These knights are from West Marion Elementary. According to an interview from the creators of the show, they have many jobs. Some of their many responsibilities are reporting field trips, club meetings, new teachers, and special events. They also show school spirit during spirit weeks, they dress up and do the news show. This encourages all student body to participate and show school spirit and unity. As you can see from the board above, it shows some experiences they have had from this news show, it’s all captured in memorable photos.


The picture on the left is from a high school, the picture shows many examples of the equipment used for only one show, let alone others. As you can see, this group is a little bigger than the one above, but don’t let this fool you, this job is difficult either way. I got to witness this group go through judging, they were confident, polite, and knowledgable, and let me tell you, judges love that!


Like I have already stated, these creators are knights, they all have obstacles and miniature battles along the way to produce a beautiful product for their schools. They use loads of equipment and supplies, that at first, are hard to learn, once they can use these supplies, they have to come up with ideas. These ideas are then filmed and edited. These edited versions of the film are put together to make a show. Once the show is made they have to host it, they use pre recorded footage and live film, to make one production.

The processes done for the output are time-consuming and people that are a part of this crew have to do well under pressure and keep their frustration in check. They must complete projects as a team and do their share. If one part of the project is missing, there is a chance the whole project will go down in flames. All in all, they have to be well-rounded individuals, they have to be confident, quick on their feet, creative, apt, work well with others and reliable.

Now what do you think? Is their job easy or hard?