It’s time to reserve spots for your STLP Level 1 Project Teams to give their pitch to judges as part of 2021 Regionals Week. Here are some tips and info about this year’s registration:

  1. Deadline to reserve spots for your Project Teams is November 15th (by 11:59 pm that evening).
  2. Not sure how many project will be ready to give their pitch? No problem! Include them in your registration now… we can always remove them from the roster later (…but it’s really difficult to add in new ones after the deadline).
  3. Is it too late to pull a project team together? No way! Registering now helps us with the planning to make the experience awesome for your students. You’ll still have all the way until December 6-10th to work on your project pitch.
  4. Remember, Level 1 Projects are just a short elevator pitch where you share your project ideas with judges. Completed projects are not required.
  5. Use the guided questions on the Level 1 Rubric to help organize your team (there’s only 7) and the resources on the STLP21 Regionals Info page to get ready.

Thanks to recent updates to Google Forms, you can start your registration now and return to edit/update the auto saved from at any time…right up until the November 15th deadline. But, if you still like to work offline to gather your registration info to cut/paste in all at once later on, click here to grab the Regionals Registration Planning Tool.

Click here to start your STLP21 Regionals Registration today