STLP groups can earn Level Up badges for a variety of activities throughout the school year. These badges can serve as loose guidance on things your STLP can start doing now.

Level Up badges are fun ways to engage your STLP learners — often they can highlight activities that your STLP may already be participating in.

STLP Level Up badges provide a framework for a number of STLP related activities that your STLP can build upon throughout the year.

NOTE: to achieve or retain Gold Status, an STLP is required to earn a specific number of Level Up badges throughout the year. Visit the Gold Status info page ( to learn more.

Claiming is Easy
Complete the activity ascribed to the badge and your STLP can claim it. Badges are claimed on the honor system; STLP Headquarters does not need to verify your claim.
Honor System
The variety of activities usable to claim a badge is wide and open to your interpretation — if your activity reasonably fits the intention of the badge, then it’s all yours!
Show Them Off
Once your STLP has earned a badge, click on the image of the badge below to open a larger  version in a new window where it can be saved, or printed and displayed.
5 Types of Badges
STLP groups can claim badges for a number of different activities. Various Level Up badges are listed under 5 different categories. Learn about the categories at