STLP20 Registration Portal

Registration for STLP State Championship is open now!!

Join us for the 2020 STLP State Championship in Lexington’s storied Rupp Arena on April 9, 2020 (updated). With a multitude of hands-on learning activities in the STLP Playground, 600 STLP Project teams presenting, and dozens of STLP Live Competitions happening throughout Rupp and Lexington Center, there’s something for everyone at STLP State. Whether your school is coming to compete for a STLP State title or attending and exploring only, complete your registration to be included.

State Registration LIVE VIEW

Is your STLP on the list?

Once the State Championship registration portal opens, every submitted registration can be updated until the March 8th deadline.  Using the confirmation email, just click the link to “edit” your entry.  But once registration closes, final planning for events will begin based on what is in your submission.

Adair Co.Adair County Middle School
Adair Co.Adair County Elementary School
Allen Co.Allen County Intermediate Center
Allen Co.James E Bazzell Middle School
Anderson Co.Anderson County High School
Anderson Co.Saffell Street Elementary
Ashland Ind.Hager Elementary
Ashland Ind.Crabbe Elementary
Ashland Ind.Oakview Elementary
Ashland Ind.Ashland Middle School
Ballard Co.Ballard County Elementary School
Bardstown Ind.Bardstown City Schools
Barren Co.Park City
Barren Co.North Jackson Elementary
Barren Co.Eastern Elementary School
Barren Co.Barren Co Middle School
Bath Co.Bath County High School
Bath Co.Crossroads Elementary
Bath Co.Owingsville Elementary School
Beechwood Ind.Beechwood High School
Bell Co.Page School Center
Bell Co.Right Fork School Center
Berea Ind.Berea Middle
Boone Co.Randall K Cooper High School
Boone Co.Randall K Cooper High School
Boone Co.Conner Middle School
Boone Co.RA Jones Middle School
Bourbon Co.Bourbon County Middle School
Bourbon Co.Bourbon County High School
Bowling Green Ind.Potter Gray Elementary
Bowling Green Ind.Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary
Bowling Green Ind.Bowling Green Jr. High
Bowling Green Ind.T.C.Cherry Elementary
Bowling Green Ind.Bowling Green High School
Bowling Green Ind.W.R. McNeill Elementary
Boyd Co.Boyd Co. Middle School
Boyd Co.Boyd County High School
Boyd Co.Ponderosa Elementary
Boyd Co.Summit Elementary School
Boyd Co.Cannonsburg Elementary
Boyle Co.Boyle County High School
Boyle Co.Boyle County Middle School
Breathitt Co.Sebastian Elementary
Breckinridge Co.Breckinridge County Middle School
Breckinridge Co.Breckinridge County High School
Breckinridge Co.Irvington Elementary
Breckinridge Co.Ben Johnson Elementary School
Breckinridge Co.Hardinsburg Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Crossroads Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Crossroads Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Maryville Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Pleasant Grove Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Bullitt Lick Middle School
Bullitt Co.Bernheim Middle School
Bullitt Co.Roby Elementary
Bullitt Co.Overdale Elementary
Bullitt Co.Lebanon Junction Elementary School
Bullitt Co.Old Mill Elementary
Bullitt Co.Eastside Middle School
Butler Co.Butler County Middle School
Caldwell Co.Caldwell County Middle School
Calloway Co.LAMP Home Educators
Campbell Co.Crossroads Elementary
Campbell Co.Grant's Lick Elementary
Campbell Co.Campbell County Middle
Campbell Co.Campbell County High School
Campbellsville Ind.Campbellsville High School
Carroll Co.Carroll County Middle School
Carroll Co.Carroll County High School
Carter Co.East Carter High School
Caverna Ind.Caverna Elementary School
Caverna Ind.Caverna High School
Caverna Ind.Caverna Middle School
Certified Non-PulblicMary Queen of the Holy Rosary School
Certified Non-PulblicLexington Christian Academy
Certified Non-PulblicHoly Spirit School
Certified Non-PulblicSeton Catholic School
Certified Non-PulblicSts. Peter & Paul Regional Catholic School
Christian Co.Christian County High School
Christian Co.Millbrooke Elementary
Christian Co.Pembroke Elementary
Christian Co.Indian Hills Elementary School
Christian Co.Freedom Elementary School
Christian Co.Hopkinsville High School
Christian Co.Gateway Academy to Innovation and Technology
Christian Co.Sinking Fork Elementary
Christian Co.Crofton Elementary
Christian Co.MLK
Christian Co.South Christian Elementary School
Christian Co.South Christian Elementary School
Christian Co.Christian County Middle School
Clark Co.George Rogers Clark High School
Clark Co.The Phoenix Academy
Clark Co.Robert D. Campbell Jr. High School
Clark Co.The Phoenix Academy
Clark Co.Shearer
Clark Co.George Rogers Clark High School
Clark Co.Henry E. Baker Intermediate
Cloverport Ind.William H. Natcher Elementary
Corbin Ind.Corbin High School
Cumberland Co.Cumberland County High School
Cumberland Co.Cumberland County Middle School
Danville Ind.Toliver Intermediate School
Danville Ind.John W. Bate Middle School
Danville Ind.Danville High School
Daviess Co.FT Burns Middle School
Daviess Co.Highland Elementary
Daviess Co.Southern Oaks Elementary
Daviess Co.Audubon Elementary School
Daviess Co.Burns Elementary School
Daviess Co.Apollo High School
Daviess Co.Daviess County High School
Daviess Co.Tamarack Elementary
Daviess Co.Whitesville Elementary School
Daviess Co.Meadow Lands Elementary
Daviess Co.Country Heights Elementary
Daviess Co.Sorgho Elementary School
Daviess Co.West Louisville Elementary
Daviess Co.Daviess County Middle Schools
Daviess Co.East View Elementary
Dayton Ind.Lincoln Elementary
Dayton Ind.Dayton High School
Elizabethtown Ind.Elizabethtown High School
Elizabethtown Ind.Morningside Elementary
Elizabethtown Ind.TK Stone Middle School
Elizabethtown Ind.Helmwood Heights
Eminence Ind.Eminence Elementary
Eminence Ind.Eminence Middle School
Eminence Ind.Eminence High School
Eminence Ind.Eminence Elementary
Estill Co.Estill County Middle School
Estill Co.Estill County High School
Fairview Ind.Fairview High School
Fairview Ind.Fairview Middle School
Fairview Ind.Fairview Elementary
Fayette Co.Bryan Station Middle School
Fayette Co.Cassidy Elementary School
Fayette Co.Henry Clay High School
Fayette Co.Garrett Morgan Elementary
Fayette Co.Dixie Magnet Elementary School
Fayette Co.Dixie Magnet Elementary School
Fayette Co.Dixie Magnet Elementary School
Fayette Co.Eastside Technical Center
Fayette Co.Tates Creek Elementary
Fayette Co.Lexington Traditional Magnet School
Fayette Co.Stonewall Elementary
Fayette Co.Edythe J. Hayes Middle School
Fayette Co.Crawford Middle School
Fayette Co.Bryan Station Middle School
Fayette Co.Stonewall Elementary School
Fayette Co.mary todd elementary
Fayette Co.Eastside Technical Center
Fayette Co.LTMS
Fayette Co.Morton Middle School
Fayette Co.STEAM Academy
Fayette Co.Cardinal Valley Elementary
Fayette Co.Yates Elementary School
Fayette Co.Leestown Middle School
Fayette Co.Breckinridge Elem
Fayette Co.Julius Marks Elementary
Fayette Co.Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Fayette Co.Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School
Fayette Co.Frederick Douglass
Fayette Co.Wellington Elementary
Fayette Co.Winburn Middle School
Fayette Co.Maxwell Spanish Immersion
Fayette Co.Frederick Douglas High School
Fayette Co.Tates Creek Middle School
Fayette Co.Beaumont
Fayette Co.Winburn Middle
Fayette Co.Bryan Station High School
Fayette Co.Lafayette High School
Fayette Co.The Learning Center
Fayette Co.Deep Springs Elementary
Fayette Co.Carter G Woodson Academy
Fayette Co.Northern Elementary
Fayette Co.Harrison Elementary Promise Academy
Fayette Co.Coventry Oak
Fayette Co.James Lane Allen
Fleming Co.Hillsboro Elementary
Fleming Co.Fleming County High School
Fleming Co.Fleming County High School
Fleming Co.Ewing Elementary School
Fleming Co.E. P. Ward Elementary
Floyd Co.Allen Elementary School
Floyd Co.Allen Elementary School
Floyd Co.South Floyd
Floyd Co.Prestonsburg High School
Floyd Co.Betsy Layne High School
Floyd Co.James D Adams Middle School
Floyd Co.Floyd Central High School
Floyd Co.Prestonsburg Elementary
Floyd Co.May Valley Elementary
Floyd Co.John M. Stumbo Elementary
Floyd Co.Betsy Layne Elementary School
Floyd Co.Floyd County Early College Academy
Floyd Co.Duff-Allen Central Elementary (K-5)
Floyd Co.Duff-Allen Central Elementary (6-8)
Floyd Co.Floyd Central High School
Frankfort Ind.Frankfort High School
Frankfort Ind.Second Street School
Franklin Co.Western Hills High School
Franklin Co.Bondurant Middle School
Franklin Co.Franklin County High School
Franklin Co.Peaks Mill Elementary
Franklin Co.Westridge Elementary School
Gallatin Co.Gallatin County High School
Gallatin Co.Gallatin County Middle School
Gallatin Co.Gallatin County Upper Elementary
Glasgow Ind.Glasgow High School
Graves Co.Wingo Elementary
Graves Co.Graves County Middle School
Graves Co.Symsonia Elementary
Grayson Co.Oran P Lawler Elementary
Hardin Co.Lakewood Elementary School
Hardin Co.Early College and Career Center
Hardin Co.West Hardin Middle School
Hardin Co.Creekside Elementary
Hardin Co.Bluegrass Middle School
Hart Co.Hart County High School
Hazard Ind.Hazard Middle School
Henderson Co.Henderson County High School
Henderson Co.Niagara Elementary School
Henderson Co.Jefferson Elementary School
Henderson Co.Bend Gate Elementary
Henry Co.Eastern Elementary
Jackson Co.McKee Elementary
Jefferson Co.J. Graham Brown school
Jefferson Co.Norton Commons Elementary
Jefferson Co.Young Elementary
Jefferson Co.Academy @ Shawnee Middle School
Jefferson Co.Portland Elementary
Jefferson Co.Minor Daniels Academy
Jefferson Co.Bowen Elementary
Jefferson Co.Conway Middle School
Jefferson Co.Audubon Traditional
Jefferson Co.Phoenix School of Discovery
Jefferson Co.Byck Elementary
Jefferson Co.Bloom Elementary
Jefferson Co.Sanders Elementary
Jefferson Co.Dunn Elementary
Jefferson Co.Chancey Elementary
Jefferson Co.Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School
Jefferson Co.Fairdale Elementary
Jefferson Co.W.E.B. DuBois Academy
Jefferson Co.Kenwood Elementary
Jefferson Co.Klondike Lane Elementary
Jefferson Co.Indian Trail Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Cochrane Elementary
Jefferson Co.Chenoweth Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Laukhuf Elementary
Jefferson Co.H.B. Slaughter Elementary
Jefferson Co.Fern Creek Elementary
Jefferson Co.Blue Lick Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Wilkerson Elementary
Jefferson Co.McFerran Preparatory Academy
Jefferson Co.Tully Elementary
Jefferson Co.Fairdale Elementary
Jefferson Co.Robert Frost Sixth Grade Academy
Jefferson Co.Frederick Law Olmsted Academy South
Jefferson Co.Semple Elementary
Jefferson Co.Lassiter Middle School
Jefferson Co.Blake Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Georgia Chaffee TAPP High School
Jefferson Co.Louisville Male
Jefferson Co.TT Knight Middle School
Jefferson Co.Central High School Magnet Career Academy
Jefferson Co.Wheeler Elementary
Jefferson Co.Lowe Elementary
Jefferson Co.Stopher Elementary
Jefferson Co.Field Elementary
Jefferson Co.Western Middle School for the Arts
Jefferson Co.Smyrna Elementary
Jefferson Co.Wilder Elementary
Jefferson Co.J. Graham Brown School
Jefferson Co.Watterson
Jefferson Co.Fern Creek High School
Jefferson Co.Eastern High School
Jefferson Co.Ballard High School
Jefferson Co.Okolona Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Valley High
Jefferson Co.The Academy at Shawnee (High School)
Jefferson Co.Hartstern Elementary
Jefferson Co.Gavin H. Cochran Elementary School
Jefferson Co.Meyzeek Middle School
Jefferson Co.Newburg Middle
Jefferson Co.Carrithers Middle School
Jefferson Co.Meyzeek
Jefferson Co.Seneca High School
Jefferson Co.Lowe ES
Jefferson Co.Johnson Traditional Middle School
Jefferson Co.John F Kennedy Montessori Elementary
Jefferson Co.St. Gabriel School
Jefferson Co.St. Gabriel School
Jefferson Co.Breckinridge Metropolitan High School
Jefferson Co.Greathouse/Shryock Elem.
Jessamine Co.West Jessamine Middle School
Jessamine Co.Rosenwald Dunbar
Jessamine Co.Nicholasville Elementary
Jessamine Co.Jessamine Career & Technology Center
Jessamine Co.Wilmore Elementary
Jessamine Co.Brookside Elementary School
Johnson Co.Central Elementary School
Johnson Co.Johnson Central High School
Johnson Co.Johnson County Middle School
Johnson Co.Porter Elementary
Johnson Co.Highland Elementary
Johnson Co.Johnson Central High School
Johnson Co.W.R. Castle
Johnson Co.Johnson Central High School
Johnson Co.Highland Elementary
Kenton Co.Ryland Heights Elementary
Knott Co.Beaver Creek Middle School
Knott Co.Beaver Creek Elementary (K-4)
Knott Co.Jones Fork Elementary
Knott Co.Carr Creek Elementary
Knott Co.Knott County Central High School
Knott Co.Hindman Elementary
Knott Co.Cordia School
Knox Co.Knox County Middle School
LaRue Co.LaRue County High School
LaRue Co.LaRue County Middle School
Laurel Co.North Laurel Middle School
Lincoln Co.Stanford Elementary school
Livingston Co.Livingston Central High School
Logan Co.Chandler's School
Lyon Co.Lyon County High School
Lyon Co.Lyon County Middle School
Madison Co.Madison Southern
Madison Co.Daniel Boone Elementary
Madison Co.Model Laboratory School
Marion Co.Calvary Elementary School
Marion Co.Glasscock Elementary
Marion Co.West Marion Elementary
Marion Co.Marion County High School
Marion Co.Marion County High School
Marion Co.Marion County Knight Academy
Marshall Co.Benton Elementary
Marshall Co.South Marshall Elementary School
Mason Co.Mason County Intermediate School
Mason Co.Mason County Middle School
Mason Co.Mason County Middle School
Mason Co.Mason County High School
McCracken Co.Heath Elementary School
McCracken Co.Concord Elementary
McCracken Co.McCracken County High School
Meade Co.Payneville Elementary
Meade Co.Flaherty Elementary School
Meade Co.Ekron Elementary
Meade Co.Flaherty Primary School
Meade Co.Meade County High School
Meade Co.Brandenburg Primary
Menifee Co.Menifee County High School
Metcalfe Co.Metcalfe County High School
Metcalfe Co.Metcalfe County Middle School
Monroe Co.Gamaliel Elementary School
Monroe Co.Monroe County Middle School
Monroe Co.Monroe County High School
Montgomery Co.Northview Elementary School
Montgomery Co.Montgomery County High School
Montgomery Co.Camargo Elementary School
Montgomery Co.Mount Sterling Elementary
Murray Ind.Murray Middle School
Nelson Co.Foster Heights Elementary
Nelson Co.Nelson County High School
Nelson Co.Bloomfield Middle School
Nelson Co.Nelson County ATC
Newport Ind.Newport Intermediate School
Newport Ind.Newport High School
Newport Ind.Newport High School
Oldham Co.East Oldham Middle School
Oldham Co.Camden Station Elementary School
Oldham Co.South Oldham High School
Oldham Co.Goshen Elementary
Oldham Co.Locust Grove Elementary
Oldham Co.East Oldham Middle School
Oldham Co.North Oldham Middle
Oldham Co.Crestwood Elementary
Oldham Co.Oldham County Middle School
Oldham Co.South Oldham Middle School
Oldham Co.Centerfield Elementary
Oldham Co.Oldham County High School
Oldham Co.North Oldham High School
Owen Co.Owen County Elementary
Owensboro Ind.Newton Parrish Elementary
Owensboro Ind.Owensboro Middle School
Owensboro Ind.Foust Elementary
Owensboro Ind.Owensboro Innovation Academy
Owensboro Ind.Sutton Elementary
Owensboro Ind.Owensboro Innovation Academy
Owensboro Ind.Owensboro Innovation Middle School
Owensboro Ind.Estes Elementary
Paintsville Ind.Paintsville Elementary School
Pendleton Co.Phillip A Sharp Middle School
Pendleton Co.Pendleton County High School
Pendleton Co.Southern Elementary School
Perry Co.Robert W. Combs Elementary School
Perry Co.East Perry Elementary
Perry Co.West Perry Elementary
Perry Co.Robinson Elementary
Perry Co.Buckhorn School
Pike Co.Elkhorn City Elementary
Pike Co.Valley
Pike Co.Dorton Elementary
Pike Co.Mullins School
Pike Co.Valley Elementary
Pike Co.Belfry High School
Pike Co.Belfry Elementary
Pike Co.Kimper Elementary
Pike Co.Pike County Central High School
Pikeville Ind.Pikeville Elementary
Powell Co.Powell County High School
Powell Co.Powell County Middle School
Powell Co.Bowen Elementary
Powell Co.Stanton Elementary
Pulaski Co.Northern Elementary School
Pulaski Co.Northern Elementary
Pulaski Co.Northern Elementary
Pulaski Co.Pulaski County High School
Robertson Co.Robertson County School
Rowan Co.Rowan County Middle School
Rowan Co.Rowan County Senior High School
Russell Ind.Russell Middle School
Russell Ind.Russell Middle School
Russell Ind.Russell High School
Russell Ind.Russell Primary School
Russell Ind.Russell-McDowell Intermediate School
Scott Co.Western Elementary
Scott Co.Scott County High School
Shelby Co.Heritage Elementary School
Simpson Co.Franklin Elementary School
Simpson Co.Simpson Elementary School
Simpson Co.Franklin Simpson High School
Simpson Co.Franklin Simpson Middle School
Simpson Co.Lincoln Elementary School
Somerset Ind.Meece Middle School
Spencer Co.Spencer County High School
Todd Co.Todd County Central High School
Trimble Co.Trimble County Junior/Senior High School
Warren Co.Warren East Middle School
Warren Co.Richardsville Elementary
Warren Co.Bristow Elementary
Warren Co.Greenwood High School
Warren Co.Drakes Creek Middle School
Warren Co.Drakes Creek Middle School
Warren Co.Rich Pond Elementary
Warren Co.William H. Natcher Elementary
Warren Co.Warren Central High School
Warren Co.Plano Elementary
Warren Co.Jennings Creek Elementary
Warren Co.North Warren Elementary
Warren Co.Warren East High School
Warren Co.Henry Moss Middle School
Warren Co.Henry Moss Middle School
Washington Co.North Washington School
Washington Co.Washington County Middle School
Washington Co.Washington County High School
West Point Ind.West Point Independent
Woodford Co.Woodford County Middle School
Woodford Co.Simmons Elementary
Woodford Co.Woodford County High School
Woodford Co.Huntertown Elementary School
Daviess Co.Deer Park Elementary
Graves Co.Graves County Middle School
Fayette Co.Booker T Washington
Fayette Co.Locust trace
Fayette Co.Southern Middle School
Fayette Co.Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy
Jackson Co.Tyner Elementary
Perry Co.Perry County Central High School
Boone Co.Randall K Cooper High School
Fort Thomas Ind.Highlands High School
Franklin Co.Westridge Elementary School
Knott Co.Emmalena Elementary
Floyd Co.Duff-Allen Central Elementary (6-8)