These ideas have been generated by STLP Coaches at training events over the past year. These are not necessarily recommendations, but simply intended as a list to help spur imagination and creativity while brainstorming ideas for Level 1 Projects.

Community Service Projects examples

  • Assist non-profit agencies in technology needs
  • Host open houses with tech demonstrations
  • Publish written and virtual work
  • Produce school items for a purpose
  • Collaborate with others to solve a problem
  • Collaborate with another school, district, state, nation

Instructional Projects examples

  • Offer technology classes on topics
  • Teach parents, senior citizens, and fellow classmates
  • Form buddy partners with lower grades, peers, and staff 

Technical Expertise Projects examples

  • Support highly specialized topics in STEM topics
  • Offer technical support as a help desk service
  • Make patch cables, salvage parts from inoperable computers check and clean computers
  • Work with the school and district technology departments to support technology in schools or district
  • Seek industry standard technology certifications
  • Utilize technical skills with software and hardware
  • Deploy software upgrades or install new software
  • Troubleshoot video production issues; hook up hardware
  • Learn new software well to teach others