At George Rogers Clark in Clark County, the students had a passion to make their school a green school! In order for the school to become green they came up with the idea to start a recycling program. However, this idea grew into something more important to them and decided to focus on collecting underrated bottle caps.

To get this process started they put buckets around schools and the community to collect bottle caps to get the people more active in their program. Considering that the Clark County Community is the heart of the Ale-8 factory that aids in their process of having numerous bottle caps in the community. After collecting the buckets around the schools and community, they had collected a few thousand bottle caps their first round!

After realizing they could have a bigger impact on the community, they contacted numerous recycling companies and businesses to see what they could make of the bottle caps. They came up with the idea that they could make stable and resourceful benches out of the caps. So far they have two benches around the community fully made of 200 pounds of bottle caps. Awesome, right?

Eventually to get the school more involved they made this a competition! They announced to the school that whatever class collects the most bottle caps would win a pizza party. Totally hooked the students right away! One way they promoted their program around the school is they had a photobooth at each lunch period at school on national recycling day. Another promotion to their group at their school is they had a school wide dumpster dive to separate the trash from the recyclables. Overall, this group of passionate kids had an interest in making George Rogers Clark green and resourceful!