The 2022 STLP Regionals are November 16, 2022. As your project teams are putting finishing touches on their presentations, getting comfortable using Google Meet, and practicing their pitch on anyone who will listen, please reference these key pieces of information:

  1. Helpful Tips video/Steps 3 & 4
  2. Project Pitch Schedule
  3. Communicating with Judges
  4. Last Minute Planning Reminders & FAQs

Helpful Tips Video and Reviewing Steps 3 & 4

Project Pitch Schedule

  • Each registered project has been assigned a 10-minute window to connect, give their pitch, and take questions from judges
  • With nearly 900 projects organized into a quick 3-hour event, the assigned pitch times cannot be adjusted
  • Based on feedback from 2021, projects from the same school will present in succession to avoid overlapping pitch times
  • The Pitch Schedule allows you to plan for Nov. 16th – next week, you will be emailed the Google Meet links each of your teams will utilize to connect with judges
  • View the pitch schedule at (all times listed are Eastern Standard Time)

Communicating with Judges

  • On your registration, you submitted the name of a person to act as a representative judge for your school (except where staffing emergency waivers were requested)
  • Don’t remember who you submitted? Check out this list
  • This morning, each of those judges were emailed and given instructions on how to access Judge Training materials at
  • Please reach out to your judge to:
    1. Confirm they received my email and will be online to help as a Judge
    2. Verify they will view the Judge Training video before Nov. 16
    3. Confirm they are prepared to dedicate 9:00 am EST until about 1:30pm EST to hearing pitches and recording feedback (even getting a sub if necessary)
    4. Determine ff they cannot fulfill their judge duties. If so, please identify a new judge ASAP (with so many projects, we need every judge that was submitted)

Last Minute Reminders & FAQs

Based on the questions I receive every day, here are the most frequently asked questions:

What if one of my teams is not presenting after all?

  • On Nov. 16th, inform the judges that your team will not be presenting so they know – and don’t think they overlooked a team

Can I add a new project team?

  • Sorry, no, it’s too far into the planning process to add new teams.

What if our Project Title has changed?

  • No problem. Alert judges of the updated title. Note that the assigned Project # on the pitch schedule will not change.

How many students can present to the judges?

  • Although a project team can be of any size, remember that only (up to) 4 presenters can be on camera and speak to judges. Choose wisely.

Can I change our presentation time slot?

  • Sorry, no, it’s too far into the planning process to adjust project pitch times.

Should we prepare a 10-minute presentation?

  • No. The entire window of time with judges is 10 minutes. That includes connecting to Google Meet, giving your pitch, and (most importantly) answering question from judges. Plan on a 5-to-7-minute pitch.

Can we use a slide deck?

  • Take advantage of the digital nature of this online Regional event. Use slide decks, videos, web sites, etc. to give your pitch. Paper-based, traditional, multi-panel boards are very difficult for judges to see.

What if our district is closed on Nov. 16th?

  • Don’t worry. We will make sure every project team gets to pitch their idea in the weeks following Regionals if necessary.

A few final reminders:

  • Practice giving your pitch to anyone who will listen ahead of Nov. 16
  • Be sure to respond to each of the 7 Guiding Questions and don’t forget the STLP logo (easy 5 points)
  • Join some practice Google Meets to test cameras, microphones, and to get comfortable
  • Hearing questions from judges is just as important as it is for them to hear you – spend time check on the audio!
  • Watch for a detailed email from me by Nov. 14th with links to the Google Meets for each team