Special Services, Dash and Dot

Apollo High School

Today I talked to Ava O’brien and Allison Berke. Their project was about implementing technology for special needs kids, and younger students. Their main goal was having equal access for all students to have an equal learning space.

How they tried to imply the technology to everyone was a great idea. They had robots named Dash and Dot, that are controlled by apps. Dash is a mobile robot that is controlled via programming or joystick, Dot is a stationary robot that completes different tasks engaged by code.

Dash and Dot have made such a positive impact on the kids at their school, they said that you can tell (only after 20 minutes!) the kids are happier, and more excited when they make an appearance. Since it made such a positive impact they want to spread it to their district and maybe even worldwide.

They had taken a poll on Twitter (@apollostlp) asking how often people use technology and 100% had said everyday. They also had another poll asking if all students have equal access to technology and 67% had said no. So having Dash and Dot gave everyone an equal opportunity to interact with them and talk and ask questions.                

I think this project was an amazing idea. It gives each student an opportunity to have an equal learning space.  It was also very cool how they had robots be able to interact and even talk with these kids. I hope this project can win and they can be able to spread it worldwide to help every single kid.

By; Graci Criswell