The STLP Kentucky logo has been released under a creative common license model.  This model allows your STLP group to use the logo on your materials with full permissions from the original owner, the Kentucky Department of Education.  These permissions also allow your STLP to customize the logo to your needs.

All STLP projects are expected to proudly display some version of the STLP logo.

STLP Logo Original Photoshop File

This file can be utilized with professional digital editing software, Adobe Photoshop. It contains the official color profiles, etc. Often, professional print services will require a .PSD file to create the version necessary to create t-shirts or other promotional materials. Also attached is a download link to the “Open Sans Condensed” Google font used for most STLP designs.

Both files are condensed into .ZIP files.

STLP Logo Photoshop original
 Open-Sans Condensed font

Links to STLP Logo:

These versions of the STLP logo can be downloaded and used as standard image files.

STLP Logo 2933×1010
STLP Logo 1200×413
STLP Logo 800×275
STLP Logo 400×138
STLP Logo 150×52

STLP Logo with Kentucky border/background:

A new version for 2016 is the STLP Kentucky logo.  Download high quality version below:

STLP Kentucky full color
STLP Kentucky white outline

STLP Logo in Outline Format:

Printing the full color STLP logo can get expensive!  So here you’ll find some single color, outlined, options that are much easier on your STLP’s treasury.

STLP Logo Red Outline
STLP Logo Blue Outline
STLP Logo Orange Outline
STLP Logo Green Outline
STLP Logo Black Outline
STLP Logo White Outline
(Remember, when you click the White version it will open in a new window on a white background — so it will look like a blank page loaded)

STLP Logo Outline Original Photoshop File

Links to traditional STLP Logo:
(Thanks to Leanna Prater, and FCPS, for creating and hosting this high res version)

 Traditional STLP Logo