Blogger Corps: Walking into the Future

IMG_9992 Written by:  Haley S., Lebanon Middle School, Grade 6

STLP. I’m sure you’ve heard of that phrase before. STLP stands for student technology leadership program. This program provides a person who doesn’t fit in, the chance to fit in! When you first walk in, you see posters, projects, and people, oh my. This year the state competition is in Lexington, KY at the Rupp Arena. This year I got the privilege of interviewing students who want to make the world a better place

I got to interview 2 girls who wanted to honor their grandfather and tell the world what REALLY happens in the war. I also got to interview 2 other girls, 1 who loved to read, and one not so much. They wanted to save their library because it was old and the librarian couldn’t work it, and even with the new technology, she STILL couldn’t work it. But I found one group and prodjuct very interesting. They are from Carrollton, KY, but are apart of 5 different disticts! They go to ilead Academy. Their project name was Breaking the Barriers: The future of Education.

At first they started off as a community service project. They wanted to tell upcoming High Schoolers ( 8th graders) about what to expect when they go to iLead Academy. Then they decided to switched to an instructional project. They switched to instructional because they wanted to show kids how to think out of the box when you think of technology. They make an impact on their community because they gave an opportunity for kids who might take longer on school work. Those kids can take as long as they want!

If you look at their AMAZING set up you might not see beyond. Every part of there poster, was made by a different person. INSANE right? There was a BIG complication in after the project was made. Since they were apart of 5 different districts, they had to work around each districts schedule. On days when lets say Owen County could have them present, they had to go to Trimble County! They had to make their schedule VERY flexible. I asked if there was anything the girls would want to change about their project. They didn’t want to change ANYTHING about the project. This has been the most successful project they have done. Fun Fact: They had Legos set up and each Lego has something different that they do in school.

They plan to continue the project. Each year as they get older, they start to become full time high school students, they want to make there school more diverse and easier to succeed.The most enjoyable part of the project was going to other 8th grade students in other county’s (who are going into High School blind) to know what to expect. The “main idea” or the “main point” of the project is comparing other regular schools to this irregular academy.

In my opinion, this project/presentation is an amazing way to calm 8th graders idea’s of High School. Even if high school is the worst time of your life. It still gives kids an idea of what they are about to experience. When I am an 8th grader about to leave for high school I would LOVE to have someone come to the middle school and tell me about the reality of high school. STLP has not only opened my eyes to new thoughts and opinions, im sure it will to the same for you!


Blogger Corps: Creating the Future

Written by:  Chloe A., Lebanon Middle School, Grade 6

Sudent Technology Leadership Program. Or as you might know it STLP. Well today I got to go to state for blogging. Last time I went to regionals and their were what seemed like one-hundered projects. They were all very good but now that im at state they are more like AMAZING. I was lucky enough to get to interview a project called More Than A Memory. They were very interesting.

Have you ever wondered about war. Well one of the creaters of the project More Than A Memory has a grandfather has cancer. So before he died she wanted to get to know his life when he was young. She found out that he was in WW2. So when she found that out she wanted to document it. That’s where the idea came from.

She and her friend which are both from Todd County Central High School wanted to inform their community about what’s going on in war. But they didn’t want to just tell them they wanted them to be able to visually see it. So they created More Than A Memory. It was a difficult process in the making of it. They lost their first version. So they had to restart. They didn’t give up even though they lost all of their work.

You might be wondering what this project does. Well it is an Icam program. At first they just had somebody recorded saying stories about war. But they thought that was to boring. So they added pictures and when the person is saying the stories the pictures are rolling. But they didn’t think that that was enough still so they added music and then it was perfect. Their favorite part of creating the project was reaching out to the community and informing them about what war is like.

They each didvied up the work. One person was in charge of the technology. While the other one reached out to the community. Their school helped out. Their school has a Veteran Day party each year and invite all the veterans in their community to come. When they had the party and the veterans came they would let the girls set up a booth. They ask the veterans their war stories and record them. This is how they get so many stories. If the veterans don’t feel comfortable telling their stories they can write them down and someone else will say them.

Their project has been going on for three years now. They plan on keeping it going to. This is what STLP is all about. Its about doing things for people. Also never giving up. If your not in STLP then you really need to be getting in it. I had so much fun learning about this project. I hope you did to.

Dear kc1

Blogger Corps: Dear KC Are You There…It’s Me, Margret!

Written by:  Bailey P., Austin Trace Elementary

“Dear KC Are You There…It’s Me Margaret!” is about bullying and knowing how to handle it. These STLP members from Red Cross Elementary in Barren County, KY gave surveys to see if anyone in grades 3 -6 had ever been bullied. Various questions were asked, such as: Have you ever been bullied?, If so, how did you handle it?, How concerned are you about bullying in school?, and questioned the amount of times each student has been bullied. From the survey, they discovered that bullying was a MAJOR problem in their school. People were being bullied and not telling anyone about it.

With the information from the surveys they figured out that they could set up and create a vlog to inform students about how to handle being bullied. They know how it feels to be bullied because they both have been bullied once before. The vlog is used to provide facts about bullying to the public and students at their school. Their future plans are to make more vlogs and reach out to more people.


Blogger Corps: STATE… AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Written by:  Rebekah, Eminence Independent Schools, 7th Grade

State. The word that scares everyone. Even me. This is the day that everyone across Kentucky comes to Rupp Arena that advanced to State STLP. All of the teams from Eminence advanced, which is good for my school. All of my friends stayed after school to get their presentation ready, preparing for this big day.

The teams from my school, Eminence Independent, all had to meet at 7:30 for the bus. We were all very nervous and tired, but anxious to get this day over with. Once we arrived, all the teams found their table and immediately started setting up. I could tell they were all very nervous, and so was I.

Then, all of the other schools started filling in. It started to get a little crazy for me, but it was cool to see it all coming together. After about an hour, I got to work. Because I was away from the booths for a short time, I didn’t get to see it all fully. It was so cool! Booths like Through The Ages, Math Survival Guide, All About That Tech, and so much more. Another exciting thing was I recognized some booths that I saw at Regionals! Like PAWS-itive Plans for Pups. Their booth was so good, they deserved to advance.

One school that I interviewed was about helping kids with reading fluency. There were 5 5th graders, Sydney, Kayla, Jared, and the rest I didn’t get the rest of the names. These kids from Middle Lanes Elementary worked on a project called Between The Pages. They create audio books for kindergartners. So far, they have created 7 books. They learned how to help kids through making this project. I asked them what was hard about it and they said making it “perfect” and easy for the kids to use. With the iPads that these hard working kids used, they put a piece of paper, cardboard, I wasn’t for sure what they used, but they had a tool that keeps kids from getting distracted. That is a good idea, because I could use that, myself!

I am very proud of these kids. All of them, not just the people that I interviewed. Even the people from my school. I wish the best of luck to all groups, and hey, maybe I’ll see them in Denver!


Blogger Corps: ChemEon – Video Game

Chem1Written by:  Emily S., Campbellsville High School, 11th Grade

As I was wandering around in the vast amount of chaos that included projects, computers, smiling faces, and laughter I felt overwhelmed. However, as I stumbled upon this particular project there were two people who sat there very calm and confident. Meet Lucy Morris and Vincent Mattingly. They have been working since Spring of last semester to design a game that is fun and insightful to people of all ages.

These two individuals were an absolute joy to talk to. They were easy to get along with and were apt to opening any questions that I had. Here is a cute picture of Lucy as I was asking her everything under the sun about her project.

Mr. Mattingly began by explaining to me the focal point his project. “This game is meant to help kids struggling to learn about chemistry by incorporating games into relatable situations.” Mattingly says. Vincent hopes his game can soon be completed and shared with everyone so that it may help others as well.

Vincent Is the code master behind this complex game. He does all the coding for the programming part of video game. I asked Vincent what exactly coding meant to him he replies with this “Coding is about finding problems and figuring out how to ask google about them and then using creative processing.” So not only is he a genius behind the technical makeup of the game but also is an exceptional speaker to anybody and everybody.

Let’s talk about Mrs. Lucy for a minute. She is pretty cool in my opinion. She is the mastermind behind the animations of the video game ChemEon. Morris continues on to explain how to created “Mitch” the main character of ChemEon. She also designed all the basic materials needed to go along with Mitch and the others things needed to play. Lucy is funny, intelligent, and crazy imaginative.

Overall I would like to say first hand this project amazed me. Not only because they had all this fancy technology or a great game but simply because of their exceptional communication skills. This factor made me comfortable and helped me to get the full story behind their hard work. Great job Vincent and Lucy!

Hill Pic 3

Blogger Corps: McNeill Elementary’s Bright Idea

Written by:  Kyrsten H.,  Campbellsville High School, 11th grade

McNeill Elementary School’s STLP thought it would be great to do a project on Solar Energy, which they called, “Techno Solar.” “Techno Solar” is a project they chose to do to make people more aware of the alternate energy source, sunlight. By doing this they made videos and gadgets to attract people’s attention. Matthew, Austin, and Mason were the ones in charge of this project with their advisor helping along the way.

In an interview they were asked why they had decided to do this as their project, and their reply was simple. “We wanted to get the word out there about Solar Energy, and how helpful it can be. We all know the source we use now, which is fossil fuels, but those will eventually run out. The energy from the sun will always be here.” The three boys enjoyed doing this project and learned a lot from it. They didn’t just read and do a project on it though, they actually acted on it.

In order to actually act on this use of energy they had to visit some places and create some things. When getting started on this project the boys decided to visit two different places that used solar energy as their main resource. They visited “Solar Energy Pioneers” and toured “Dishman McGinnis”. Both of these places run primarily on Solar Energy, and have solar panels on the roof that collect the sun’s rays. The boys were then asked about solar panels in which they answered, “The panels have technologies inside them that collect the energy from the sun. The panels can come in different shapes and sizes. The boys got to actually use their very own solar panel to build their own gadget.

They created their own little gadgets that ran on solar energy. They had 1- inch panels that they connected to their gadgets. They charged the panels and watched as the energy from the panels moved the gears on the gadgets and made them work. After they built the gadgets they created a website and a video to go along with their project. These kids went above and beyond when it came to getting the word out there. They didn’t just sit back and let somebody else do the work, they made a plan and acted on it. If elementary school kids can do it, we can too. So STLP, what do you say? I think it’s time we create some bright ideas of our own.


Blogger Corps: STLP State Tour- An Inside Look

Written by:  Taylor M. and Skylar H., Boyle County Middle School, 8th grade

Hello everyone! We are currently live blogging at RUPP Arena during STLP State! Here, people from across Kentucky come to show off their skills, whether it be through a project, website, powerpoint, or live competition. As we walked around, we noticed that there was so much stuff to write about that we just had to do it! So behold, an exclusive look into STLP State!

Showcase Extravaganza

One of the biggest and most recognized events out of all the events happening today is the Showcase. During Showcase, people from across Kentucky come together to present their ideas, thoughts, projects, and/or websites to all that want to see. Since this is a main event during STLP State, we decided to scope the scene for some presentations that were amazing to us. Here are some of our favorites!

Engineering is Fun

One of the first presentations that we interviewed was “Engineering is Fun” from Boyle County Middle School. The members of “Engineering is Fun” planned and executed a game using ROBLOX, a website that allows easy designing and graphics. In the game, you play as an alien that has crash landed on Earth. Using your available resources, you have to build a rocketship to get back to your home planet and avoid being caught by agents. Although they have only one chapter ready, they are planning on making a whole series to go along with the story.

Royal Fit Squad

The next stop on our little expedition was “Royal Fit Squad” from Woodford Middle School. “Royal Fit Squad” was around 5 kids who were concerned about the obesity problem in Kentucky. I was not aware that there was a large problem of obesity in Kentucky, but I knew the matter was present. They explained that most of Kentucky’s children’s’ population is moderately obese. They really wanted to step into this matter and take it as their own responsibility to help. Once a week, they take willing participants to work on their fitness and nutritional diets and habits. The fitness routine consists of stretching, running (at the pace most comfortable for the participant) and dietary confinement, meaning that they are instructed on what is better for their bodies and health. If you would like to learn more, visit their website at !

Love of Paws

One of the cutest projects we saw was “Love of Paws” from Montgomery County Elementary School. “Love of Paws” is centered around saving the local homeless animals and giving them to loving homes. Along with this, they frequently donate supplies to local animal shelters. They also made a Google Classroom for people who have questions and comments concerning their work, and a website called to show updates, pictures, information, and more!

Other Activities

Showcase isn’t the only activity you can participate in. Other activities going around STLP State are Photo On Demand, Art On Demand, The STLP Scavenger Hunt, Blogger Corps (which is what we are participating in right now), and more! We may not have been assigned to interview these types of projects, but we did make sure to sneak a peek on our STLP adventures. So since you’re reading this, STLP is a blast and you should give it a try!


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