Subject: CDA is Here, Level Up, Join a Quick Shot, Follow STLP

Hello STLP Superstars,

Hope you’re all feeling as snazzy as a well-tied bowtie on a penguin!  We’ve got some exciting news and updates to brighten your day, so let’s dive right in with the main topics:

  • Creative Digital Arts
  • STLP Quick Shots
  • Stay Connected and Level Up
  • What’s Next?

CDA Rebranding Extravaganza!

You asked for it, and you voted for it, and we’re thrilled to announce that our beloved “Digital Product Online Judging” has transformed into the fabulous Creative Digital Arts (CDA)! Say goodbye to DPOJ and hello to a new world of digital creativity with CDA. Let your inner artist run wild!

Not sure what CDA is all about? Well, it’s your ticket to a digital wonderland with a whopping 26 different digital media categories plus several STLP Service Team categories. Students get to unleash their creativity, whip up digital masterpieces, and compete statewide… all without leaving the building. The champions will be crowned at the STLP State Championship in March – it’s going to be epic! For all the juicy details and rubrics, surf on over to the STLP Supersheet (

Now, here’s a big shoutout to the one and only Erin Waggoner from the KDE Office of Education Technology’s Digital Learning Team. She’s our CDA mastermind this year, and we couldn’t be happier to have her onboard again!  To kick things off, join Erin for an STLP Quick Shot next Tuesday, Oct. 3rd at 4:15 PM (Eastern Time). She’ll dish out the scoop on new rubrics, categories, and registration. Mark your calendars!

Speaking of registration, heads up – the deadline to submit your CDA entries is a tad earlier this year: Dec. 20th. Yep, we had to adjust the timeline to fit the STLP State schedule (it’s coming up a bit sooner this year). Time to get those creative engines revving!

STLP Quick Shots – Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Quick Shots are like mini online parties, minus the fancy hats. These bite-sized sessions last around 20 minutes and are all about specific STLP topics. We’re super considerate and schedule them at 4:15 PM Eastern time to keep your valuable time intact!

Next week, Erin’s got a Welcome to CDA session on Oct. 3rd, and on Thursday, Oct. 5th, we’re hosting “STLP 101 for New Coaches.” Hope you can join the party!  And if life gets in the way, don’t fret – we upload Quick Shots to our STLP YouTube Channel for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Stay Connected and Level Up!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted to “Get Recognized” this year. Communication is one of our biggest challenges every year. With recent issues involving the KYSTLP Listserv, staying informed and up to date is more important than ever. As always, the best place to start is the STLP Website for the most up to date information. Now, we’re even archiving these email messages so you can review them in the News section of

Now’s the perfect time to follow us online! Find us on X(Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for all the STLP buzz.

September is when STLP activities kick off in schools, and we’ve got something special – STLP Level Up badges!

Collect these badges by completing fun, self-paced activities and challenges that align with Kentucky Academic Standards. It’s like leveling up in your favorite video game!  Head over to STLP Level Up( to snag your badges and start your STLP adventure.

A Glimpse Into the Future: What’s Next for STLP

As we bid farewell to September, October is all about STLP Project designs and Creative Digital Arts. To kick off October, we’ll release the updated STLP Project Cycle Toolkit with refreshed rubrics and spill the beans on Level L – the local magic that happens before Level 1. Plus, we’re unveiling the CDA Registration page and processes. Get ready for an exciting October!

Phew, that’s a wrap for now, STLP superstars! Stay fabulous, stay creative, and keep spreading those STLP vibes. Have a spectacular week ahead!