP allows students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know in various ways called categories. STLP taps into the students’ interest and can challenge and motivate them.

STLP provides a means for students to design, create, collaborate and learn. 

Stay Connected

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The Six Goals of STLP


STLP is…


Schools design projects to accomplish the Mission and 6 Goals.

Projects can be short or long term. Some projects may continue year after year.

At times, projects can morph into a service. The school’s project is so constant and expected that it becomes a service to the school over time.

The project supports the school and community in the use of technology, helps others learn with the use of technology or solves local or global issues.

Projects developed by the STLP members will be stronger when projects are:

  • Related to a need in the building and/or community
  • Carried out by the students over time with adult guidance
  • Engaging and challenging to students
  • Centered around critical thinking and problem solving
  • Student interest or emerging technology topics
  • Reinforced by school and the community and are part of the school culture
  • Centered around the STLP Mission and Goals
  • Demonstrated by students and allow for tech standards to grow
  • Partnered across grades, schools, communities (local, state, national and global)

STLP students regularly create professional products for the classroom, school and community.

Products must be entirely original and created by the student. The best products are ones that are used for STLP projects and services, the classroom for learning, or in the community.

Some products are a result of an authentic task and have strong purpose and audience.

Products may be created after school or at home, with the teacher and parent verifying the original work.

Check the category to determine if the product is an individuals or teams production.

Local teachers and community persons may guide the student in learning about creating products.

KET field consultants can assist schools in understanding video production and script writing, etc.


Many services develop due to student skill sets developing to routinely offer assistance in a particular area. The service may result from needs in the building or district.

Some services develop from a project that mushrooms into a service the school will provide.

Some projects and products are so frequent and popular they become a service the STLP School provides to others.

Often times the service is free of charge.

Sometimes the service can develop into a service and can generate funds for the STLP School.

Students that have skills in newscast communications, speaking and writing often excel in the service category.

Students demonstrate technical knowledge and know how; can problem solve technical issues in classrooms, school or district.

Students working with technical projects, maintaining networks, running help desks/desktop support and offering informal troubleshooting should apply for the Engineer Service.

Start Leveraging STLP in Your School

    • How does my school start STLP?

      STLP is open to all public schools and certified nonpublic schools. There are not membership dues, no specific membership requirements.  Just be willing to connect students with technology to instigate learning.
      STEP 1: Get your STLP State Recognized!  Follow this link to submit the Get Recognized! form for your school. Click Here GET RECOGNIZED!
      STEP 2: Join the KYSTLP Listserv to make sure you get all the STLP Updates and to engage in discussion with other STLP Coordinators around KY and your region
      STEP 3: Explore the STLP Website and Digital Handbook for ideas and details about the Big 3 STLP Events (Fall Showcase, Digital Product Online Judging, and State Championship)

    • How can my school participate?

      There is no cost to register your school to be state-recognized.
      There are no costs to belong to STLP. Costs to travel or spend the night are school/district expenses.
      STLP is open to all students. STLP can meet before, during or after school.
      Restricting membership is not part of an active recruitment and retention process.
      Registration to become state-recognized is open year round.
      Schools decide how and what level to become involved in STLP opportunities

    • What's the Code of Conduct?

      • Students’ behavior (spoken language, body language, actions) shall reflect upon their school.
      • Students are to be the role model of proper copyright usage and practice good digital citizenship.
      • Students are to follow all instructions of the chaperone(s) and STLP Coordinator (s).
      • Students spending the night for an event are expected to observe curfews, hotel and chaperone rules.
      • Students shall not be in possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons at any STLP event.
      • All school, district and state rules/laws apply at all STLP events.
    • Can I recruit students for STLP?

      • Active recruitment of the STLP program can help broaden the population of the STLP program.
      • Students move away and move to the net building level having new students helps your program grow.
      • As students join during the year, more skill sets can be discovered.
    • Should we promote STLP?

      Marketing/Promoting the STLP program helps the school gain recognition and support of the community, which strengthens the program and opens partnerships. Active schools market the program in the school and community. Marketing is a criterion for a Gold School.


    Tips for Getting STLP Started


    Getting started with STLP in your school or district is actually pretty easy.  For all the information and tips about getting the STLP ball rolling, please click here.

    Need help getting STLP started? Contact us:

    Important Dates

    Dates & Deadlines for 2014-2015
    Note: Calendar was updated on January 27, 2015 (changes denoted by *). Be sure you have the latest dates!
    August 2014 STLP students decide project, products and services
    August – May District/School Showcases
    October 30, 2014
    Deadline to register online to attend a Fall Showcase
    Fall Showcase Dates
    November 07
    Murray State University Showcase, Curris Center
    November 10 University of Louisville Showcase, Student Activities Center
    November 13 University of Kentucky, Student Center Ballroom
    November 18 Northern Kentucky University, Student Activities Center
    November 20 The Center for Rural Development, Somerset
    December 02 Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center, Pikeville
    December 08 * Western Kentucky University, Diddle Arena
    December 09 Morehead State University, Adron Doran University Center
    January 08, 2015 Deadline to submit documentation for:

    • STLP State Award Recognitions/Nominations
    • District Titanium/Platinum Documentation
    January 15, 2015 Deadline to submit Digital Products online for Judging
    March 1, 2015 * Deadline to submit request/documentation for Silver/Gold STLP Status
    February 26, 2015 Deadline to register to attend State Championship in Lexington, KY
    March 4 – 6, 2015 STLP Engineers at KySTE, Galt House, Louisville, KY
    March 26, 2015 STLP State Championship/State Awards, LCC & Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
    June 28 – July 1, 2015 STLP Champions/STLP Engineers Invited to ISTE, Philadelphia, PA
    May, June, July 2015 District Summer STLP Camps & Community Events
    August 2015 STLP Website and Documentation updated for 2015-2016

    * Indicated Update: Deadline to submit/request Gold Status extended to March 1, 2015

    STE(A)M and STLP

    Show us what you know!

    STLP Resources

    Looking for the new STLP Digital Handbook? Click the “Handbook” category below, or  click HERE to Jump to the Digital Handbook now!

    STLP: LevelUP – Collect your badges!





    Click the Level Up logo to check out all of the new badges ready for your STLP to claim today!


    Get the STLP Info You Need Here

    Click/Tap the Title to Expand/Collapse the Topic

    NEW For 2014-2015:  The STLP Handbook is migrating to a new primarily online format.  This means that we are shifting to an “up-to-the-minute model” where the Handbook’s info lives online and can/will be updated as needed.  It is no longer recommended that the Handbook be printed.


    The STLP Online Handbook contains a wealth of information about the program. The handbook guides schools in planning. Content of the handbook includes:

    • Foundation
    • Information for Judges
    • Fall Showcase Information
    • Digital Product Online Judging (formerly Winter Virtual)
    • State Championship and Awards
    • Program Recognition
    • Rubrics


    NOTE: While the conversion to the all online STLP Handbook is finalized, feel free to utilize the 2013-2014 Handbook as a REFERENCE ONLY.  Be aware that the most up-to-date information will be shared via the Online Handbook and in appropriate locations throughout the STLP website.

      OLD Out-Of-Date STLP Handbook – PDF Version (last updated Feb. 24, 2014 Use as reference only – forms and rubrics in this version are not official for 2014-2015 STLP Events)

    The STLP logo should be displayed proudly and prominently.  For Showcase Projects in particular, teams may choose from the any of the logo versions.

    Links to STLP Posters:

    2014 – 2015 Design. Make. Connect. LEARN. Poster
    2013 – 2014 STLP20 Poster


    STLP Logo Original Photoshop File

    This file can be utilized with digital editing software. It contains the official color profiles, etc. Often, professional print services will require a .PSD file to create the version necessary to create t-shirts or other promotional materials. Also attached is a download link to the “Open Sans Condensed” Google font used for most STLP designs.

    Both files are condensed into .ZIP files.

    STLP Logo Photoshop original
    Open-Sans Condensed font


    Links to new STLP Logo:

     STLP Logo 2933×1010
     STLP Logo 1200×413
     STLP Logo 800×275
     STLP Logo 400×138
     STLP Logo 150×52


    STLP Logo in Outline Format:

    STLP Logo Red Outline
    STLP Logo Blue Outline
    STLP Logo Orange Outline
    STLP Logo Green Outline
    STLP Logo Black Outline
    STLP Logo White Outline
    (Remember, when you click the White version it will open in a new window on a white background — so it will look like a blank page loaded)

    STLP Logo Outline Original Photoshop File


    Links to traditional STLP Logo:
    (Thanks to Leanna Prater, and FCPS, for creating and hosting this high res version)

     Traditional STLP Logo

    Often, information will be disseminated via the KYSTLP Listerve. Click the link below for instructions on how to join KYSTLP:

    STLP projects, services and products tie directly to:
    You may also be interested in these valuable resources from our ISTE partners:

    A STLP student should be the model for all other students in the building.

    When designing materials, STLP students should be the content creators of original work.

    As a good digital citizen, STLP students need to properly cite and credit anyone else’s work when designing projects and services.

    If others see projects or services in other classes, the district, region or state, proper citations are required.

    All products submitted to STLP for judging should be original. Products submitted for Winter Virtual Judging should be an original idea, words, image, photo or media.  Judges should not recognize an image, photo or text from another source or person.

    Some partners with STLP will not post materials if there are any issues with copyright.

    A few resources to better understand copyright and intellectual properties are listed below.


    Creative Thinking at Northern Kentucky University


    Resources on Copyright of Jocelyn Sams, Laurel County


    Creative Commons

    Citations and Copyright

    Library Media

    Digital Citizenship

    Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


    Digital Driver’s License (DDL)

    Learning how to be a good digital citizen, go for the license. Go to the link and read About the DDL.


    KET Multimedia Education Resources
    The KET Ed Cons will help you create media.

    Look at KET School Video Project – Content and Technical Requirements

    These persons can help your school’s STLP. They may offer ideas for projects; advise, teach or assist the STLP school.

    • District Technology Coordinator (DTC/CIO)
    • District Technical Staff
    • Central Office Staff
    • District or School Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)
    • Library Media Specialist (LMS)
    • Fellow Teachers
    • Parents
    • Community Persons
    • Friends of STLP
    • STLP State Advisory Council

    Colleges across Kentucky are great partners to STLP. Many of the universities provide post secondary opportunity at showcase and the state event.

    Present supporting universities:

    • Eastern Kentucky,
    • Georgetown,
    • Kentucky State,
    • Morehead State,
    • Murray State,
    • Northern Kentucky,
    • University of Kentucky,
    • University of Louisville,
    • Western Kentucky.

    Shools may use this shell to personalize the permission slip for students to attend STLP events. Permission slips are kept by the teacher as they attend events.


    Schools may use this shell to alert media in their community about STLP events.


    Use this certificate format for recognizing your STLP Students


    About the STLP Logo


    STLP is celebrating 20 years of empowering learning in Kentucky.  To commemorate this milestone, we are marking the year with a special STLP logo.  The original STLP logo is still permissible for use at STLP events, and can be downloaded in high-resolution here.



    STLP Program Manager

    STLP is happy to welcome Jeff Sebulsky to the role of STLP Program Manager for Kentucky.  Jeff has been involved with STLP for over a decade, serving as a school coordinator, a district level TRT, and as a district CIO/DTC.  He is looking forward to continuing the strong traditions of STLP while integrating new technologies and learning strategies into the program.  He’s looking for your input and ideas on how to make STLP stronger than ever!

    Jeff currently lives in Winchester with his wife Courtney and two children, Harper and Saul.

    Contact Jeff with any questions at:  You can also follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffsebulsky

    STLP Open to ALL Students

    There's something for everyone in STLP.

    STLP News, Updates, & Info

    Design. Make. Play.PRESENT

    STLP Regional Fall Showcase



    STLP Event: Fall Showcase


    An Introduction to Fall Showcase

    Fall_Showcase_2013Since the beginning of STLP, the concept of project based learning has been at the core of the program.  Showcase Projects offer an opportunity for STLP students to observe a need in their school or community and utilize technology to develop and implement a solution.  This journey is based on the vision of the students and, with the guidance of the STLP Coordinator/Teacher, active, authentic, cooperative and inquiry-based learning will occur throughout the process.

    Many times, a Showcase Project presented by students is based upon a service or program already in place around the school – perhaps even something your STLP has being doing for a while.  Many times, still, the STLP Showcase Project is something entirely new, created from scratch, out of the imagination and creativity of the STLP students.  In other cases, STLP groups choose to transform a curriculum-based learning project into their STLP Showcase Project.  In short, there is not one specific route to take in selecting a project to develop; yet, all projects can arrive at the same destination: Fall Showcase and, hopefully, the STLP State Championship.  Use this information to inform and prepare for presenting at your school, district, regional and/or state Showcase events.


    Where to start with Fall Showcase?

    The school level is the foundation and most important area of involvement for STLP.  From the school level, there are often numerous STLP worthy projects already occurring that would make great Showcase Projects to present at the regional level.  If not, then any group can develop, registrar, and present a project of their own design. Fall_Showcase_2013_2

    Schools decide what projects, products and services the STLP will offer the school and community.  These day-to-day, week-to-week activities/projects allow students to gain technology and leadership skills.

    The schools can expand the participation from school level to a regional level. Eight sites around Kentucky host a STLP Fall Showcase  Many Fall Showcase sites are on a college campus. Having a showcase on a college campus site impacts the future post secondary plans of the STLP students, provides college role models, and allows for university interactions with school districts.

    The opportunity to celebrate and come together motivates and extends the local STLP school. The opportunity to display student work, to demonstrate technology-integrated skills for other students, teachers, administrators, university and the public is a major objective. When one school sees how another school uses technology for student achievement and classroom integration, this has a direct impact of what the school, teachers and students will do in the future.

    Attending and interviewing at this event is a big deal in the life of some of our STLP students, as noted in stories from students, teachers and parents. This event gives a real audience to their authentic learning experience, a real purpose in creating resumes and sharpening College and Career Readiness Skills. These students’ skills will impact Kentucky’s future economy. The students will be able to compete globally. Leadership skills will bloom.

    When the students meet and compete the whole day is called Fall Showcase. The events are designed to support and extend authentic learning via project based learning concepts.



    Fall Showcase serves as a starting point for many STLP activities throughout the year.

    Want to see what a Fall Showcase event looks like?  Visit our STLP Flickr site to see hundreds of photos from last year’s event  (including examples of what some presentation boards have looked like at past events). Or, check out the videos on our YouTube channel or download from our iTunesU portal .



    Students demonstrate skills at the event, such as:

    1. Implement, market and design the project or presentation for various purposes, audiences and situations
    2. Build leadership skills
    3. Utilize research, critical thinking skills to inquiry/problem-solve and make informed decisions for learning
    4. Create ideas, products, and presentations that are innovative and creative
    5. Communicate and collaborate with school and community persons
    6. Communicate and interview with adults, outside the school building, in a professional manner
    7. Practice and engage in legal, safe and ethical use of technology
    8. Plan for post secondary education


    Common elements of good projects:

    • Products and new ideas are sometimes generated from the project.
    • Students have to create and carry out the project over time.
    • Students must be able to discuss the project in depth. (Age appropriate)
    • The project is tied to many human and technology resources.
    • The project makes an impact to other persons, the school or community


    The three types of showcase projects are:

    1. Service: projects that extend outside the classroom to help the school and community
    2. Instructional: projects that impact classroom instruction and help in student or adult learning
    3. Technical: projects that are specific to the use of hardware and software; or STEM topics


    How can Fall Showcase benefit the STLP Coordinator?

    STLP Coordinators that attend Fall Showcase connect with other coordinators to discuss project, product or service ideas. First time coordinators find the fall showcase a time to discover what a project really looks like and how the event leads to state.

    …schools that invite their own technology director, principal, administrators, superintendents or local legislators often find increased support for their STLP…

    Often judges that attend fall showcase for the first time can return to the school and help the school with other STLP events.  Likewise, schools that invite their own technology director, principal, administrators, superintendents or local legislators often find increased support for their STLP.  Hearing about the great things STLP can do is one thing, but given an opportunity to see STLP in action can be a tremendously impactful experience for your district and community leadership.


    Fall Showcase FAQ

    Click a topic to expand/collapse the topic view below:

    1. There is NOT an expectation that projects brought to Fall Showcase are completed — only that they are in progress.  Fall Showcase Level 1 judging is an opportunity for teams to convince judges that their project idea and development plan is strong enough to get invited back to Level 2 judging at the State Championship.  Be ready to discuss how your project will grow if judges give you the additional 4 months to work on it before State.
    2. Spend time reviewing and becoming familiar with the Showcase Project rubrics. Each level builds up on the STLP/ISTE Technology Standards, but each level judges will be looking for specific items.  A score of 85 out of 100 is required for a project to be invited from Fall Showcase to compete at State.  Remember: the rubric is not just for the judges — it’s your team’s ticket to knowing exactly how to prepare for your presentation at Fall Showcase.
    3. Spend time reviewing and preparing the Project Planner. Starting with 2014 Fall Showcase, the Project Planner requires self reflection and asks for specific information.  Take the time to complete the Planner and be prepared to answer questions about your Planner with the judges. Be certain to display one copy of your Planner at your presentation area.  Be certain to hand additional copies of your completed Project Planner to judges, as well. (Easy points you don’t want to miss out on!)
    4. Each project is being scored against the rubric.  They are NOT being scored against other projects from other schools or other grade levels.  Judges could possibly move from scoring a 9-12 level technical project directly to a K-5 service project — it doesn’t matter because each project has an equal chance to reach the 85 (or more) score to qualify for State
    5. Plan a solid presentation experience for judges. The Presentation Experience is not the single most important piece of your Fall Showcase Project.  Having a great looking, well organized and informative presentation space (often referred to as “the board”) is an important part, but it’s still only part of what judges are looking for.  Show that you care and put thought into your presentation space and the overall experience for judges. You can see what some presentation spaces looked like at various 2013 Fall Showcases HERE.
    6. Power is provided near tables — but bring your own extensions and power strips.  Power in each location is limited, so please refrain from unnecessarily using power to charge personal devices not associated with your project.  Note: Tables at Fall Showcase are not a standard size, but generally are 5′ to 6′ in length.  In some circumstances, table space may be shared with another project team.
    7. Prepare to present without internet connectivity.  Wireless connectivity is available at each location – but occasionally, those networks can become overwhelmed and cause the network to drop or give intermittent connections.  Many times, this is caused by people cluttering the network with their personal devices not associated with projects.  Bottom line: be prepared to present without an internet connection.  We will continue to work with Fall Showcase hosts to strengthen connectivity, but be ready with a back up plan!
    8. Practice with real adults before coming to Fall Showcase.  The secret formula to success at Fall Showcase is to hold a school wide or district wide pre-Fall Showcase practice event.  Statistics support the notion that teams which have had an opportunity to present their projects locally tend to qualify for State Championship Level 2 judging more often.  In fact, most of our Best in State project over the past 3 years come from schools or districts that give teams a pre-Fall Showcase presentation opportunity.
    9. Each school is responsible for supplying at least one judge for Fall Showcase.  A lot of effort goes into making Fall Showcase a great experience for everyone — and the judges play a super-important role in make the day a success. Judges comments alone, can help a team better prepare for the next level of competition — or help a team better understand why they don’t qualify for State. Judges will receive on-site training the morning of the event regarding how to score project, what to look for in a good presentation, and how to gauge a team’s preparedness to thoughtfully discuss their project plans and intended impact.  Judges are the last to leave because they will be busy recording final scores and comments.  If a school does not provide a judge, the entire school is ineligible for advancing to the State Championship.
    10. Be ready to have fun.  Remember, your team consists of the (up to) 4 most experienced experts regarding your project plan.  So, relax.  You got this.  Just know that the judges are not looking to “get you” on a technicality, or to make you uncomfortable.  They are there to help you give the best presentation ever — to help you have a confident, informed, conversation about your project.  Whether you are in the development or deployment stage of your project, keep in mind that judges want to help you succeed.

    • Media Arts Service (formerly Cyber Shorts): one student presents a resume and is interviewed to join the team that will record and produce media that highlight the events occurring at the State Championship.  Their content will be shown during the Awards Ceremony and posted to the STLP website
    • Engineer Service: one student presents a resume, references, and is interviewed for technical positions.  Engineers are considered the pinnacle of STLP and will have responsibilities that include representing STLP at state and national levels
    • Ky National GuardTHIS CATEGORY NOT AVAILABLE IN 2014
    • Live Reporting Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position with the Live Reporting Team at the State Championship.  Live reports from around the State event are broadcast throughout the day
    • Production Company Service: one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position on the production team that operates (among other things) as the camera crew during the State Championship and to live broadcast the Award Ceremony
    • Showcase Project: One to four students create and present the project for Level One Judges.  Selected Projects will be invited to Level Two judging at the State Championship, with the goal of making it to Level Three judging and possibly being named “Best Showcase in Kentucky”.
    • Social Media Service (formerly Twitter Service): one student presents a resume and is interviewed for a position to Tweet at State

    Rubrics are available in several locations, including the STLP Digital Handbook.

    Service Category Interview Rubrics (note updates for 2014)

    Showcase Project Category (note updates for 2014)

    Schools must register online by Oct. 30, 2014. There is no cost to register or attend.

    Fall Showcase registration is now closed.

    Groups that do not register online can not participate in judging at Fall Showcase and are ineligible for being invited to Level 2 at the State Championship.  There is no on-site registration option (due to the intricate planning needed to accommodate the hundreds of projects presented at each Fall Showcase location).

    October 30, 2014 *
    Deadline to register online to attend a Fall Showcase
    Fall Showcase Dates
    November 07 Murray State University Showcase, Curris Center
    November 10 University of Louisville Showcase, Student Activities Center
    November 13 University of Kentucky, Student Center Ballroom
    November 18 Northern Kentucky University, Student Activities Center
    November 20 The Center for Rural Development, Somerset
    December 02 Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center, Pikeville
    December 08 *
    Western Kentucky University, Diddle Arena
    December 09 Morehead State University, Adron Doran University Center

    * Update on 9/28 to reflect additional week added to registration deadline (now Oct. 30)

    * Update on 9/30 to denote date addition for WKU showcase (previously listed as TBA)

    Please join the STLP listserv to receive updated information about STLP events. ( Also, connect with STLP via various social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

    Possible schedule at most sites: (Showcase times below are local time of the regional site).

    • 8:30 – 9:00      Judges arrive and check in
    • 9:00-10:00      Judges receive final training, join judge team, and
    • 9:00-9:50        Schools check in and set up presentation spaces
    • 9:30-9:50      Service Category students sign up for interview time slot
    • 10:00-12:00    Judging of all categories (Projects and Service Interviews) by judges
    • 10:00-12:00    Showcase is open to the public for visitors, so schools need students at the table Students eat lunch and depart back to the school
    • About 12:00    STLP groups pack up their presentation spaces (please wait until instructed)
    • 12:00-2:00      Judging team continues to work and complete required paper work

    • Make sure all competing students read and understand the rubrics and are prepared for any interviews. (See “Where do i find the rubrics” FAW topic tab above)
    • Make sure teams complete, become familiar, and ready to address questions about the Project Planner.  Have copies ready to hand to judges and to post on presentation space.
    • Read the “Top 10 Facts About Fall Showcase” FAQ topic above.
    • Provide opportunities for teams to practice their presentation by organizing local pre-Fall Showcase mini-showcased. Invite parents, teachers, district admin, etc. to come and “score” project presentations using the Level 1 rubric to provide meaningful feedback prior to the actual event.
    • Follow STLP on social media to see real time photos and media from other participants at other Fall Showcase locations.  If you can, visit a Fall Showcase at another location prior to your event.

    Even if your STLP group chooses not to present a Fall Showcase project, they would certainly benefit by attending and seeing other student leaders demonstrating technology. New STLP schools, new coordinators and beginning STLP students are welcome to attend for the learning experience.

    STLP groups that wish to attend, but not compete, should still submit a completed Fall Showcase online registration, indicating “Attend Only” in the appropriate field.

    STLP groups that “Attend Only” are NOT responsible for providing a judge for the event.

    Food for purchase is at most sites. Schools may also bring in a sack lunch at every site. Coolers for food and drinks are allowed. Many of the college campuses have student centers in which your students may eat. We consider this an educational experience since students will be interacting with others on campus. Some schools like to eat at a food establishment while on the way back to school.

    Deadline to register to attend a showcase was Oct. 30, 2014.

    To gain a presentation space and to a judging time slot, every school must supply at least one judge. Judge information must be entered into the online registration form.

    Groups that do not register online can not participate in judging at Fall Showcase and are ineligible for being invited to Level 2 at the State Championship.  There is no on-site registration option (due to the intricate planning needed to accommodate the hundreds of projects presented at each Fall Showcase location).

    Due to large numbers that register, a late school could be turned away from their first choice showcase site.

    Fall Showcase registration is now closed.

    Fall Showcase registration is now closed.



    Partnerships taken to the National Level


    STLP Event: Digital Product Online Judging (DPOJ)

    Digital Product Online Judging Info (formerly called Winter Virtual Judging)

    Schools may submit, in each category, their best two products (see list below) for online judging.  Judges will receive the list of online products to score. Digitally, judges will determine which products are of quality and invite these to State Championship.

    Quality is defined by the rubric score. Rubrics can be accessed below or inside the STLP Digital Handbook.

    • Registration for DPOJ is now CLOSED.
    • The DPOJ Registration deadline was January 15th, 2015
    • Scores will be sent to STLP Coordinators via email by early February
    • Judges will receive assignments with instructions by January 22


    DPOJ Overview

    Badge-DPOJThe STLP core principles of “Design. Make. Connect. Learn.” are perhaps most evident in the only event that takes place 100% in the digital realm:  Digital Product Online Judging (DPOJ).

    Digital product creation is part of learning in many classrooms across Kentucky.  The DPOJ event provides every school the opportunity to share the products students are creating — whether it’s part of daily curriculum or a stand-alone activity with an STLP.  Students are making digital content every day.  The STLP DPOJ event lets you submit that work for statewide recognition as part of the STLP process.

    Schools may submit their two best products from each of the categories listed below.  Each product will need to be accessible online (it’s up to each school to determine their best plan for how to host the products online) via a unique web address.  During the registration process, each school will submit the web address needed to view the various digital products created by students.  A pool of judges across the state will then receive judging assignments and, using rubrics specific to each category, remotely score the digital products, and submit their scores electronically.  After all scores have been collected, the qualifying digital products will become finalists for judging at the STLP State Championship event in the spring.


    Click the title of the category to download it’s rubric. Click the example to see student work from 2013-2014.

    Digital Art Productindividual student creates original digital art (View Example from Eminence Independent)

    Documentary Product team creates an original documentary video using new footage (View Example: from Warren County Schools)

    ePublishing Product: team creates a published product used by a class/school/community (View Example from Marion County)

    Feature Video Product: team creates a video using new footage (View Example from Franklin County)

    Get Certified:

    Graphic Design Productindividual student creates a graphic design (View Example from Owen County)

    KATE Product:   team follows guidelines to create product

    KSU GIS/MAPS/Cartography Product: team creates a digital map or model (View Example from Marion County)

    Manipulated Image Product: individual student takes an original photo, manipulates it into a totally new image (View Example from Scott County)

    Multimedia Content Product: individual student uses three types of original digital media to teach a concept (View Example from Pike County)

    Music Productindividual student creates an original digital music piece (Hear Example from Shelby County)

    Photo Productindividual student takes an original image (View Example from Paintsville Independent)

    PSA Product: team creates a PSA video (15, 30 or 60 sec.) (View Example from Warren County Schools)

    Storytelling Product: individual student writes an original story (View Example from Bath County)

    Technical Writing Productindividual student creates a technical piece (View Example from Warren County)


    ThisManipulated Image combines elements of multiple photos into one new, original, image. (My Brother…My Brothers by Ethan G., SMS, Breathitt Co)



    Reporter Service: (formerly Cyber Gazette Reporters) one student posts a story about Fall Showcase for a position at State (View example from Marion County)

    Presenter Service: 1-2 students submit a 2-minute presentation video, slides & resume (View Example from Monroe County)


    Frequently Asked DPOJ Questions

    What is the Process URL?  Read each product rubric carefully.  Many call for you to submit a separate document where the student describes the process and tools he/she used to create their product. This document should have it’s own web address.  That is the Process URL.

    What constitutes a “Team?”  Products are generally classified as either “Individual” or “Team” events.  Teams can consist of more than one student, but only one student could constitute a team, also.  Team sizes are not limited.  An entire STLP group can make up a team; however, if the product is selected to be presented at State, teams will need to nominate their top four presenters to represent the product during judging.

    Can students submit more than one product? Yes, as long as they are in different product categories.

    Can products mash-up videos, music, or other digital items from other authors?  STLP Digital Products should be 100% original.  If you utilize any portion of someone else’s work, be certain that it is properly attributed, used in accordance with the artists wishes, and properly cited.

    Will someone contact me if our links don’t work?  The key element of DPOJ is that your student’s projects are available online.  Your students are depending on you to make sure the links you register work.  If judges can not easily click to your products, they are not obligated to contact you and are welcome to disqualify those products.  Some may choose to reach out to you. Working links are crucial.  Don’t count on judges to give you a second chance.

    What will judges do when scoring products and services?

    1. Read an email and be reminded by the school to complete the virtual judging in the specified time
    2. Open the email with the information about judging
    3. Look for the group you have been assigned to judge; each item has a title and a URL location
    4. Review Copyright. All work the students do is to be original. All judges must look for copyright issues first. Look at the product. If you see any part of the product that seems familiar in text or graphics, or image, then question it.
    5. Open the rubric that matches your assigned category to judge, open the group list of pieces to judge (look for your name)
    6. Click the URL location using your web browser and find by name the item in your group list
    7. Using the rubric score the item- the purpose is to decide the best piece/score among your group
    8. There can be no ties so the best needs to be the highest score among your group
    9. Record the scores on the group sheet provide
    10. Return scores on group sheet on time via email for your assigned group

    Pieces will continue to be judged by other judges until the top best pieces are selected

    The best pieces in each product and service category above will be invited to State Championship.  Final rounds of product judging will occur at State.


    STLP Event: State Championship


    “It isn’t just about winning – it’s about learning, helping people with projects and having a good time.”


    Awarded: District: School: Project Title:
    Best in State: 9-12 Division Champions Corbin Independent Corbin High School Redhound Technology – Chromebook & Ipad Training
    Best in State: 6-8 Division Champions Owen County Maurice Bowling Middle school Flipped Out
    Best in State: K-5 Division Champions Owen County Maurice Bowling Middle school Agriculture Sprouting up with Technology
    Best in State: Technical Division Champions Fayette County Bryan Station High School AgendaBook
    Best in State: Runner Up Ashland Independent Hager Study Buddy
    Best in State: Runner Up Fayette County Beaumont Middle Kokofuku Suru
    Best in State: Runner Up Franklin County Westridge Elementary School The STEAM Team: Building An Outdoor Dream
    Best in State: Runner Up Jessamine County East Jessamine Middle School VOST & STLP Working Together
    Best in State: Runner Up Madison County Madison Middle School College/Career Readiness Portal
    Best in State: Runner Up Warren County Warren Central High School Student2Student









    Search “STLP” in your app store to load!

    Just over 5700 P-12 students and 1,500 adults were registered to attend and supported the 2015 STLP State Championship in Lexington, Kentucky’s Rupp Area/Lexington Center. Over 360 schools from 94 districts came to show what they know.

    Rupp Arena/Lexington Center officials estimated between 8,000 and 9,000 people attended STLP15.

    The State Championship allows students from across the state to come together and demonstrate for other students, school and community persons what they know and can do with technology.

    All STLP schools are welcome to attend the State Championship to learn and achieve. There are no registration fees. All schools attending must register online- including the number of students attending.

    Hundreds of Volunteer Judges will determine the best technology use by students in Kentucky. At State Championship, judges may receive up to 2 hours of EILA Credit for participating. Check in at the EILA Table in Heritage Hall Pre-Function area for more info.

    Plan to attend the whole day.  If you budget allows or your school has raised the funds, plan on staying overnight.  With an extra day, many schools plan another educational trip in the area (KY Horse Park, Toyota Manufacturing, Lexington’s Explorium, KET Studios, etc.).  Visit Lexington Center’s “Plan your Visit” page to explore the Lexington area and plan your educational opportunities while in the heart of the Bluegrass!



    State Champions Live Events and Rubrics

    Looking for some in-depth info about State Championship?  Looking for the rubrics?  Here you go!  Click the Digital Handbook link to view a complete and up to date listing of the State Championship on-site, live, competitions areas — along with the accompanying rubrics for each.



    Overview of the STLP State Championship

    Click on topic to expand for more information!

    STLP State Championship will be Thursday, March 26th, 2015
    Rupp Arena and the Lexington Center will host us. For more info about the downtown Lexington, KY area and the Center, got to
    UPDATED Deadline: Registration closes at 11:59 CST February 26th March 2nd

    Click HERE to enter State Championship Registration portal 

    The STLP Digital Handbook will always be your source for up to date information about any STLP event, including State Championship Live Competitions and Activities. Follow this link to access the STLP Handbook
    The detailed schedule/matrix will be released via our new STLP app in March, but the general schedule for the day is as follows (subject to adjustment):

    (All times are Eastern Standard Time)
    09:30 AM – doors open for SLTP groups to enter/set up Projects/start Live Competitions
    10:00 AM – Project Judges trained for Level 2 judging / Live Competitions continue
    11:00 AM – Level 2 Project judging begins / Live Competitions continue
    02:00 PM – Announcement of Projects advancing to Level 3 judging / Live Comp. continue
    03:00 PM – Level 3 Project Judging begins / Live Competitions start wrapping-up
    05:00 PM – STLP Awards Show begins (ends approx. 7:30 pm)

    Note: as live competitions complete throughout the day, category finalists will be announced via the Wall of Winners in Rupp Arena and via the STLP app/Twitter/social media.

    STLP groups with qualifying projects or service category candidates were notified after their regional event of their status. Those projects and students will need to register to attend the State Championship (see link under “How do I register my STLP?”
    Because the judging window for Digital Product Online Judging (DPOJ) overlaps the State Championship registration window, STLP groups may wish to wait until DPOJ results are announced in early February before submitting their registration.
    Please submit any additional questions to Jeff Sebulsky, STLP Kentucky Program Manager via email at:
    At State Championship schools have the opportunity to:
    • Talk with other students, teachers, community persons and visitors that support technology
    • Attend student presentations in small rooms
    • Compete in any of the many live performance competitions
    • Visit playground activities provided by supporting partners in Rupp
    • Explore the many outstanding showcase projects in the large hall
    • View best services
    • See the winning products on display and talk to the students that created the product
    • Attend the awards celebration



    3 Ways to Participate at State for ALL STLP


    Any STLP School may attend and observe at the event in order to learn from demonstrating and competing students.  To attend only, please complete the online registration form and select “Attend Only” prior to the UPDATED March 2nd February 26, 2015 deadline.


    Qualifying prior to (Updated) March 2nd February 26: Engineers, Service teams, Digital Product judging finalists, and Projects from Fall Showcase.  Even pre-qualified participants need to complete online prior to deadline to attend.


    Sign up students to participate in any of the “on demand” competitions held during the State Championship event. Students must be preregistered to enter these live judging categories at State.

    Whether your STLP is invited, comes to compete, or just attend the State Championship, an online registration form will need to be submitted prior to the deadline.  Click HERE to enter State Championship Registration portal 

    Kentucky Cinemania at STLP State Event

    (Click to view an example Cinemania video from West Marion Elementary, Marion Co. – 2014 Winner)

    Cinemania  is just one of the awesome activities for students participating in the STLP State Competition each spring.  Cinemania is an, “up all night” video competition where your team has 24 hours to write, shoot, edit, produce and post a video that includes a number of required props, slogans and fun items. The prompts are released just before STLP State in late March.

    Get with your team to discuss ideas, roles, and jobs – all the way from brainstorming, to shooting, to editing, and final production. Make sure everyone in your group has a voice in the process. Be sure to visit for more info on this popular STLP State activity. (Note: one entry per school. each school must register via the STLP State Championship registration portal once the link is activated.  Deadline to register is Feb. 26)


    Review of STLP State Championship 2014

    The eighth annual STLP State Championship was held at the Lexington Convention Center and Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

    Over 5,000  students and 1,500 adults attended and supported the State Championship of 2014. Over 300 schools came to show what they know. Hundreds of judges determined the best technology user students in Kentucky.

    To view a complete listing of State Championship Awards for 2014, click to open this document: STLP14 State Championship Winners.pdf

    Check out the 2013 Winners: StateChamp2013List.doc

    STLP Awards Show

    At the conclusion of the STLP State Championship mega-activity-day, we all gather in Rupp Arena to recognize finalists in each of the Live Competition categories, winners from the Digital Project categories (that qualified to compete at State during the DPOJ event in January), and crown the Best in State STLP Projects for K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 Divisions.

    New for 2015, STLP will also award a Best in State Technical Project trophy in memory of the late KDE Office of KIDS innovator and STLP supporter, Dave Sigler.

    Although the Award Show starts at 5PM, we will strive to wrap up the event by 7:30 PM.  We recognize that it is a long drive back home for many schools.  Help us keep the Award Show running on time and efficiently so that we can best respect everyone’s safe travels home.

    Teams that make it to Level 3 Project Judging and who are announced as finalists on the Wall of Winners should do their best to attend the entire Award Show.  However, for groups that can not stick around for the fun, we will also live broadcast the Award Show via the KDE Media Portal

    STLP15: Award Show Video

      Video of the STLP15 State Championship Award Show can be found at the KDE Media Portal:


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