Students have many opportunities to be involved with STLP. These levels of involvement help the STLP schools reach higher levels of learning and collaboration.

As STLP Coach, know that it’s entirely up to your group to decide what level of participation you reach. STLP is intentional built to provide a flexible model that is the best fit your students and your school. Make it be what your students need it to be for their success and growth. But, if you’re looking for a roadmap for where to start, the Classroom Level is foundational.

Let’s explore the Levels of STLP Participation…

Classroom Level

Probably the most important level of STLP — certainly, the Classroom Level is the foundation for STLP. Here is where student relationships, project planning, product design, and services are developed. Without students, there is no STLP!

School Level

Schools decide what projects, products and services the group will offer the school and community. These day-to- day, week-to-week activities/projects allow students to gain technology and leadership skills.

District Level

Many districts plan for events that bring all schools together. These events may be a district showcase, STLP awards or a learning camp. The district showcase of student technology skills allows parents and community persons to witness the empowered and talented students.

Some districts have a district team of students, which are students representing each school in the district. The district level STLP group helps plan and advise district STLP events or may carry out district projects.  These students may be part of a district help desk, as well.

Some STLP present at the school board to share what they are doing in STLP.

Regional Level

Local universities plan events that are unique to the college.  These events held on a campus allow students a chance to witness college life and plan for future post-secondary education. Students come to the event to compete in two categories: Level 1 Project presentation or Service Team interviews.

University partners for past events: Murray State University, Western Kentucky Univeristy, Eastern Kentucky University, University of  Louisville, University of Kentucky, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University and University of Pikeville.

In some areas of the state, Regionals are held at a center or convention center, due to large numbers participating, or sponsorships of the event.

State Level

Schools across Kentucky are invited to participate in the annual STLP State Championship. The best projects, products and performance categories are competing to be selected as the Best in State. Guest speakers, the technology playground and the annual awards program are highlights of this event.

Some schools might attend and/or present at a state conference and represent STLP.

Invited STLP Engineers will provide tech support to endorsed STLP events.

(Inter)National Level

Champion Projects, which are selected as the Best in State, may be invited to present a poster session at ISTE  (International Society of Technology Educators). The schools would be representing Kentucky on the international level.  (More info about ISTE:

Some schools might attend and/or present at a national conference and represent STLP.