A note of thanks to all the STLP Coaches, STLP Coordinators, STLP Judges and STLP Student Leaders who support and engage in digital learning throughout the year. Knowing that STLP can help build relationships that lead to student success is why we’re all here. We appreciate your time, energy and tireless advocacy for students.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate students than to highlight some awesome original digital visual art from Crosby Middle School in Jefferson County. Megan is a member of Crosby’s STLP and (with the support of her STLP Coach, Mr. Etter) gave permission for us to share her designs on our holiday message. Great job, Megan!

Enjoy your time and make memories. STLP updates will be back after your break to help prepare you for Regionals and DPOJ. Happy Thanksgiving!