As we wrap up another incredible year of creativity, innovation, and all-around awesomeness, we wanted to send a jolly update your way before the last few of us dash off into the winter wonderland of well-deserved break time!

🌟 CDA Registration Deadline Tonight (12/20)!

Just a gentle nudge to remind you that the registration deadline for all Creative Digital Arts (CDA) entries is TONIGHT (December 20) at midnight! Don’t let the clock strike 12 without submitting those dazzling masterpieces. Hurry over to CDA registration portal ( to make magic happen!

🌟 Calling All Judges – Be a CDA Superhero!

To keep the CDA competition as lively as Santa’s workshop, every participating school needs to submit a volunteer judge. The best part? You can be the hero yourself! Become a CDA judge and spread joy by reviewing entries on your own schedule, from the comfort of your cozy space. It takes around 90 minutes, and you get to be part of the magic. Judging kicks off right after the winter break, so let’s make 2023 sparkle with amazing feedback and state semi-finalists. Visit the CDA Judge registration page to put on your judging cape!

🌟 Do-Over Level 1 Project Reminder!

Today’s the day! All Do-Over Level 1 Project video presentation submissions are due TODAY (December 20). If your project missed the spotlight during the online STLP Regionals on December 6 due to technical hiccups, absences, or school closures – fear not! Head over to and give your project team opportunity to overcome those obstacles they deserve.

🌟 Ringing in 2024 – The Road Ahead

When we return from break, we’ll jump right back in with several focus areas including:

  • Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of STLP (1994-2024)
  • Second Chance (Not Yet) Level 1 Project responses (deadline Jan. 8th)
  • CDA Judging duties first half of January.
  • STLP Engineer/Ambassadors kick off their season of service.
  • STLP State Registration will open mid/late-January.
  • STLP thread at spring KySTE event in March
  • All leading up to the big day, STLP State Championship on March 27

As you embark on your winter break adventures, may your days be merry, your cocoa extra chocolatey, and your creativity know no bounds. Thank you for making this year’s STLP journey unforgettable so far!

Wishing you all a holly, jolly holiday season and looking forward to more STLP magic in the New Year!

Warm regards from Jeff, Matt, Erin, and the whole Digital Learning & Leading team at KDE,