Blogger Corps: Lock ‘Em Up (Haley S., Lebanon Middle)

Maybe you’ve seen it in movies or TV shows. Illegal use of prescription drugs. But this isn’t just something on the screen. The people sitting next to you, your classmates, your family members, you best friend may be affected. You would never know, until it’s too late. Not many teens take that into consideration. But one group of high schoolers from Todd County knew the troubles of drugs.

It started with a group of students in a school that developed a club that recognized the sticky situations in their community and school, and did something about it. Overdose and ILLEGAL use of prescription drugs happened to cross one of these students minds. But what were they gonna do about it? Well, that’s were the thinking comes in. Tick-tock, tick-tock. BINGO! Like a lightbulb over their heads, an idea sprouted in the students minds.

One person did the presentation. That pretty much means he/she would do the interviews and make the posters. Now the other (maybe camera shy) kids would do the computer programing. So they would do all the technical work. When all the project was complete, they went from classroom to classroom informing all the students of the dangers and how they plan to prevent those from happening.

Now, this project might seem perfect. But remember, nothing is perfect. When asked ( at the Regionals STLP competition) if there were any complications during the process of making their project they replied,” Oh yes, the point of our project is to reach out to teens and to encourage them to not participate in the use of drugs, but it can be very hard to reach out to teens. Its hard to encourage them otherwise.” Not many teens want/ are going to listen to other kids, like they know everything, right? WRONG! Its not just the high school students.  Since this was a community project, it has to involve the community. Their principal set up meetings and interviews with authority figures.

The idea of the project was to reach out to teens and inform. But not just that. They also attempted to decrease/ stop the rising numbers of overdoses and use of prescription drugs( illegal). That was their wish, and guess what! That wish came true. Because of their project they have one: rapidly decreased the percentage of overdose. And two: created a box to lock away your medicine so the people in your family will be safe from themselves., because sometimes that’s only the best option. Will they win or place? To find out, stay tuned!


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