LEVEL 2All-Digital Presentation, Any Format   



View the updated 2020-21 Project Cycle bundle for all the updated rubrics and resources

  • Opening round of 2021 STLP State Judging
  • Level 2 Project judging will be all-digital/virtual 
  • Opportunity to leverage creativity; utilize any format(s)
  • Finalists will pass on Level 3 Judging
  • DEADLINE to submit links to your project presentation: April 6

Grade Divisions: PreK-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th   

Category: Not required for STLP 2020-21 Projects

Team Event (no limit of presenters due to all-digital format flexibility)

Format: Teams choose presentation platforms/methods

  • Utilize available tools to tell the best story of the project
  • Connect with others to gather peer feedback & new knowledge
  • Review 2020 State Level 2 entries for inspiration
  • Submit tested/working link to you project presentation

Judging: Done entirely online. No live presentations. 

  • Judges will only have what you provide via link to score
  • Vital all links are tested & verified working before submitting
  • Strive to answer all questions posed in Level 2 rubric

Tips and Lessons Learned

  • Judges will only have what you provide via link to score, so craft the presentation to be user friendly, engaging & succinct
  • Be sure to incorporate responses to each question presented in the Level 2 rubric — and don’t miss easy points for STLP logo
  • Ask yourself, “Did I create all the various media we’re including in our project presentation?”. If the answer is “no”, then be certain you have included proof you had permission to use it!