Eco Tourism 360

Greenup County High School         by: Ashlee Steele

Today I spoke with Zane, Spencer, and Kolby of Greenup County High School.

They noticed a problem in Kentucky, our state parks weren’t getting a lot of money or tourism. These boys found a solution to the lack of income and attraction.

Zane, Spencer, and Kolby go out and take videos of our state parks. These videos show a 360 degree view of our state parks. They hope for viewers to see these videos and be intrigued by Kentucky’s wildlife.

Right now the boys only have around eight videos but are going to continue uploading and making content. They have visited Greenbo Lake, Jenny Wiley, Carter Caves, Natural Bridge, and Fort Boonesborough. You can interact in a 360 virtual reality of these parks.

As well as increasing tourism, the boys hope to increase revenue at our national parks. All of the money from the videos is being given to the parks. You can view them at @ecotourism360 on Youtube.

Below are links to their page and some of their videos