Anticipating Tomorrow’s Innovators: A Preview of the 2024 STLP State Championship

Anticipation builds for the upcoming 2024 STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program) State Championship at the famed Rupp Arena and Central Bank Center in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. State promises to be a grand celebration of ingenuity, collaboration, and technological prowess, as students from across the state prepare to showcase their creativity and skill. Let’s take a glimpse into what lies ahead and explore the wealth of resources available on the STLP State Info page, guiding participants every step of the way.

The 2024 STLP State Championship will unite bright minds from diverse backgrounds and communities, representing schools from all corners of Kentucky. From elementary to high school levels, students will unveil a spectrum of projects spanning various categories, including robotics, multimedia, digital art, coding, and more. Enthusiastic participants will eagerly demonstrate their projects, illustrating the innovative solutions they have crafted for the challenges of tomorrow.

As we eagerly await the 2024 STLP State Championship, it’s essential to highlight the resources available on the STLP State Info page. Participants will find detailed schedules, interactive maps, and rosters for each Challenge event, streamlining their experience and ensuring a smooth navigation of the championship. Additionally, the page provides times and locations for Level 2 projects, offering valuable guidance for participants and attendees alike.

Excitement is also brewing for the introduction of STLPx (STLP Experience), featuring over 14 different hands-on learning stations. Here, students will have the opportunity to earn badges demonstrating their understanding and application of the Kentucky Academic Standards for Technology. This innovative addition promises to enrich the championship experience, further empowering students to excel in technology and education.

Group of diverse students working collaboratively on a digital project during the 2024 STLP State Championship, showcasing innovation and teamwork