Walking into Kentucky History

Throughout State S.T.L.P Presentations you have many amazing opportunities. Things from our history to our future. Some of these things may one day change this world for the better. One presentation, by Savanna and Jackson, is “Kentucky History in 360”. Bringing you back to where and when important Kentucky mile markers happened.

These two Eminence students went to historical sites and took 360 photos. They would later upload their photos into Cospaces. Cospaces allowed them to add in three dimensional things. For an example they did Abraham Lincoln’s second home, Knob Creek, they added in what his farm would look like. They could add horses, pigs, and every other animal his farm may have had. Cospaces also allowed them to animate these animals. They had cows grazing and pigs rolling in the mud.

Their inspiration for this project was their fifth grade teacher and the librarian. Their fifth grade teacher held a passion project on virtual reality. This passion project helped their passion grow. Their librarian introduced them to Cospaces. Giving them a great way to show Kentucky’s history.

You can walk into Kentucky’s History more by visiting their website, sites.google.com/stu.eminence.kyschools.us/ky-history-in-vr. They have virtual reality places to see. You can also take a quiz on how much you know. They have quizzes on shaker village and Abraham Lincoln. So take a walk into Kentucky’s history.