About Titanium/Platinum Status

Many schools are doing powerful things because STLP has strong District level support.  To recognize this support, districts may apply for Titanium/Platinum Status.  This level is reserved for districts that proudly have 100% of their schools with active STLP groups.  Each of those individual schools must also have attained Gold Status prior to a district submitting their proposal for Titanium/Platinum Status.

Interested districts will document how the STLP groups across their district are actively engaged in the Five Levels of STLP Involvement.  Those 5 levels include school, district, regional, state and national levels of activity.

Platinum is the highest level a district can achieve. Some districts will strive to reach the Titanium level first, and then use an additional school year to fulfill remaining requirements to reach Platinum level.

While many districts will establish a district-wide committee of STLP Coordinators to help gather all required evidence needed for the submission, it is imperative that a district have leadership from the CIO/DTC/District STLP Coordinator prior to starting the process.  Contact your CIO/DTC/District STLP Coordinator to discuss your interest.  Then, that CIO/DTC/District STLP Coordinator should email Jeff Sebulsky (jeff.sebulsky@education.ky.gov) for further instructions.

If your district is ready to begin the process of attaining Titanium or Platinum Status, review the rubric and contact Jeff.

Download the Titanium/Platinum Status rubric in PDF