Here are the top 5 hot topics for this January update:

  • About STLP Timelines & Deadlines
  • Regionals Wrap-Up
    • “Not Yet” and “Make Up” Second Chance deadlines
    • Engineer Candidate update
  • DPOJ Updates
    • Registration deadline UPDATED
    • Tips for submitting DPOJ links
    • New Service Team category alert: KyGoPlay Innovators
  • State Championship Update
    • LIVE in Lexington April 20th
    • Think Big! A whole new experience is coming
    • Registration opens in February
  • Other Opportunities
    • KySTE 2022 & KySTE Scholarships


About STLP Timelines & Deadlines

Hitting only the 3rd week of 2022 and we’ve already seen widespread multi-day snow closures, COVID related NTI days, etc. limiting time in person with students…which, of course, limits time to work directly on STLP, too.
STLP deadlines and timelines are purposefully laid out across the calendar to allow necessary time for planning, judging, and next steps. In truth, we have a very narrow window to collect and organize student entries for scoring and feedback ahead of STLP State in April. However, we all recognize that flexibility and grace is vital, too (especially over these last 2 years).
So…I’ve heard the cries for help and have adjusted some upcoming deadlines. But that means we won’t have room for late entries or last-minute additions. I hope these changes are helpful, and thanks in advance for your patience/cooperation. We’re all in this together! 😊


Regionals Wrap-Up

Congratulations to everyone who jumped in and participated in Regionals. You were part of the largest, statewide, online, synchronous, demonstration of standards-based student learning I think Kentucky has ever seen. The new project feedback system (built in Google Data Studio) was a big shift for STLP. Now, teams can reference strong anecdotal feedback from judges throughout the project planning cycle.

Not Yet and Make Up Second Chance Deadlines

  • New for 2021 was the second chance system.
  • Level 1 Project teams that did not immediately advance to Level 2 at State are no longer illuminated from the competition. Instead, in true project-based learning fashion, Level 1 judging more closely resembles a formative event with projects identified as either “On Track” or “Not Yet” ready to move on to State.
  • Every “Not Yet” project has the option to review judge feedback, considered that feedback, and submit a response online regarding how their team will utilize that feedback moving forward.
  • Likewise, any project team that did not get an opportunity to present (for whatever reason), has a second chance to submit a recorded presentation for consideration as part of the “Level 1 Project Make Up” option.
  • Updated deadlines for “Not Yet Responses” and “Level 1 Project Make Up” is now February 11, 2022. Check out the Second Chance info page here:

STLP Engineer Candidates also have some new details and deadlines. I’m sharing those next steps directly with the STLP Coaches that submitted candidates. Watch for that email shortly.


DPOJ Updates

Registration deadline UPDATED

  • Registration for Digital Product Online Judging went live in December. The deadline is being extended to February 11, 2022 – but that is a hard and fast deadline.
  • If we’re going to know the DPOJ semi-finalists in time to invite them to STLP State, this deadline cannot push back any farther and late entries cannot be accepted.
  • Registration form:

Tips for Submitting Links for DPOJ

  • The vast majority of DPOJ products are shared via Google Drive
  • Student accounts typically cannot share files outside of your district, so plan to collect products into a teacher owned folder
  • Select “Share” and “Get a link” for EACH individual product to include in your DPOJ registration
  • Watch to make sure permissions are set to “Anyone with the link” so judges outside your district can view
  • Make opening products easy for judges (test links, test permissions, link directly to each entry, etc.)

ALERT: Announcing New Service Category (apply today)

  • Service Teams are selected from volunteer applicants who demonstrate skills or leadership in each team category (Social Media, Photojournalists, etc.)
  • At State, Service Teams work behind the scenes to help produce media and experiences for their fellow STLP participants
  • Applications for Service Team positions are submitted along with DPOJ entries
  • New category (just introduced) is the KyGoPlay Innovators team. These 6-12th grade students will host the STLP/KyGoPlay makerspace hands-on activities. Check out info via the STLP Supersheet.

State Championship

  • We’re back and it’s time to Think Big!
  • STLP22 State Championship will be LIVE in Lexington at Central Bank Center/Rupp Arena
  • Date: April 20, 2022
  • This is a wholly fresh approach to STLP State…all activities are being reimagined and refreshed for 2022.
  • Rubrics are publishing now for the State Challenge activities
  • Watch for updates soon!


Other Opportunities to be aware of…

The KySTE Spring Conference is a great opportunity to connect with other STLP Coaches, attend STLP/student tech integration focused sessions, and feed your professional needs

KySTE Scholarships
KySTE recognizes and honors STLP seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in technology. KySTE is currently funding 4 scholarships for $1000 each:

  • Elaine Harrison Lane Scholarship 
  • Gary and Becky Grant Scholarship
  • Mary Grace Jaeger Scholarship
  • KySTE STLP Scholarship

Application window closes March 1. More info at: