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Student Technology Leadership Program

Join Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) Coordinators and support staff for our 2nd annual STLP Coordinator Connection – a day to learn more about STLP events, competitions, and opportunities. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, tinker with technology, as well as share experiences with others. Last year’s event was attended by folks from 29 different school districts!
Event hosted by Fayette County Schools and led by Jeff Sebulsky, State STLP Coordinator.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

8:00 Check-in (Donuts, Muffins, Coffee, & Soft Drinks provided)
8:30 – 11:30, 12:30-3:30 Training (lunch time approximate) Restaurants
Fayette County Russell Cave Warehouse
1126 Russell Cave Road
Lexington, KY  40505

Plans for the Day

The schedule is developing as more and more STLP experts volunteer to share their information at this meeting.

8:00 Signin

8:30  Welcome

9:00  Sessions

  • STLP 101, Exploring the state website – Jeff Sebulsky, State STLP Program Manager
  • Supporting STLP – Bob Moore, DTC Fayette County

10:00  Sessions

  • Regional overview/ Service Interviews – Jeff Sebulsky
  • Service Interviews – a deeper discussion

11:00  DPOJ – Digital Products Online Judging – Jeff Sebulsky and others

11:30  Meet the Experts/Overview of Tinkering with Technology Session

11:45  Lunch

12:45  Visit and Explore

  • Tinkering with Technology
  • Visit with the Experts (Leads and others with experience)

2:30  Wrap Up

  • Get Recognized
  • Badges
  • Answers

Tinkering With Technology

Time will be set aside to explore some of the following:

  • Cubelets – Erin Waggoner
  • Dash and Dot robots – Robbie Randall
  • DJI Phantom 3 Drone – Chris Bryant
  • DSLR Camera rig for filmmaking – Duane Keaton
  • Lego NXT and EV3 robots – Doug Geiman, Robbie Randall
  • Makey Makey – Kelly Fischer and Jerry Broyles
  • RCX (Robo Challenge Xtreme) – see this year’s challenge board – Doug Geiman
  • Racing to the Future (slot cars) – see new track and practice racing – Paul Shoemaker
  • Samsung VR – Paula Setser Kissick
  • Scratch/Scratch Jr. – Leanna Prater
  • Sphero – Heather Warrell
  • SumoBot board – Robbie Randall
  • WeDo2 – Leanna Prater

If you have items available for share, please list these on your registration form.

Ask The Expert

As attendees offer to share their expertise, we’ll update the following information.

  • Jeff Sebulsky: State STLP Program Manager – Jeff is prepared to talk about all of the topics listed above as well as helping us gather experts to share and answer our questions.
  • Amy Johns: Lead for Level 3 Showcase judging at STLP State Championship. Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Fayette County.
  • Brian Spellman: KET sponsors video contests that STLP students may want to enter. Let’s talk Brian into being the Lead on a digital video contest for STLP!
  • Chris Bryant: Helps with High School Art on Demand event at the STLP State Championship. Sharing Drones. Art/Photography teacher and STLP Coordinator, Lafayette High School, Fayette County.
  • David Lucas: Familiar with Engineer Interviews at Regionals. Assistant DTC and STLP District Coordiantor, Lewis County.
  • Doug Geiman: Lead for RCX (Robo Challenge Xtreme). This year’s challenge board, Fun at the Fair, will be set up and Doug will be available to answer questions.
  • Duane Keaton: First or second place in the middle school division for the last four years in the Cinemania category at the State Championsion. Art and drama teacher and STLP Coordinator, Southern Middle School, Fayette County.
  • Erin Waggoner: Lead for Social Media interview at Regionals, experience will all levels of showcase judging (1,2,3), experience providing district support to STLP and coordinators, Director of Technology, Jessamine County Schools.
  • Heather Warrell: Lead for NEW state category- Sphero Hero Competition, Digital Learning Coach, KDE.
  • Jason Sturgill:Lead for Art on Demand. Art teacher and STLP Coordinator, Lafayette High School, Fayette County.
  • Jerry Broyles: Sharing Makey Makey activities, District Technology Resource Teacher, Fayette County.
  • Jim Seward: Lead for Production Company at the State Championship.
  • Joe Beers: Experience with engineers applying for junior engineer, at the state level, experience judging the Game Design challenge competition, Jessamine Career and Technical Center, Jessamine County.
  • Keith Barnes: Lead for Game Design, District Technology Integration Specialist, Bullitt County.
  • Kelly Fischer: Sharing Makey Makey activities. District Technology Resource Teacher, Fayette County.
  • Laura Raganas: Level 3 Showcase judging, Digital Learning Coach, KDE.
  • Leanna Prater: Lead for Scratch Ambassador category, former co-lead for Robot Use – Leanna is sharing many of her Tinkering with Technology devices. District Technology Resource Teacher. Fayette County.
  • Marty Park: Lead for Cinemania, Chief Digital Officer,KDE.
  • Mike Hefling: Judge for Level 3 Showcase Projects. Chief Information Officer, Frankfort Independent.
  • Paul Shoemaker: Lead for Racing to the Future, KDE
  • Paula Setser-Kissick: Sharing Samsung VR. nternet Safety district support person, District Technology Resource Teacher, Fayette County.
  • Robbie Randall: Lead for SumoBots. Robotics classroom teacher, STLP Coordinator, Beaumont Middle School, Fayette County.
  • Steven McKaig: Lead for Elementary Flight competition. Technology and Industrial Arts teacher, Anderson County High School, Anderson County.
  • Tonya Jolly: Experience with Game Design Challenge, Microsoft Gaming, Help Desk, Bench Challennge, Jessamine Career and Technical Center, Jessamine County.
  • Tonya Jones: Experience with showcases and interviews at Regionals. Experience with Gaming, Game Development, Programming and many other events at the State Championship. Programming teacher and STLP Coordinator, Eastside Technical Center, Fayette County.

Wi-Fi and Back Channel

Feel free to bring a wireless device. Wireless access will be available for everyone and we plan to use GoSoapBox as our back channel.


There is no cost for registration or parking but if your position requires a sub, your school/district will be responsible for those cost and arrangements.

Note:  EILA credit available.


As of September 16, we have attendees coming from KDE and the following 23 school districts:

  • Anderson County
  • Barren County
  • Bellevue Independent in Campbell County
  • Boone County
  • Bourbon County
  • Boyle County
  • Bullitt County
  • Campbell County
  • Fayette County
  • Frankfort Independent
  • Franklin County
  • Jefferson County
  • Jessamine County
  • Lewis County
  • Letcher County
  • Marion County
  • Montgomery County
  • Nelson County
  • Paris Independent in Bourbon County
  • Pulaski County
  • Scott County
  • Simpson County
  • Todd County

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