Congratulations to all the schools that can proudly call themselves Gold Status STLPs. Achieving STLP Gold Status is a challenging, but rewarding, optional activity that should involve your whole STLP.

For the 2023-2024 STLP season, the selection process was rigorous and in the end a total of 11 applicants were identified for Gold Status. Additionally, each of the schools that had project teams as either State Champions or Runner-Up were automatically granted Gold Status. Each of the 2023-2024 Gold Status schools will be eligible to include one additional project team above the limit set for participating schools.

Gold Status applications can be built throughout the STLP year, but the application window for 2024-2025 will not open until the end of the school year to allow your STLP to participate and collect evidence to support your application. Build your application all year to highlight your STLP accomplishments.

All Gold Status applications should be student developed. For more info and to review the Gold Status list, please visit