For STLP to become fully realized at your school, it’s important for the school to take the first steps of empowering students to learn and use technology to achieve.

  • Identify an STLP Coordinator/Coach to support and guide the students as they create projects, products or provide services to the school and community.
  • STLP Coordinators act as the primary point of contact between KDE’s STLP Program Manager and the school.
  • STLP Coordinators facility the completion of registration forms within deadlines.
  • STLP Coordination can be a shared responsibility, but generally one person should remain the primary point of contact.
  • STLP Coordinators encourage students throughout the school to participate in STLP (recruit)
  • The projects can be carried out before, during or after school. Schools may integrate STLP projects into the school coursework. The Coordinator may be asked questions as integration ideas by other teachers.
  • Library Media Specialist (LMS) and school and district Digital Learning Coaches (DLC) usually help support the program…so Coordinators are not alone!
  • STLP Coordinators may participate in training and annual events.
  • STLP Coordinators are responsible for submitting STLP Get Recognized info annually.