Level 1 Projects for 2020 are now an “Elevator Pitch”…short, sweet & simple. Reserve project spaces for your teams by November 25th. Only schools with reserved spaces will receive info about how to submit your Pitch. Good luck!

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Search the sortable table of schools indicating participation in All-Digital STLP Regionals event. Note: table updates every 5 minutes. If your recently submitted school does not immediately appear in the table, refresh after 5 minutes to verify.

District:School:Project Spaces:
Jefferson Co.Greathouse Shryock Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Olmsted Academy North1 project
Jefferson Co.Cochrane Elementary1 project
Warren Co.Alvaton Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Tully1 project
Jefferson Co.Norton Commons Elementary1 project
Warren Co.Warren East Middle School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Thomas Jefferson Middle School1 project
Jefferson Co.Chenoweth Elementary School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Lassiter Middle School1 project
Jefferson Co.Alex R. Kennedy Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Crums Lane Elementary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Phoenix School of Discovery1 project
Jefferson Co.J. Graham Brown School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Dunn Elem.1 project
Jefferson Co.Central High Magnet Career Academy1 project
Jefferson Co.Valley High3 projects
Jefferson Co.Brandeis Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Zachary Taylor Elementary 1 project
Jefferson Co.Farnsley Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Watson Lane3 projects
Jefferson Co.Grace M. James Academy of Excellence 3 projects
Jefferson Co.Marion C. Moore1 project
Pike Co.Belfry Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Chancey Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Sanders Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Okolona Elementary School 1 project
Jefferson Co.Blake Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Meyzeek Middle School3 projects
Jefferson Co.J. Graham Brown School (Elementary)2 projects
Jefferson Co.J. Graham Brown School (High)2 projects
Jefferson Co.Ballard High School1 project
Russell Ind.Russell-McDowell Intermediate2 projects
Warren Co.Warren East High School3 projects
Todd Co.Todd County Central High School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Hartstern Elementary1 project
Ashland Ind.Hager Elementary1 project
Certified Non-PublicMary Queen of the Holy Rosary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Fairdale High School1 project
Jefferson Co.Luhr Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Phoenix School of Discovery1 project
Simpson Co.Simpson Elementary School1 project
Fayette Co.Tates Creek Elementary3 projects
Jefferson Co.Shelby Traditional Academy1 project
Jefferson Co.Laukhuf Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Gavin H. Cochran Elementary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Fairdale Elementary1 project
Crittenden Co.Crittenden County Elementary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Bates Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Engelhard1 project
Jefferson Co.Coral Ridge Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Newburg Middle3 projects
Jefferson Co.Indian Trail Elementary School3 projects
Corbin Ind.Corbin High School3 projects
Graves Co.Graves Co. Central Elementary1 project
Bell Co.Page School Center2 projects
Metcalfe Co.Metcalfe County Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Blue Lick1 project
Jackson Co.McKee Elementary3 projects
Jefferson Co.Camp Taylor1 project
Nelson Co.Cox´s Creek Elementary School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School1 project
Jefferson Co.Fern Creek Elementary2 projects
Murray Ind.Murray Middle School3 projects
Gallatin Co.Gallatin County Middle School4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Perry Co.East Perry Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Smyrna Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Atherton High School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Waggener High School1 project
Jefferson Co.Middletown Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Johnson Traditional Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Maupin Elementary1 project
Erlanger-Elsmere Ind.Howell Elementary School1 project
Allen Co.Allen Co Scottsville High School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Minors Lane Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Schaffner Traditional Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Kenwood Elementary1 project
Floyd Co.Prestonsburg Elementary School1 project
Floyd Co.James D Adams Middle School3 projects
Jefferson Co.King elementary1 project
Cumberland Co.Cumberland County High School1 project
Jefferson Co.Greenwood Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Semple Elementary 3 projects
Montgomery Co.Northview Elementary School1 project
Todd Co.Todd County Middle School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Hite Elementary3 projects
Jefferson Co.Bloom Elementary1 project
Adair Co.Adair County Elementary School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Bowen Elementary (JCPS)3 projects
Fayette Co.Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy2 projects
Warren Co.William H. Natcher Elementary4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Jefferson Co.roosevelt-perry2 projects
Fayette Co.FCPS Virtual Learning Academy3 projects
Jefferson Co.Conway Middle School3 projects
Fayette Co.Crawford Middle2 projects
Fayette Co.Ashland Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Eastern High School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Fern Creek High School1 project
Bullitt Co.Nichols Elementary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Central High Magnet Career Academy1 project
Laurel Co.North Laurel Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Young Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Slaughter Elementary2 projects
Fayette Co.Maxwell Spanish Immersion1 project
Fayette Co.Cardinal Valley Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Frayser Elementary1 project
Fayette Co.Eastside Technical Center2 projects
Jefferson Co.Audubon 1 project
Jefferson Co.Cochrane Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Watterson Elementary2 projects
Fayette Co.Winburn Middle School1 project
Newport Ind.Newport High School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Marion C. Moore1 project
Franklin Co.Westridge Elementary School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Rangeland Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Roberta Tully El.1 project
Jefferson Co.Robert Frost Sixth Grade Academy3 projects
Jefferson Co.Wheatley Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Stopher Elementary1 project
Warren Co.Lost River Elementary2 projects
Floyd Co.May Valley Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.McFerran Preparatory Academy1 project
Newport Ind.Newport Intermediate school1 project
Franklin Co.Western Hills High School1 project
Jackson Co.Sand Gap Elementary1 project
Barren Co.North Jackson Elementary4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Elizabethtown Ind.Morningside Elementary1 project
Fayette Co.Yates Elementary2 projects
Union Co.Union County Middle School1 project
Jefferson Co.Price Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Wilt Elementary1 project
Eminence Ind.Eminence Middle School3 projects
Eminence Ind.Eminence High School2 projects
Fayette Co.SCAPA at Bluegrass3 projects
Jefferson Co.Seneca High School1 project
Barren Co.Red Cross Elementary4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Jefferson Co.Eisenhowe1 project
Jefferson Co.Byck Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Medora Elementary3 projects
Shelby Co.Heritage Elementary School1 project
Carroll Co.Kathryn Winn Primary1 project
Floyd Co.Duff-Allen Central Elementary School3 projects
Floyd Co.Floyd Central High School 3 projects
Jefferson Co.Wheeler Elementary1 project
Fayette Co.Paul Laurence Dunbar High School3 projects
Graves Co.Sedalia Elementary School3 projects
Jefferson Co.Jeffersontown Elementary2 projects
Fayette Co.Academy for Leadership at Millcreek Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Okolona2 projects
Graves Co.Lowes Elementary3 projects
Carroll Co.Carroll County High School 3 projects
Jefferson Co.Mill Creek1 project
Union Co.Uniontown Elementary1 project
Jackson Co.Jackson County Middle School2 projects
Union Co.Sturgis Elementary School1 project
Jefferson Co.Auburndale Elementary1 project
Ashland Ind.Ashland Paul Blazer High School1 project
Fayette Co.Picadome1 project
Ashland Ind.Oakview Elementary1 project
Ashland Ind.Crabbe Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Trunnell Elementary School1 project
Floyd Co.Betsy Layne Elementary School 3 projects
Carroll Co.Carroll County Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Klondike Lane Elementary School1 project
Frankfort Ind.Frankfort High School3 projects
Ashland Ind.Charles Russell Elementary School1 project
Fayette Co.Morton Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.Western Middle School for the Arts3 projects
Jefferson Co.Auburndale Elementary1 project
Floyd Co.Prestonsburg High School 2 projects
Floyd Co.John M. Stumbo3 projects
Graves Co.Farmington Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Georgia Chaffee TAPP 1 project
Montgomery Co.Montgomery County High School1 project
Floyd Co.South Floyd Elementary1 project
Floyd Co.South Floyd Elementary 1 project
Floyd Co.Betsy Layne High School3 projects
Nelson Co.Foster Heights Elementary1 project
Kenton Co.Woodland Middle School2 projects
Jefferson Co.St. Matthews Elementary1 project
Floyd Co.Allen Elementary School3 projects
Floyd Co.Allen Elementary School (K-5)1 project
Jefferson Co.Fern Creek Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Lowe2 projects
Newport Ind.Newport High School1 project
Bullitt Co.Bernheim Middle School3 projects
Floyd Co.Allen Elementary School (K-5)1 project
Warren Co.Briarwood1 project
Fayette Co.Brenda Cowan Elementary1 project
Jefferson Co.Minor Daniels Academy2 projects
Montgomery Co.Mapleton Elementary1 project
Fayette Co.Harrison Elementar Promise Academy 1 project
Knott Co.Beaver Creek Elementary2 projects
Trimble Co.Trimble County Jr/Sr High School2 projects
Hardin Co.East Hardin Middle School1 project
Fayette Co.STEAM Academy2 projects
Fayette Co.Virtual Learning Academy3 projects
Newport Ind.Newport Primary School1 project
Nelson Co.Bloomfield Elementary1 project
Barren Co.Temple Hill Elementary1 project
Barren Co.Austin Tracy Elementary4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Fayette Co.Northern Elementary 1 project
Warren Co.South Warren High School1 project
Elizabethtown Ind.Helmwood Heights Elementary2 projects
Russell Ind.Russell Middle School4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Russell Ind.Russell High School4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Russell Ind.Russell Middle4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Russell Ind.Russell High4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Lyon Co.Lyon County High School2 projects
Fayette Co.Leestown Middle School1 project
Woodford Co.Woodford County High School2 projects
Fayette Co.Bryan Station High School3 projects
Lyon Co.Lyon County Elementary School3 projects
Barren Co.Hiseville Elementary1 project
Oldham Co.East Oldham Middle School3 projects
Oldham Co.East Oldham Middle School3 projects
Pike Co.Millard1 project
Oldham Co.Locust Grove Elementary1 project
Pike Co.Dorton Elementary School 1 project
Allen Co.Allen County Primary Center2 projects
Fayette Co.Stonewall Elementary3 projects
Perry Co.Perry County Central High School1 project
Owensboro Ind.Estes Elementary2 projects
Fayette Co.Breckinridge Elementary School1 project
Model LaboratoryModel Laboratory School2 projects
Bath Co.Bath County Middle School2 projects
Ashland Ind.Ashland Middle School4 projects (Gold Status schools only)
Monroe Co.Monroe County Middle School3 projects
Fayette Co.Coventry Oak Elementary2 projects
Jefferson Co.Robert Frost 6th grade Academy1 project
Jackson Co.Tyner Elementary2 projects
Fayette Co.Bryan StationMiddle School 1 project
Jefferson Co.Byck1 project



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