“We will direct our peers to a growth mindset. We want the students at Northern Pulaski Middle School to believe they can accomplish any goal they focus their time and energy on. We will guide our students to become college and career ready by believing in themselves.” These are the words of a couple of middle school students trying to make a difference.  This group of young people are very motivated to help there community in any way they can so this idea arose, the idea that could change the life you know and love. Only not through a new invention or technology, just the way you think. It’s called a growth mindset. They have been inspiring students all over there county of Pulaski and putting a growth mindset in any and everyone they can. Let me explain what a growth mindset is exactly.


A growth mindset is when you believe you can accomplish anything and everything you set your heart to. Even elementary school children are being impacted by the growth mindset. Speeches and lessons are given by these young adults to hopefully create a seed in the head of a young child so they will always have it and everything else will branch off of it. This project was inspired by an amazing teacher.


This teacher showed their students a video that clicked something inside their heads and then they were very curious and wanted to learn more. After finding out there was very little on the subject they decided that they would create a new concept that would be completely original and unique. That’s how the growth mindset was born. The only issue would be the time it would take to teach it and make videos explaining it so all could learn about it but, they had fire in their eyes and a will in their hearts which lead them to success. I’ve never seen such passion and hope in someone’s eyes as I did with these. With rapidly growing social media followers they are making a great impact on many all over America and hopes someday the world.