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Regional Rubrics

The Digital Road Map to Success

Project Scoring Guides are designated “Level 1”, “Level 2” and “Level 3” to correspond with the stages of the year long project competition.  Projects presented at Regionals utilize the Level 1 Team Reflection and Scoring Guide/Rubric.  The old “Project Planner” has been replaced by the updated Team Reflection sheet.

Service Categories also have individualized rubrics. Students will interview for a spot on a Service Team that is responsible for an important role at the State Championship.

Images from STLP Regionals

Project Scoring Guide/Rubric & Team Reflection

STLP Project Cycle Guide for Levels 1-2-3

Level 1:

One to four students present the project for Level 1 Judges at Regional Events.  Selected Projects will be invited to State Semifinals (Level 2) judging at the State Championship, with the goal of making it to Level 3 judging and possibly being named “Best Project in Kentucky” for your Division (K-5, 6-8, or 9-12).

Review the Level 1 Scoring Guide while you plan your project.  The guide should focus your presentation and preparation for Regionals.

What the students do:

Students create and carry out the project. During judging, students have up to 10-minutes to describe project, answer judges’ questions and demonstrate any materials/products. Hand completed copy of Level 1 Team Reflection document (page 4) to judges. A score of at least 85 out of 100 possible points will qualify the project for State Championship Level 2 judging.

Because projects can be “in progress” and not yet completed, each team should be especially prepared to discuss development plans, ways they intend to measure success, and who they intend to collaborate with to complete the project.  Essentially, at Regionals, teams strive to convince judges their project idea/development plan is strong enough to deserve another several months to accomplish their project goals before State.

View and Copy to Drive:  STLP Project Cycle (Level 1, 2, 3) 

IMPORTANT: STLP rubrics are transitioning to being all Google G-Suite for Education based. Every STLP documents is posted with “Share” settings to allow anyone with link to view/copy to drive. If you are denied access, it is because your district has restricted your access to documents from outside your district Google domain…not because STLP is limiting access. Check with your district Education Technology office and ask them to remove Google Admin Console restrictions for viewing Google resources provided by STLP and the Kentucky Department of Education. 

Each team is required complete the Team Reflection prior to attending the Regional Qualifier.  Completed copies of your finished Team Reflection should be available for judges at the event (as an element of your presentation space and handed directly to judges).

The Team Reflection guides teams to explore their project (or planned project) by identifing at least seve7 (6) individual indicators that have been/will be addressed during their project cycle.  In other words, from the 28 individual indicator blocks describing how a standard can be applied, choose at least seven (7), identify your selected indicators on your Project Planner sheet, and be prepared to discuss how those standards/indicators apply to their project.

STLP Coordinators/Teachers are encouraged to assist teams in identifying and understanding the standards and indicators on the Level 1 Scoring Guide and Level 1 Team Reflection  Once STLP Coordinators/Teachers review the technology standards listed on the Team Reflection sheet, they will most likely realize that each project easily addresses more than seven of the standards.

With the standards your team is prepared to discuss clearly marked on your Team Reflection sheet, Regional: Level 1 judges may ask students how those standards apply to their project.  A hefty 30 points on the rubric is dedicated to teams being able to discuss at least seven (7) of the standards as they apply to their Level 1 Project.  Addressing only 1-6 of the standards will earn your team a reduced 15 points, and not addressing any standards will earn a team zero (0) points for that category on the Level 1 rubric.

View and Download Level 1 Team Reflection (page 4): STLP Project Cycle (Levels 1-2-3)

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STLP Service Category Collage image

What are Service Category Teams?

Regional events are not only about Showcase Projects.  The service category interviews also occur on site during Regional Events.

Students who wish to participate in one of the several service teams at the STLP State Championship start their journey at the Regional Event level.  At Regionals, these interested students are interviewed using the rubrics (links above).

Students who are selected to be part of the service teams will come to the State Championship and participate throughout the day to report on event live, keep everyone informed about the day via social media, recording the day’s events for a video presentation or even operating the service/support program for the entire event.

Service Team Rubrics

Expand each Service Category to see it’s Rubric

Individual Student Event, Two Students Per School Allowed To Apply
Division Level(s): 9-12 ONLY
Student Prepared Documents Are Required to Begin Interview

The Engineer is the pinnacle of STLP.  The privilege of being and STLP Engineer comes with the serious responsibility of representing STLP regionally, statewide and (inter) nationally.  Before applying, be certain that you are ready to accept the commitment to be the strongest agent of STLP when called upon.

The STLP Engineer is an outstanding student leader in the utilization of technology to design, create, and collaborate to solve complicated technical issues.  While STLP Engineers are highly technical, they are also intrinsically motivated and contain interpersonal skills necessary to demonstrate advanced leadership, while also recognizing the importance of being a life-long learner. The STLP Engineer honors the STLP Mission in their everyday actions with peers, educators and community members.

Selected students will provide technical support and leadership at KySTE, the STLP State Championship and possibly ISTE. Engineers are recognized at the State Championship each year.

Rubric: STLP Engineers scoring rubric via STLP Super Sheet

Interview at Regional Qualifier to be invited to State Championship
Individual Student Event, Two Students Per School Allowed To Apply
Division Level(s): 6-8 and 9-12 Only

What students are doing the video production in your building? These are the students we want to apply for this category. Students will be producing the video of record for the STLP State Championship. They will work as a team to ask, record and edit the event. The video will be shown at the Awards Program.  Likewise, media may be shared online as part of the social media campaign aimed at bringing the STLP event to the largest and broadest audience possible.

Students selected will be recognized on stage during the awards.

Media Arts Rubric: Service Team Rubric: Media Arts via the STLP Super Sheet

Interview at Regional Qualifier to be invited to State Championship
Individual Student Event, Two Students Per School Allowed To Apply
Division Level(s): 6-8 and 9-12 ONLY

We know that many of today’s STLP students can actively and effectively communicate information in brief phrases, snapshots, and short video clips via the Internet. STLP needs those students who are great at capturing events as they happen and sharing their experiences via images, sound, video and text to be part of our Social Media Service.

Many people attend the STLP State Championship, but with such a massive venue, those people cannot hope to be everywhere or experience all enriching activities the day has to offer. The STLP Social Media Team will roam the State Championship and post important updates via our STLP media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and through the STLP mobile app.  Also, at the end of the STLP State Championship judging period, they will help post category results in real-time, alerting/announcing winners and finalists who will appear on stage during the Award Ceremony

Students will be selected to be on the team at State and will be recognized on stage during the Awards Ceremony.

Social Media Team Rubric: Service Team Rubric: Social Media via STLP Super Sheet

Interview at Regional Qualifier to be invited to State Championship
Individual Student Event, Two Students Per School Allowed To Apply
Division Level(s): K-5 and 6-8 ONLY

Working with our parters at KET, STLP has created a new and combined Service Team category that reflects the demand for multi-talented team members in the media production field.

Students that are comfortable behind the camera as well as in front of the camera are the target for Live Production Team.  If selected, students will assist the KET production team as they live stream the STLP State Championship event in 2019.  Students who apply will supply actual samples of their work in the production field, highlighting their time behind the scenes as well as their time in front of the camera as on on-the-air personality.

Rubric: Service Team: Live Production rubric via STLP Super Sheet

About Service Teams

Check out this slide deck highlighting the different Service Category Teams – created by Connie Tackett, Pike County STLP
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