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Welcome to the STLP Resource Center. Located here are links to logos, planning materials, documentation, permission forms, press releases, digital citizenship tools and more!

Of all sections within the STLP website, the Resources page will be the one to most frequently receive additions and updates. Check back often to get the latest resources your STLP needs to be successful!

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Thank you for your patience while we work to develop the STLP Resource Center. While work continues, please feel free to reach out directly to if you have any questions about a specific resource that is under development.  Thanks!


The STLP logo should be displayed proudly and prominently.  For Showcase Projects in particular, teams may choose from the any of the logo versions.

Links to STLP Posters:

2014 – 2015 Design. Make. Connect. LEARN. Poster
2013 – 2014 STLP20 Poster

STLP Logo Original Photoshop File

This file can be utilized with digital editing software. It contains the official color profiles, etc. Often, professional print services will require a .PSD file to create the version necessary to create t-shirts or other promotional materials. Also attached is a download link to the “Open Sans Condensed” Google font used for most STLP designs.

Both files are condensed into .ZIP files.

STLP Logo Photoshop original
 Open-Sans Condensed font

Links to STLP Logo:

STLP Logo 2933×1010
STLP Logo 1200×413
STLP Logo 800×275
STLP Logo 400×138
STLP Logo 150×52

STLP Logo in Outline Format:

STLP Logo Red Outline
STLP Logo Blue Outline
STLP Logo Orange Outline
STLP Logo Green Outline
STLP Logo Black Outline
STLP Logo White Outline
(Remember, when you click the White version it will open in a new window on a white background — so it will look like a blank page loaded)

STLP Logo Outline Original Photoshop File

Links to traditional STLP Logo:
(Thanks to Leanna Prater, and FCPS, for creating and hosting this high res version)

 Traditional STLP Logo

Student Technology Standards

STLP projects, services and products tie directly to:
You may also be interested in these valuable resources from our ISTE partners:

Digital Citizenship

A STLP student should be the model for all other students in the building.

When designing materials, STLP students should be the content creators of original work.

As a good digital citizen, STLP students need to properly cite and credit anyone else’s work when designing projects and services.

If others see projects or services in other classes, the district, region or state, proper citations are required.

All products submitted to STLP for judging should be original. Products submitted for Winter Virtual Judging should be an original idea, words, image, photo or media.  Judges should not recognize an image, photo or text from another source or person.

Some partners with STLP will not post materials if there are any issues with copyright.

A few resources to better understand copyright and intellectual properties are listed below.

Copyright Infographic

Helpful Infographic to Learn About Copyright (from Meryl Seidenberg and Sylvia Rosenthal)

Copyright Infographic

Click to expand

“Can I use that picture?” Decision Tree

Creative Commons and the Remix Generation

Helpful tips from @ShellTerrell about the do’s and don’ts of remixing using media covered under different Creative Commons licenses

Copyright info from NKU

Creative Thinking at Northern Kentucky University


Resources on Copyright of Jocelyn Sams, Laurel County


Creative Commons

Citations and Copyright

Library Media

Digital Citizenship

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


Digital Driver’s License (DDL)

Learning how to be a good digital citizen, go for the license. Go to the link and read About the DDL.


KET Multimedia Education Resources
The KET Ed Cons will help you create media.

Look at KET School Video Project – Content and Technical Requirements

Local Resources

These persons can help your school’s STLP. They may offer ideas for projects; advise, teach or assist the STLP school.

  • District Technology Coordinator (DTC/CIO)
  • District Technical Staff
  • Central Office Staff
  • District or School Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)
  • Library Media Specialist (LMS)
  • Fellow Teachers
  • Parents
  • Community Persons
  • Friends of STLP
  • STLP State Advisory Council

Helpful Docmentation

Generic Permission Form

Shools may use this shell to personalize the permission slip for students to attend STLP events. Permission slips are kept by the teacher as they attend events. Customize as needed.


Press Release

Schools may use this shell to alert media in their community about STLP events.


Certificate of Participation

Use this certificate format for recognizing your STLP Students

STLPCertificate.doc STLP Certificate of Achievement

About the STLP Logo

STLP is celebrating 20+ years of empowering learning in Kentucky. The STLP logo is presented via Creative Commons, so local STLP groups are free and encouraged to incorporate a customized version of the logo into their school’s STLP.  The original STLP logo is still permissible for use at STLP events, and can be downloaded in high-resolution here.

Creative Commons License
STLP Kentucky Logo by STLP KEntucky is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at;