Eminence: It’s What We Do

Eminence is a small school with a large presence at state STLP. They have six teams here at Rupp Arena with vastly different projects. Eminence has a project under all three categories: Community Service, Technical Expertise, and Instructional.

For Community Service Eminence has Super Heros which includes Isabella, Matthew, Harrison, and Brock. This project is all about helping out Eminence. They have created tools for kids with disabilities and plan on tending to a community garden for Eminence. They hope that they can inspire others to do the same for there community.     

For Technical Expertise Taylor and Rebekah created a CoSpaces project called Co-Spaces. They want teachers to understand the importance of CoSpaces by creating their own tours. Elementary schoolers have been creating Technical Expertise projects called Create Your Own Google Expeditions and Google Earth Outreach 5th graders have been doing this project.

For Instructional they have Internet Awesome. This is a website for anyone to who wants to learn about internet safety using games to engage the audience. There is also a group called Oh the CoSpaces We Go. This group consists of Savanna and Jackson. They make tours for students to learn about Kentucky history. They hope to have people see there tours across the district.

Eminence may be a small school but they really shined bright at the State STLP this year and hopefully every year to follow. They all hope to continue their projects and be known for the school that brought the fire.