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2018 STLP State Championship Registration

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ALERT: Registration is currently closed.

See you in Lexington! #STLPRoad2Rupp

STLP State Registration: Getting Started

The following registration form is divided into 9 parts. Here is an overview of the information each section will require:

  1. STLP Info - Coordinator info, School name, District, etc.
  2. Judge Info - who will be the judge you provide?
  3. Live Performance: Individual - categories that allow for 1 or more individuals to represent your STLP in the competition. Categories include: Coding, Aviation, Networking, Flight Sim, Quick Recall, and RTTF, KY Imagine Academy's Certipalooza
  4. Live Performance: Solo - categories that are restricted to only one representative from your STLP. Includes: Art of Demand, Photo on Demand and Web Design
  5. Live Performance: 2 Person Teams - Students work in pairs during the competition. Includes Bench Challenge, G-Town Robotics, SumoBot, and UK Computer Science
  6. Live Performance: Team Events - Categories are limited to one team per STLP. Teams may consist of only one member if desired, but competition will be geared toward teams of 2 or more. (Ex. Cinemania)
  7. Invited: Regionals - Projects that qualified for State at Regional Fall Showcase events register here for Level 2 judging. Service Category team qualifiers register here, as well (Social Media, Media Arts, Production Co, etc.)
  8. Invited: DPOJ - Digital Products that were qualified during DPOJ will register here.
  9. Verify & Submit - double check and submit registration


Registration Planner Tool (OPTIONAL and COMING SOON)

Since there is NOT an option to save your progress as you complete the registration form, you are invited to utilize an offline Registration Planner Tool (MS Excel spreadsheet) to gather STLP information in one location prior to beginning the final registration form. Information collected on the Planner Tool will then need to be transferred into this online registration form (by no later than February 24, 2018).

Click here to download a copy of the Registration Planner Tool


Upcoming Events

  1. STLP at ISTE

    June 26 @ 8:00 am - June 29 @ 5:00 pm CDT