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An STLP may apply for Gold and Silver Status.  Gold Status is conferred once a school submits evidence that meets criteria listed on the “Request Gold Status Rubric“. If an STLP only reaches Silver Status, they may reapply the following year, with updated/new evidence, for Gold Status.

Once Gold Status is achieved, that STLP may retain Gold Status by (1) maintaining an active STLP with uninterrupted Gold Status from the previous year, (2) re-submitting STLP info to the Get Recognized! database annually (3) completing the online form to identify the (minimum) 7 STLP Level Up badges their group has earned during the current STLP year, (4) and by providing a short, simple, overview of their STLP activities.  See “Retain Gold Status Rubric” here.

Explore information regarding STLP Gold Status HERE.