Fight it with a Smile

Has anyone you know ever been diagnosed with cancer? Did you try to find ways to cheer them up? Well, a group of girls from Sanders Elementary School decided to create a project to cheer breast cancer patients up. This project’s name was “Fight It with a Smile.”  This project was made for their community but they would like for it to extend to other places.

The idea of this project came from one of the girl’s grandma being diagnosed with breast cancer. The girls also have a teacher who has breast cancer. The first task that the girls had to do was to create ways to cheer up patients. After that, they split up tasks to individual group members. One girl had to print pictures for a poster, one had to cut out their words and pictures, and one had to create note cards with cheerful quotes.

The school wanted to help with their project, so they bought a paint program for the girls. This program was used by painting happy pictures for the patients to put them in a better mood. Pink was the theme color for this project because it is the breast cancer color. They tried to use pink on everything they could. The most enjoyable part of this project was when the patients sent letters thanking them for all of the treats and goodies. The patients may have been sick, but they were cheerful when they received the gifts.

Even though this project had a good turnout, there were some complications during the creation process. One problem was they couldn’t figure out how to print double-sided cards. They also had trouble coming up with ways to cheer up the patients. Through the complications, the girls stayed true to the project. In the end, they were glad that they didn’t give up and plan to continue this program for as long as they can.

This project was for the STLP club and will be competing in the STLP state competition. The girls certainly worked hard on this project and could help many breast cancer patients in the future. They hope to get more girls involved with this project so they can reach more patients. By talking to the girls I have become more inspired to help. I hope that this project will impact other students to reach out to those who could use their help to make them smile more. I know that I will definitely try to reach out to the people in my community that I could help.