LEVEL 3Online Video Chat with Judges   


  • Final round of 2021 STLP State Judging
  • Level 3 Project judging is interview/conversation w/judges
  • Each team can select up to 4 spokespersons to represent the project during the conversation with judges
  • Opportunity to share passion and knowledge
  • Judges will review Level 2 Presentation prior to meeting
  • Judges will deliberate and advocate for the project team

Grade Divisions: PreK-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th   


Category: Not required for STLP 2020-21 Projects


Team Event: select up to 4 spokespersons to represent project to judges during the online conversation with judges


Format: Teams choose presentation platforms/methods

  • Utilize available tools to tell the best story of the project
  • Connect with others to gather peer feedback 
  • Review 2020 State Level 2 entries for inspiration
  • Submit tested/working link to you project presentation


Judging: Done entirely online via live remote video chat.

  • Judges will have reviewed your Level 2 presentations
  • Focuses on learning from students via conversation; less emphasis on prepared presentation/speeches
  • Opportunity for representatives to share passion for project


Tips: Choose your (up to 4) representatives wisely

  • Expect to have a conversation with judges…do not expect to give a prepared speech; instead, let your project be represented by the most informed, confident and enthusiastic spokespeople