Digital Citizenship

A STLP student should be the model for all other students in the building. Along those lines, when designing materials, STLP students should be the content creators of original work.

As a good digital citizen, STLP students need to properly cite and credit anyone else’s work when designing projects and services.

If others see projects or services in other classes, the district, region or state, proper citations are required.

All products submitted to STLP for judging should be original. Products submitted for Winter Virtual Judging should be an original idea, words, image, photo or media.  Judges should not recognize an image, photo or text from another source or person.

Some partners with STLP will not post materials if there are any issues with copyright.

A few resources to better understand copyright and intellectual properties are listed below.


Creative Thinking at Northern Kentucky University


Resources on Copyright of Jocelyn Sams, Laurel County


Creative Commons


Citations and Copyright

Library Media


Digital Citizenship


Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


Digital Driver’s License (DDL)

Learning how to be a good digital citizen, go for the license. Go to the link and read About the DDL.


KET Multimedia Education Resources
The KET Ed Cons will help you create media.

Look at KET School Video Project – Content and Technical Requirements

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